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Sassuma arnaanut pulaarneqA long time ago the people of Greenland believed in the Mother of the Sea She lived on the bottom of the sea and ruled over all that lived in the ocean From her home on the bottom she sent out seals whales fish and birds When the people of a small Greenlandic fishing village begin to go hungry because the sea has frozen and there is nothing to hunt or fish one hunter and his son appeal to an elderly couple for help Once shamans the old people no longer believe in their own powers but agree to try anyway leading the old woman on an underwater voyage to visit the Mother of the Sea Enduring many hardships along the way eaten by polar bears and walruses she is reconstituted under the waves only to confront new difficulties in reaching her destination the old woman eventually succeeds in her mission to clean the much polluted Mother and brush her hair Receiving wisdom in return about the necessity of keeping the ocean clean the woman returns to land bringing with her a change that once again makes food available to the peopleOriginally published in 1995 in Greenlandic an Eskimo–Aleut language closely related to the Inuit languages of Canada as Sassuma arnaanut pulaarne this traditional tale is clearly meant as a warning about the dangers of mistreating the natural world particularly the sea The figure of the 'Mother of the Sea' is common in many Inuit cultures sometimes being known as the goddess Sedna sometimes as Takannaaluk the one down there and sometimes as here as Sassuma Arnaa the Mother of the Deep This story reprinted this year 2019 by the Inuit owned publishing house Inhabit Media is not a creation myth of which there are many explaining how Sassuma Arnaa came to be but rather a tale concerning how humans came to the Mother of the Sea for help As such it emphasizes the dependence of human life on the natural world around us I found the story here told by Greenlandic author and storyteller Mâliâra Vebæk engaging and thought that the artwork done by Aka Høegh was striking I am very glad that Inhabit Media decided to make this Greenlandic children's book available again and hope that they will bring such books to Canadian and American readers

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kindle Ö Sassuma arnaanut pulaarneq Hardcover É [KINDLE] ❃ Sassuma arnaanut pulaarneq ❆ Mâliâraq Vebæk – A long time ago the people of Greenland believed in the Mother of the Sea She lived on the bottom of the sea and ruled over all that lived in the ocean From her home on the bottom she sent oIn order to cleanse and comb her hair which had become dirty and tangled because of what the humans had done wrong A traditional Greenlandic tale narrated for children and illustrated by one of Greenland's greatest artis The Mother of the Sea is a very important figure in Inuit stories she's the one who sends food to hunt from the depths of the ocean After being overhunted and neglected she has withheld her bounty from the village This particular story of the Mother focuses on an elderly shaman who traverses deeply in the sea to clean and persuade Mother to release food again Gorgeous illustrations accompany this beautiful story that reminds us to care for our oceans and take only what we need

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Of the sea up to the surface so that hunters could catch them However if the people didn't behave well she became angry and hid the animals from the hunters The people would then have to send a Shaman down to visit her Awesome re telling of a folk story set in Greenland We enjoyed it reading together as a family spread over a few days Beautiful illustrations too Very much recommended