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The Ballad of Black TomOrceress in the heart of ueens Tom opens a door to a deeper realm of magic and earns the attention of things best left sleepingA storm that might swallow the world is building in Brooklyn Will Black Tom live to see it break? although lovecraft hails from the great state of rhode island and providence plantations and we have few enough literary feathers in our tiny hat and because there are apparently rules about who can be claimed and who cannot and cormac mccarthy’s moving to memphis from his providence birthplace at four years old an age where he was basically luggage and certainly not choosing to leave the ocean state behind nonetheless renders him ineligible to be counted as one of us i have never been a lovecraft fanand wouldn’t it be commendable if i could claim to be all aglow with high minded outrage disliking him on principle finding his racist and misogynistic views so unacceptable that they caused me to boycott his work in an admirable if somewhat smug demonstration of righteousness? but that ain’t even it i tried reading him when i was like twelve and i just found it boring and cheesy and the horror euivalent of panning away from the romantic leads just before they give in to their passion in a very naked way everything was suggested occluded and i wanted to see the good bloody stuff thank you very much but as it happens apart from writing boring ass stories lovecraft was a super douche and by all accounts cormac mccarthy is a professional decent and humble gentleman so you’re welcome tennessee this book is lavalle’s reworking of lovecraft’s The Horror at Red Hook which is apparently considered to be lovecraft’s “most racist ever” despite the existence of his poem On the Creation of Niggers which goes a little something like this When long ago the gods created EarthIn Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birthThe beasts for lesser parts were next designed;Yet were they too remote from humankindTo fill the gap and join the rest to ManTh'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever planA beast they wrought in semi human figureFilled it with vice and called the thing a Niggerthat is stunningly toxic but at least it is very short if The Horror at Red Hook is somehow even racist and also longer and probably also filled with his brand of “dude this horror i’m writing about is so horrifying i can’t even tell you about it seriously it would blow your mind too much just trust me it is super scary wwwwOOOoooo” well i’m happy to avoid it all of this to say that i have no clue how this novella functions as a response to or a reworking of the original all i know is that i enjoyed lavalle’s writing particularly the way he scrapped that turgid lovecraftian vocabulary and chose to employ a modified version of lovecraft’s inexpressible horror where the horror is at least partially expressed; described enough so it retains a sense of mystery without leaving the reader with nothing bonus points for name dropping the fine little rhody towns of pascoag and chepachet which were mentioned in the source material so no biggie there yeah i researched this read the wikipedia page what? but for ALSO mentioning woonsocket the location of the hospital in which i first drew breath i don’t know what is happening there but it seems about rightto conclude hchokengtitiktitikchokeng lovecraft an unpleasant man with a gigantic head buried in the cemetery where i used to smoke pot and take gothy picturesvictor lavalle a man from ueens represent who seems uite affable and counters lovecraft's bullshit with this book and a photograph i am calling the horror at red tonguecome to my blog

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reader Ý doc The Ballad of Black Tom ↠ 9780765387868 ì Victor LaValle ì ⚣ [PDF] ✅ The Ballad of Black Tom By Victor LaValle ✰ – People move to New York looking for magic and nothing will convince them it isn't thereCharles Thomas Tester hustles toPeople move to New York looking for magic and nothing will convince them it isn't thereCharles Thomas Tester hustles to put food on the table keep the roof over his father's head from Harlem to Flushing Meadows to Red Hook H Nobody ever thinks of himself as a villain does he? The Ballad of Black Tom is a retelling of H P Lovecraft’s story “The Horror at Red Hook” Full disclaimer I’m not familiar with Lovecraft’s works I’ve read uite a bit about him but never read his actual writing Fans will probably perceive this differently but from my newbie point of view this was an atmospheric pleasantly weird page turner that easily stood on its ownI have to admit I liked the historical fiction elements much than the fantasy parts We see this richly described and absolutely beautiful version of 1920s Harlem through Thomas Tester’s eyes Walking through Harlem first thing in the morning was like being a single drop of blood inside an enormous body that was waking up Brick and mortar elevated train tracks and miles of underground pipe this city lived; day and night it thrived Before Thomas Tester goes through a creepy transformation he can see beauty in everything despite the poverty and oppression Seeing Harlem through his eyes I also found it charming And that’s unusual – in the recent years I’ve lost my ability to find charm in busy crowded cities When I first visited NYC I thought it was amazing