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Ingo by Helen Dunmore doc Þ Paperback read ´ ❰Reading❯ ➼ Ingo Author Helen Dunmore – I wish I was away in Ingo Far across the sea Sailing over the deepest waters Where love nor care can trouble meSapphire's father mysteriously vanishes into the waves off the Cornwall coast where her f I wish IF being pulled like a magnet toward the sea But when her brother Conor starts disappearing for hours on end Sapphy starts to believe she might not be the only one who hears the call of the ocean This revolutionizes the entire idea of mermaids Not fishy scaked creatures but sleek half seal hybrids No they do not comb thair hair while sitting on the rocks in the sun all day Judging from Faro alone they are a majestic peopleAnd this has depth than any mermaid story I have ever read The idea that going into Ingo can hurt that it can call you and suck you up in it forever that it can make you part of itselfthat is so much mature than any other mermaid book I have read The imagery is beautiful told like a poet Some people complain how it drags but even the slow parts ie conversation with Granny Carne are filled with mystery and keep you reading The action at the end is amazing emotional decisions blah blah blah but not told like an overdose of philosophy because it's from Sapphy's point of view; these emotions don't interfere with the real action just give the whole thing depth; you're tearing through the pages hardly reading the words you see because Roger is such a likable guy and you're wondering IF HE'LL SURVIVE and the odds aren't lookin' too good; it's always nice to see how our heroine reacts under pressure heroically as is expected because that's the moment of truth learning WHO our main character IS and Helen Dun did that part really well Now This next element is a big issue for a lot of people and it ischaractersSome people say Sapphy is shallow self absorbed and annoying I say she's realistcally flawed and spunky Are you looking for a perfect character? Most good books don't have a single one Others say Saph is dreamy to the point of no tolerance But what do you expect? She has after all been swimming with mermaids every afternoon for a while Others say Conor is annoying along with Sapphy in many cases He's a typically laid back sweet and kind brother who loves his sister so much he's angry beyond belief his sister keeps on hanging out with people of Ingo rather than those of Air No one says anything about Roger because he's too nice and all No one says anything about Granny Carne because well she's awesome Everyone likes the wise tough erratic old woman and that's what Granny Carne is enough said People say Faro is even than just plain annoying and that's because he is But you need him to argue with in your mind Characters you secretly argue with? The author has done a masterful job if she has created characters you argue with Interactive book Oh yeah you also need him to help save Roger That too And the dad? You can't touch him He's just an amazing character almost so than Sapphy herself

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I wish I was away in Ingo Far across the sea Sailing over the deepest waters Where love nor care can trouble meSapphire's father mysteriously vanishes into the waves off the Cornwall coast where I've never read a book that painted a picture as well as Ingo did I read it several years ago but Cornwall England has stuck in my mind ever since The story centers on the life of twelve year old Sapphire and her older brother Conor and how they find an underwater world in their town's cove The book was part of a four story series but it was definitely the strongest novel of the bunch I'd reccomend it to anyone who knows how to read Sapphire and Conor live in a small beachside house a hop skip and a jump away from the Atlantic Ocean On one normal summer morning the two wake up to find their father has dissapeared And that just begins their journey to find him whether it's above ground or underwater And that's how brother and sister find Ingo an ocean world with mermaids and mermen and dolphins and seals It's not your typical mermaid story either don't be decepted from the cover or the short blurb written on the back It's a fierce battle between Land and Water It uestions anything you've ever read or seen or heard Helen Dun is probably the most descriptive author ever Everything she writes comes out with a natural grace so easy and tireless you think she was born into the story Even though it was a fantasy story Sapphire and Conor seemed so real they could have lived down the street from me Read this book you won't regret it I promise

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Ingo by Helen DunmoHer family has always lived She misses him terribly and she longs to hear his spellbinding tales about the Mer who live in the underwater kingdom of Ingo Perhaps that is why she imagines hersel SUMMARYWhen Sapphire's father disappears most people say he's been drowned although the vicious of the townspeople say he ran off with another woman But neither Sapphy or her brother Conor believe either story Raised on the coast of Cornwall they have an intimate connection to the sea and her mysteries Neither of them realizes uite how intimate When Sapphire feels an irresistible call to the ocean she must choose where her loyalties lie to her Air family and the brother whom she adores or to Ingo whose power thrums in her veinsMY OPINIONWhen I stumbled upon it in a Paperback Swap the premise of Ingo appealed to my YA fantasy genes Unfortunately the execution is a little weak The characters are not fully described so that when one of them Sapphy freuently does something that shows a complexity of heart and mind I wasn't uite sure how we'd gotten to that place There are some really lovely moments like Sapphire mentally connecting to a dolphin while riding it or a conversation her brother Conor has with honeybees There are also some awkward moments Sapphire frankly drones on and on about her connection to the ocean but when her mother's new boyfriend suggests Sapphire should have the dog she's always wanted Sapphire rethinks her loyalty to IngoOverall this is a mature and vivid almost mystical view of merpeople than for example The Tale of Emily Windsnap It has the poignant sadness of the original version of A Little Mermaid and it reflects Dun's deep abiding love and respect for the seaBy the way I found a particularly vile review on and had to respond to it The reviewer from Georgia warns that the contents of the book are junk and will cause the reader to go straight to hell Why she's letting her children read books at all is beyond me but in my response I used the word villipend