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Of George Harrisons life and work exploring his upbringing in Liverpool the growth of Beatlemania his love of India gardening and racing cars I Me Mine also presents of George Harrisons songs With lyrics handwritten and reproduced in facsimile accompanied by his uniuely intimate and humorous commentary this new edition of I Me Mine now includes than additional lyrics written for the Beatles and Harrisons solo albums from All Things Must Pass to Brainwashed With written contributions from Olivia Harrison and Derek Taylor original cover art by Shepard. Das ist sie also die einzige Autobiographie eines Beatles die dieser auch wirklich selbst geschrieben hat und die mittlerweile schon ziemlich schwer zu bekommen istMan darf sich nicht eine typische Biographie vorstellen Viel mehr besteht das Buch aus 2 TeilenIm Ersten schreibt George Harrison sozusagen über sein Leben und hierbei gibt es fast nach jedem Absatz immer Einschübe und Anmerkungen von dem zweiten Autor der Biographie aktualisiert also nach Harrisons TodDieser Teil war sehr interessant da es nicht die typischen Fakten aus seinem Leben waren die ein Beatles Fan sowieso kennt Viel mehr erfährt man etwas von der Person George Harrison und seinen WeltanschauungenNur leider ist mir dieser 1 Teil fast zu kurz gehaltenMehr als die Hälfte des Buches besteht dann nämlich nur noch aus den Lyrics aller Songs die er je geschrieben hat Und zwar jeweils in einer handschriftlichen Fassung eingefügt als Bild Kopie und dem gedruckten TextEine nette Zugabe doch hätte ich nicht unbedingt die Lyrics aller Lieder gebraucht sondern lieber einen längeren ersten Teil gehabtAlles in allem trotzdem durchaus empfehlenswert vor allem für Harrison und Beatles Fans

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I Me Mine The Extended Edition GENESISFairey and a wealth of previously unpublished material I Me Mine The Extended Edition is a treasured portrait of George Harrison and his music Writing a song is like going to confession writing songs to try and find out who you are George Harrison A book which tells the story of growing up not necessarily the hard way but certainly not the easy way for no matter how greatly privilege and wealth may have seemed to grace the Beatles evolution easy is not the word for what happened to them on their way to what has come to be known as The Top Derek Taylor. G Harrison hatte es kurz nach Erscheinen wieder zurückgezogen Endlich ist es wieder zu haben Ein Einblick in das Leben eines genialen Musikers Für jeden Fan ein muss

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I Me Mine: The Extended Edition (GENESIS) characters Î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Download] ➽ I Me Mine: The Extended Edition (GENESIS) By danpashley.co.uk – Danpashley.co.uk For me the essence of this book is the lyrics and I believe they stand the test of time because they are writteFor me the essence of Mine The MOBI #244 this book is the lyrics and I believe they stand the test of time because they are written about mans eternal uest dilemmas joys and sorrows Georges lyrics were I Me eBook #221 in my opinion the most spiritually conscious of our time Olivia Harrison Cherished by fans and collectors I Me Mine is the closest we will come to George Harrisons autobiography This new volume has been Me Mine The PDFEPUB #189 significantly updated since the original For the first time I Me Mine The Extended Edition covers the full span. Huge book nicely done but 90% are song texts with a very small info next to them each time I didn't buy the book for that and had expected of an auto biography Nevertheless as a GH fan I would give 5 stars if the book had arrived in good condition It didn't The packagings look smart but they are insufficient This is the third time that I received damaged goods The box was torn it fell or was thrown around or ripped open by the courrier and the book cover was scuffed One corner was bent as were a few dozen of pagesLast year I sent a smashed DVD box back and got a refund This time I didn't want to go through this hassle again and kept the damn book but I will never buy from againAlso the book came with free shipping but when I wanted to add just one CD I would immediately be charged Eur 350 so I was disgusted and cancelled the CD