and loved how alive it was But then I spent some time in very overcrowded places such as Hong Kong and Singapore and then over a year in London and now I’d choose a uiet place where you can hear the birds singing over a crowded metropolis on any day And yet I read this and I loved 1920s HarlemAnd then we get CthulhuYeah I admit I never got the appealThe fantasy elements aren’t as impressive as the historical There isn’t much world building as the book is essentially a Lovecraft fanfic so the mythos is already there I’m not the best judge on how well that was done but still some things didn’t make sense A mysterious old lady who is hinted to be a powerful non human entity goes through a lot of trouble to get The Supreme Alphabet and then never seems to use it The Alphabet has been in her possession for a week when she is easily defeated and doesn’t seem to put in any struggle Also our protagonist Thomas Tester Black Tom becomes powerful off screen I would have preferred to see how he gets thereThe book’s greatest strength seems to be that it takes the incredibly racist source material and creates a critical retelling Indeed in some ways The Ballad of Black Tom tackles the topics of racism prejudice and police brutality in the US really well It may all seem a bit cartoonish and heavy handed at first but not in the way that makes readers pat themselves on the back and say “Well done It was sooo bad back then but we don’t have these problems any” On the contrary – while we see that it was indeed horrible back then the parallels to what is happening nowadays are clear and uncomfortable The real horror is that almost a hundred year later things haven’t changed all that muchBut this is also what bothers me the most about this book It tries to be a reaction to Lovecraft’s racism but at the same time it creates an exoticised mystical violent and dehumanized image of immigrants Robert Suydam the rich white man who plans to summon Cthulhu invites a group of fifty recent immigrants he plans to use as allies Tester knew how to recognize a room full of roughnecks This bunch ualified Suydam had haunted waterfronts and back alleys to find this crew of cutthroats The kind of place Tommy imagined the Victoria Society would be was what these criminals called home sweet home We never hear them speak We never learn anything about their lives or even learn their names All we see is their reaction to Robert Suydam’s plan to destroy the world as we know it and rise from the ashes They shouted back They clapped each other on the shoulders Founding fathers of a new nation or even better a world now theirs to administer and control ALL OF THEM??? Not a single one uestions the plan? Not a single one disagrees? They are an indistinguishable monolithic block and the only one who stands out is Thomas Tester – the one born and raised in the USWhile immigrants are mentioned all over the book not a single one ever speaks The only kind of exceptions are when a woman says something in a language the detective doesn’t understand so we are practically told she speaks but not what she says and when Thomas Tester’s friend remembers two brothers from Fiji long dead who mentioned Cthulhu Hmmmm Fiji has a rich and original mythology and all of this is erased and replaced by Lovecraft’s creations Not coolI also have to mention that there are no female characters in this book and no I’m not going to call the non human entity that barely speaks or the nameless witness “characters” Since the majority of main characters could have been gender swapped easily this skewed all male world in an urban setting appears to be the author’s choice for whatever reasonOverall while not perfect the novella is fun fast paced and thought provoking Readers unfamiliar with Lovecraft can still understand and appreciate it Perhaps Lovecraft fans will enjoy it even I read this book as a part of my goal to read all Hugo finalists

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E knows what magic a suit can cast the invisibility a guitar case can provide and the curse written on his skin that attracts the eye of wealthy white folks and their cops But when he delivers an occult tome to a reclusive s It seems to be my month for trying new authors not read prior and also I noticed all of the good press here on GR from friends and others so I thought I would give “The Ballad of Black Tom” by Victor LaValle a goI read the book in one sitting and perhaps TMI didn’t even take a bathroom breakThis should say something about author Victor LaValle’s ability to capture a reader and keep him enthralledThe book begins by telling a story about a young black street hustler in the 1920’s New York street and music scene Mr LaValle introduces a bit of tension and begins to incorporate aspects of Cosmic Evil and it’s relation to our main character This brought about a kind of ha ha moment as I asked myself “Why does the evil so often arrive in the form of a book?”At this point we are switched POV characters to a New York policeman who happens to be interested in the worlds underbelly of sinister evil itselfThen all hell breaks loose as our Cthulhu tries to enter our world through an opened gateway and wreaks havoc with New York’s finest and a slew of anti aircraft weapons Mr Victor LaValle manages to pull the whole thing off with style and grace thus making it necessary to add to my book collection of this authors creations