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The Death of Mrs Westaway kindle ´ Hardcover read ä ❧ The Death of Mrs Westaway free download ➛ Author Ruth Ware – On a day that begins like any other Hal receives a mysterious letter beueathing her a substantial inheritance She realizes very uickly that the letter was sent to the wrong personLetter was sent to the wrong person but also that the cold reading skills she’s honed as a tarot card reader might help her claim the moneySoon Hal finds herse NEVER BELIEVE YOUR OWN LIES The Death of Mrs Westaway is a cleverly crafted atmospheric mystery fueled by deceit Since I was not a fan of The Lying Game I was hesitant to read this but I am so glad I did Struggling tarot card reader Hal aka Harriet Westaway finds herself in a moral uandary when she receives a letter naming her as a beneficiary in her grandmother’s will She believes a mistake has been made as her grandparents died long before she was born Even though she knows that what she is doing is wrong she is so desperate for money that she decides to travel to the funeral and play the role of the rightful heir Hal travels to eerie Trepassen House her “late grandmother’s” crumbling estate She thinks that she is only going to inherit some money but she soon learns that she has been left much At the estate she meets her “uncles” and uses her keen observation skills to learn about the creepy family that inhabited Trepassen When Hal realizes that she has a legit family connection to these Westaways she begins to dig for information which leads her into grave dangerThe mystery surrounding Hal’s past kept me intrigued but it was really Hal’s character that kept me turning pages Her character is what I loved most about this book Hal has spent most of her life observing vs being the center of attention which has enabled her to master reading people She can use this skill to deceive but she has a generous nature At the same time she is also fighting to survive and must take what she can She is often referred to be as being mousy or weak but her character exemplifies the notion that those who observe are powerful than those who need to be the center of attentionTrepassen House also plays a large role The thickly woven atmosphere surrounding the house transported me Even though the events take place in the current moment I felt like I had gone back in time while reading this as it is reminiscent of classic mysteriesThe tarot card readings and the constant presence of magpies also contributed to this feelingThis is not a book focused on fast paced action but rather on slowly unveiling the nuances surrounding the mystery Subtle clues are planted throughout but all does not come together until the end This is a mystery with many layers; I found it to be intriguing intelligent and entertaining I was satisfied with how things played out The Death of Mrs Westaway is one of my favorite reads of 2018 I recommend for those who enjoy slow burn classic mysteries I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review

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On a of Mrs Epub #181 day that begins like any other Hal receives a mysterious letter beueathing her a substantial inheritance She realizes very uickly that the This is one of those books that relies on conversations not had coincidences misunderstandings or misexplainations and a serious dose of people seemingly deliberately taking the least likely option necessitated by the evidence If while reading I have to whisper 'are you serious' to myself repeatedly as I follow the main character's journey it is not a good thing The author seems to have thought out a story then said to herself how can I make this needlessly messy so it looks cleverer Whole sections are entirely unnecessary and the book doesn't know whether it's trying to be gothic horror an Agatha Christie style whodunnit or psychological thriller ensuring that it does none of them wellStill it seems to be only me who thinks this way so shrugs shoulders and walks awayARC via Netgalley

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The Death of Mrs WestawayLf at the funeral of the deceasedwhere it dawns on her that there is something very very wrong about this strange situation and the inheritance at the centre of FIVE STARSSo here's the thing You can't really compare Ruth Ware to any contemporary writers The pure old fashioned ness of her writing style is so refreshing that it comes across as modern Weird huh You gotta go way back to find Ware's influences Yep that's Daphne Du Maurier Agatha Christie and Patricia Highsmith These fantastic female authors constructed some of the best psychological suspense novels ever written but they aren't uickly devoured like a lot of this genre's current output Fine literature like fine wine reuires some savoring time Sniff sip and swish this one around your mouth a few times What's the hurry Just sit back with your glass soak up the formidable atmosphere and enjoy the leisurely experience This is by far the best of Ware's novels THE DEATH OF MRS WESTAWAY is the book I have been waiting for Ware to create It is an immediate classic and the story of mistaken identity is an absolute perfect fit to Ware's charming gothic style Loved the book but I did not enjoy the audiobook version Imogen Church is so wonderful when she is straight reading the book However there are numerous characters in this one and the overacted suealing voices she portrays are just cringe inducing Also Ware uses the old diary device prominently in this story and I was confused so many times while listening is this now or reading from the diary again Ugh I hate that I can't hear italics😂😂 I went with Kindle in the end and was so glad I switchedTHE DEATH OF MRS WESTAWAY is not in the least “action packed” but it is thoughtfully creepy and has so many twists in store for you Wait for a thunderstorm Break out the Courvoisier Light some candles and crack open this beautiful haunting and dark noveljust don't be in a rush It's meant to be enjoyed