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The Fallen Star Fallen Star #1 kindle ↠ Paperback Ý [Ebook] ➧ The Fallen Star Fallen Star #1 ➦ Jessica Sorensen – For eighteen year old Gemma life has never been normal Up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion And when she's around Alex the gorgeous new guy at school she cRicity that makes her skin buzz Not to mention the monsters that haunt her nightmares have crossed over into real life But with Alex seeming to hate her and secrets popping up everywhere Gemm Downloaded for free from coukThis was an okay story but it was a bit slow and long for meGemma was an okay character although she could have done with improving her eavesdropping skills as she kept getting caught She also seemed to ramble a bitThe storyline in this reminded me a bit of a couple of other books and also of a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer view spoiler where her sister Dawn is actually a big ball of energy which is supposed to be used to close a portal as that was pretty much the story in this book too hide spoiler

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A's life is turning into a chaotic mess Things that shouldn't be real suddenly seem to exist And as her world falls apart figuring out the secrets of her past becomes a matter of life and dea Meet Gemma She is your typical uncoordinated I'm so uninteresting yet everyone is interested in me loner YA protagonist and small town girl who is actually very special Additionally she falls for a hot guy even though she sees nothing in him except how good looking he is Bella is that you? She is completely unaware of everything and always manages to make the wrong decisions typically by doing exactly the opposite of what everyone tells her Oh so you mean that opening this door might kill me? Okay I guess that means I should open this door She likes to point things out about herself and then say Yeah yeah I know I'm such a loser or Yeah okay I'm a total bratGemma you don't need to constantly remind us about these things We knowMeet Alex He is your typical attractive mysterious snarky and flirty male lead who is of course also special forbidden to get with the girl he wants and has perfectly messy hair all the time Edward what are you doing in this story? I am so attractive that it totally justifies the absolutely horrible way I treat you Now kiss meThat's about it This book was awful It is written like amateur fanfiction and there were so many inconsistencies that I don't even know how I got through it since it felt like I was reading five different stories In one part of the book Gemma is angry at herself over the fact that she can't read people's lips when they speak Then later on on two separate occasions someone mouths something to her and she flawlessly understands themThere was actually a part in the book that went He gave me a doubtful look Oh don't you give me that look too Yes everybodyGemma just addressed you as the reader It actually happens many many times Charlotte Brontë pulled this off in her novel Jessica Sorensen did notAlso Gemma mentions how much of a liar Alex is at least 5037 times throughout the book1 He was usually lying2 'You are such a liar'3 He looked stunned but like I've said before he was an expert liarThen why do you keep talking to him Gemma? WHY??And let me indulge you with these wonderfully written excerpts1 He also had this strange smell to him like lilacs mixed with forest and freshly fallen rain The smell was intoxicating and I had to wonder if he had recently stepped out of a rainforestPoeticI guess2 Okay so I am not a jewelry wearing kind of girl Putting on a necklace was a whole new experience for meThis just baffled me I was speechless when I read this sentence Since when did it become a thing for YA authors to FORCE the reader into understanding how different and uniue and special their protagonists are? Really Gemma? Putting on a necklace was such an exhilarating experience that you had to point it out to me?And this one3 in the middle of an argument Alex literally GRABS Gemma and forces her up against his chest'Well it’s good to see that your wrist is feeling better' he said'Yeah' It felt so nice when he touched meview spoilerAnd then he tries to KISS HER hide spoiler

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The Fallen Star Fallen Star #1For eighteen year old Gemma life has never been normal Up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion And when she's around Alex the gorgeous new guy at school she can feel elect GREAT BOOK At first I was having a hard time getting into the story but once I did I was hooked Gemma's life is far from normal She has no friends no close family and lacks any kind of emotion She passes her time basically being a zombie until one day she feels a prickle A prickle of emotionsuddenly she feels anger pain sadness and happiness While trying to decipher her new found emotions she discovers that she and everyone around her are not who they seem Thrust into a world of Keepers Forseers and all things that go bump in the night Gemma must come to terms with her new life and everyone in it before it's too late This book leaves off with a HUGE cliffhanger that makes my mouth water with anticipation for the next book