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Sweet Vengeance Duke of Rutland #1 kindle ¾ Kindle Edition Ö danpashley Ê ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Sweet Vengeance Duke of Rutland #1 By Elizabeth St. Michel ✓ – Danpashley.co.uk Some say life is a grand adventure—but for Lady Abigail Rutland it’s a tremendous bore As a woman oSh prisonWhat follows is a thrilling tale that tosses and churns with the high seas Set during the height of the American Revolution Sweet Vengeance contains accurate historical details that enrich and complicate the story Abigail yearns for danger and excitement and it isn’t long before she discovers that the most urgent peril comes from within her own wild hear StrongI am always impressed with a strong female She has grit strength perseverance and intelligence I loved the humor placed just right in specific moments It was refreshing to read a book about a woman pretending to be a boy without the conflict of the main male character freaking out about an attraction to the same sex Making him totally oblivious just added to the humor of the moment when everyone learns the truth

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Some say Duke of PDFEPUB #188 life is a grand adventure but for Lady Abigail Rutland it’s a tremendous bore As a woman of noble birth in eighteenth century England she is expected to keep uiet and marry well but she longs for so much “Be careful what Sweet Vengeance eBook #191 you wish for” the old saying goes After a chaotic night she wakes up in the hold of Happily everwatch your backsGreat story Abby was smart tough brave everything you want in a heroineThorne was kind of a jerk so set in his ideas so because I command ithe ticked me off a lot I think Abby forgave him far too easily he needed to humble himself for it in my opinionbe prepared for the unfinished mysterythe build up for the series

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Sweet Vengeance Duke of Rutland #1A former slaver with her body bound and her hair shorn She is soon “rescued” by an American privateer who assumes she is a cabin boy Vengeance Duke of ePUB #180 and puts her to work Eager for adventure Abigail maintains her disguise despite a budding attraction to the infamous Captain Jacob Thorne Meanwhile Captain Thorne schemes to spring his kin from a Briti Sweet Vengeance This is the second book I've read by Elizabeth St Michel and once again she took me on another awesome adventure I trust this Author enough to buy her books without reading the reviews or knowing what it's all about I know it will be a beautifully written novel with a wonderful storyline completely different from others I've read I know the characters will be perfect for their roles and I know I'll love the hero and heroine And this novel did not disappoint it had all of that plus to keep this reader very happy following our hero and heroine to a HEA Looking forward to the next one JudyE