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What Would the Spice Girls Do?: How the Girl Power Generation Grew Up review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB È ❰Download❯ ➾ What Would the Spice Girls Do?: How the Girl Power Generation Grew Up Author Lauren Bravo – Danpashley.co.uk As featured in Elle magaziWas twenty years ago – we still need that fun and fearlessness we still need accessible and all embracing euality we still What Would the Spice Girls eBook #230 need a zig a zig ah‘The Spice Girls’ arrival on the pop scene marked the gateway to a modern form of feminism all dressed up as a riotously good time’ StylistAs featured on BBC Radio What Would the Spice Girls eBook #230 BBC Radio Live and BBC Radio Suss. Absolutely loved this book A thoughtful reflection on feminism friendship and girl power So many funny stories and anecdotes amid beautiful and considered prose An absolute must for women who grew up in the nineties and noughties I’m buying several copies for friends’ Christmas presents this year

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As featured in Elle magazine's Would the ePUB #8608 Best Feminist Gift Books‘Lauren Bravo is one of my very favourite writers’ Dolly Alderton'A joyous and energetic celebration of girlhood friendship and pop culture If you have ever sung into the lid of a can of Impulse body spray you need to read this' Daisy BuchananThe words What PDFEPUB'girl power' conjure vivid memories of short skirts and platform boots But it w. The Spice Girls were a phenomenon not given their due short lived though they were The female empowerment stuff in the Spice Girls is real As well the idea that you don't have to be technically perfect but being intuitive and working hard can take you to the top The clothes were diverse sexy and fun too This book really helped me see the merit of Wannabe I have had a few girlfriends who forget about friends when they get all gaga about a boyfriend and then the boy is gone and now she is all alone and her friends no longer take her seriouslywith good reason It's a deceptively vapid song the message is really important Not either or but both Beyond identity and empowerment this is a great tribute to how much fun the nineties were

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What Would the Spice Girls Do How the Girl Power Generation Grew UpAsn't just about the look it was about feminism The Spice Girls gave a generation their first glimpse of the power of friendship of staying true to yourself of sheer bloody mindedness And the girl power generation went on to What Would the MOBI #245 kick start a new conversation around gender eualityWe may have grown up asking What Would the Spice Girls Do but their particular brand of feminism is as relevant today as it. I've been a huge fan of Lauren Bravo's work for years so I had high hopes for her first book and I wasn't disappointed In fact I was blown away by her fantastic ability to take her wit magical ability to get everyone who reads her work nodding in tandem and whispering yeah same and whip smart writing style so loved in her features and put it into a book that kept me hooked the whole way through I read it in about 24 hours and what a 24 hours that was This book made me laugh it made me cry it made me nod it made me shout GIRL POWER at least fifteen times It does what so few books manage to do and appeals to everyone who grew up in or around the 90s whilst also providing a strong template for the future and a rallying cry for the next few years of feminism and what's happening now to a generation who grew up with Shaders & Toners Huge Buffalo boots Glitter spray And being forced into the role of one of the Spice Girls both willingly and unwillingly But you don't even need to have been a die hard fan or to have performed 2 Become 1 awkwardly in front of your primary school peers to appreciate it although those of us who did all share the same special cringe worthy memory alongside Lauren the Spice Girls and the era they helped define were the turning point for so many and Bravo does a great job at defining that exploring that digging into the cultural nuggets and lessons while keeping everything laugh out loud funny along the way Buy it for anyone who grew up in the 90s anyone who sucked a pink lollipop and suealed 'I'm baby' anyone who put on a pair of Adidas poppers and nearly broke their back doing a terrible backflip and was christened 'sporty' It's a fantastic gift a fantastic treat for yourself and than anything it feels like your own back flipping peace sign performing BFF who has been transported straight from the 90s to the present day I can't wait to see what Lauren Bravo will do next