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Hollowland The Hollows #1DoorNineteen year old Remy King is on a mission to get across the wasteland left of America and noth This was an okay zombie story but the pace was too slow for me I found the whole thing with the lion a bit silly the story seemed uite predictable too6 out of 10

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This is the way the world ends not with a bang or a whimper but with zombies breaking down the back I can't decide what was worse the writing uality or the plot of the book? The writing was rough but mostly functional Amanda Hocking will never be accused of having pretty prose or character development but on that later The writing is utterly devoid of any emotion Things happen and the character reacts period There's no tears no wibbling no real internal thoughts In the aftermath of any event the main character Remy shrugs off what went down as necessary and that's all Hm I guess writing style and character development went hand in hand there Hocking doesn't have the writing range to make her characters vivid or realThe book starts at a gallop and never really slows down which usually means a relatively good reads if not for how steadily ridiculous the book got Zombies invading a government facility sheltering people? Awesome It removes the character from safety and serves as a nice starting point Remy ditches one of her two friends in the desert after because that friend has been bitten okay I guess the purpose of that scenes was to show us Remy can do what needs to be done but it didn't really do much for me since she had a bare bones emotional reaction to it Next Remy rescues a circus lion that might eat her so if the other scene was meant to show me Remy can do what is necessary this scene is to show me that Remy huffed a lot of glue before the end of the world and has some sort of brain damage? How do we go from practical no nonsense to whim of save the animal? I know Because the author thought a lion pet would be ROCKINGSadly it only gets worse and cliche from there The desert Remy is in turns out to be Las Vegas big eye roll there This has been done before Anyway Remy fights some zombies in a kitchen in a Vegas hotel by lighting them on fire which does nothing but make the zombies that are trying to eat her flaming zombies that are trying to eat her It's stupid and it's a novice move Remy is not supposed to be a novice I think the author was visualizing this like a movie which is fine I have no problem with that techniue because I know it makes for vivid scenes for the reader but I wish she'd spend a little time working on it so that perhaps the fire was an accident because she makes Remy look like an even bigger idiot than necessary and undermines all the superhero bullshit she's working on setting upAfter the flaming zombies of doom we end up with a cult leader with dozens of underage wives He spends his time raping a belief in the good lord into them Oh and somewhere along the way Remy and her friend Harlow meet a med student and a rock star named Lazlo Yeah It's all ridiculous It's like someone on huge prescription uppers and lots of caffeine wrote this book someone who had no idea how to develop a freaking character because Remy's got all the emotional resonance of a sock puppetDull lifeless writing and ridiculous plots make this book a skip I don't even think it's worth the dollar the self published author was selling it for Save yourself some time and pop a zombie movie into your dvd player watch it at 5x speed so you don't have a chance to care for any of the characters you'll get the gist of this experience

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Free ePub ë mobi Hollowland The Hollows #1 ñ 9781536897340 ¿ danpashley é [EPUB] ✽ Hollowland The Hollows #1 ❂ Amanda Hocking – This is the way the world ends not with a bang or a whimper but with zombies breaking down the back doorNineteen year old ReIng will stand in her way not violent marauders a spoiled rock star or an army of flesh eating zombi I've been hearing about Amanda Hocking for over a year now but since I didn't own an e Reader sobWell that changed this Christmas when Santa left a Nook under the tree for me God bless that fat bastard view spoiler Psst Santa isn't real so I'm guessing my husband got it for me hide spoiler