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Light of My Heart Duke of Rutland #2And Rachel’s budding romance and perhaps even their livesThe second book in the Duke of Rutland series Light of My Heartis brimming with the same sensual charms and historical intrigue as Sweet Vengeance Rachel and Anthony have experimented with love in the past only to have it blow up in their faces But once they cross paths they learn that love like the steady march of progress is unyieldin Light of My Heart is the second book in Elizabeth St Michel's wonderful family series Both the hero Anthony Rutland and the heroine Rachel Thorne are lonely damaged souls that find each other in this wonderfully romantic tale Anthony doesn't think he knows how to love and Rachel is afraid to be loved feeling undeserving Both have been betrayed and live with ghosts of their pasts hiding dreadful secrets but slowly as this story unfolds they come together true halves of each other This story is touching emotional poignant and wonderfully descriptive Sexual tension runs through the book from the very beginning As usual Elizabeth weaves a dark and menacing plot through the background of this romantic tale with evil nasty characters that keep appearing But then there is also the humorous sub plot that Elizabeth manages so well enter Aunt Margaret The Duke of Rutland and his butler Sebastian you will smile with their antics and conversations This is a fabulous book and I couldn't put it down

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Abby There she hopes to shake off the loathsome past and find a love filled futureAt Abby’s ancestral home Belvoir Castle Rachel meets Abby’s brother Anthony the brilliant but troubled son of a duke The two bond over their shared fascination with electricity and sparks fly in ways than one However a dispute with a family employee turns into a dangerous fiasco that threatens to end Anthony ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋May I present Anthony and Rachel’s story book two in Duke Of Rutland Series and it’s exceptional After the events in book one Anthony’s laboratory has been rebuilt Nicholas is still missing Abby is married and living in Boston with Thorn and Rachel has arrived in EnglandThough they get on well and have lots in common these two have many challenges to faceBoth are damagedRachel from her attack and loss of reputation and family in the coloniesAnthony from a loveless marriage the death of his wife and the theft of his life’s work by another scientistBoth need understanding patience love and timeElizabeth has written a wonderfully descriptive and touching story one that you have no problem immersing yourself in completely it’s so emotional reading about the challenges faced by both characters I love this series

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Light of My Heart kindle ↠ Ù danpashley × [PDF / Epub] ☃ Light of My Heart (Duke of Rutland, #2) ✑ Elizabeth St. Michel – When love seems impossible the heart occupies itself however it can For Rachel Thorne and Anthony Rutland the thrill of scientific discovery is a suitable substitute HowWhen love seems impossible the heart occupies itself however it can For Rachel Thorne and Anthony Light of PDF Rutland the thrill of scientific discovery is a suitable substitute However love is tenacious and cannot be suppressed for long After surviving an attempted rape by a British soldier Rachel a self taught inventor leaves Colonial Boston for England at the suggestion of her sister in law Elizabeth St Michel is a new author for me this is the first of her books that I have read Light of My Heart is a fun sexy read with great lead characters Rachel is a colonial who's come to England to escape from a near tragedy Anthony is the Duke of Rutlandboth are inventors and love science It's fun to see these two wrestling with the discovery of electricity while trying to deal with the attraction between them But this book is romantic suspense so we have some great bad guys that Anthony and Rachel have to deal with All in all I really enjoyed this book and look forward to from Elizabeth St Michel I received an advanced copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review