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PDF Ò BOOK We Were One Once We Were One Once #1 ☆ WILLOW MADISON ☆ ➾ We Were One Once We Were One Once #1 Download ➹ Author Willow Madison – Danpashley.co.uk A DARK EROTIC ROMANCE She offers herself as prey Not easy prey But willingOBSESSION BECOMES A MYSTERYSimon Lamb is a hunter at Not playing a game I’m not pretending or fantasizing I’ve never been this honest with a woman before When I say I won’t be niceit’s closer to the truth to say that I will be cruel I’m not offering you safety or love; I’m not offering you romance with tender kisses What I offer most consider sadistic and brutal; the best of what I offer is my respect if you can be what I want what I deman 4 starsThis is a hard review because there isn't a lot about the book I can say wo giving it awayVery early we are introduced to Miles Simon Grace and Gillian Miles is desperate to find Grace who ran away from him 4years prior and he will stop at nothing to find her He is completely in love w her and devastated at losing her Throughout the book we come to learn that things aren't exactly as he wants them to seemGrace is a product of horrific abuse both mentally physically and sexually I was on pins and needles wanting to understand why she ranSimonSimon Simon Simonhe's a hot as sin rich ass hole who takes orders for a specific type of girl and then stalks kidnaps and trains them to be the ultimate submissive for their MasterGillian is the reclusive current object of Simons obsessionAs the story unfolds it is hard not to fall for Simon yes he has done horrible things to women he is abusive and cruelbut he just has that 'it' factor ; He is obsessed over Gillian and when he loses her suddenly and then finds her in the least likely place he makes it his mission to own herI feel like it was easy to figure out who Grace and Gillian are to one another Early on we get their stories and although we don't know the why's or the how's wejust knowThis has several uniue twist but they were fairly obvious I was happy with the way Simon handled things as he put the pieces together It was very interesting to watch it play outwe were moving right along and then BAM Damn that ending Talk about a cliffy from hell I will be reading book 1 ASAPOverall I very much enjoyed this book I do wish we had BDSM or descriptive scenes that I know Simon and Red had My only complaint was that as the POV changed between Simon and Miles I wish they were marked Yes it was a new chapter but at times I felt I has whiplash trying to figure out who I was reading whenBook provided by author for honest review Thank you

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Ent past threatens to catch up with her Once upon a time Miles Vanderson could have been her savior Until she fled He’s a determined man though used to getting what he wants Miles won’t give up the chase easilyOne story two men Who survives may be the real mysteryAs of 3282016 this version has been professionally edited with additional material included Excerpt I want to be clear with you I’m WowOne of the craziest books I have ever readDark as fuckI've never gave a thought about how a person being abused from early age could develop different personalities splitting on itself to compartmentalize the experiences as a defense mechanism I am truly impressed by the way the multiple personality disorder was portrayed by the authorShe did an amazing job I am completely heartbroken for Grace

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We Were One Once We Were One Once #1A DARK EROTIC ROMANCE She offers herself as prey Not easy prey But willingOBSESSION BECOMES A MYSTERYSimon Lamb is a hunter at heart taking women training them selling them He has a new girl in his sights Grace Martin is ripe for the picking withdrawn secretive sheltered She’s so broken already and that’s just the sort of challenge Simon enjoys MYSTERY BECOMES AN OBSESSIONGillian Starck’s viol This is a hard review for me to write because I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I feel about it Did I like it? Kind of Was it interesting? Mostly However it was missing that extra something that takes a story to the next level Despite having a uniue storyline I often found myself bored while reading this story It just didn't move along uickly enough to keep me happy It wasn't until past the halfway mark that the story started to pick up for me An abbreviated version of the first half would have been greatly appreciatedYet once this story took off it had my attention It wasn't like anything that I've read before In fact it was flat out bizarre most of the time The story focuses on Grace a girl trying to outrun her past She unwittingly catches the eye of Simon a man who is in the business of trafficking women for the sex trade When she slips away from Simon before he can kidnap her she becomes his obsessionWhen their paths cross later Simon hardly recognizes the confident seductress that used to be afraid of her own shadow He uickly realizes that there is to Grace than he gave her credit for She is a chameleon and heis determined than ever to possess herMeanwhile another man from Grace's past is also determined to have her back under his control Her stepbrother Neil has spared no expense to have his runaway ward hunted down and returned to his home He has the best private detectives scouring the country to find herWhile my heart went out to Grace I never felt a strong connection to her Similarly I never felt bonded to Simon or Neil It was clear that Grace had a horrific childhood but the story failed to evoke the level of emotion that I'd expect when dealing with such contentOn the other hand the story was original albeit odd It did piue my interest enough to pick up the second book There were a few twists at the end that compelled me to keep reading All in all it was a middle of the road read for me