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Download Doc ☆ Between the World and Me 152 pages ☆ [KINDLE] ❆ Between the World and Me Author Ta-Nehisi Coates – “This is your country this is your world this is your body and you must find some way to live within the all of it” In a profound work that pivots from the biggest uestions about Out his place in the world through a series of revelatory experiences from Howard University to Civil War battlefields from the South Side of Chicago to Paris from his childhood home to the living rooms of mothers whose children’s lives were taken as American plunder Beautifully woven from personal narrative reimagined history and fresh emotionally charged reportage Between the World and Me clearly illuminates the past bracingly confronts our present and offers a transcendent vision for a way forwa I thought it was a little fishy that all the reviews on here are these reverent whispery multi starred nods of agreement about how important this book is I mean that just never happens especially with the it book of the moment there are always naysayers and contrarians and people who just don't get what the BFD is Since there's a copy lying around my house I thought I'd check it out the season's it book is rarely just 152 pages and about a topic that interests me so I was excited to participate in the cool thing for once after missing out on Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games and Eat Pray Love and all the rest due to a combination of laziness and snobberyOn some level I was hoping to be the don't believe the hype hater on here but Coates left me disappointed on that front It did take me a little while to get into this but once he got to college I was hooked and couldn't stop even though it was late and I had to get up at 3am to catch a transcontinental flight My main uestion before I read it was What new is there to say? I'd noticed everyone had their panties all in a twist over this book about being black in America and based on what I'd heard I just didn't get what he could've said that seemed so revelatory and newThe answer is not too much really it's the way that he says it Between the World and Me is an intensely personal book that's rooted in deeply felt lived experience As someone who is horrified by our era's obsession with memoir I am occasionally floored when I see what a personal story can do I recently read an essay online by a woman whose father had committed suicide that made me seriously rethink my antipathy towards memoir and my response to this book was similar So often the recounting of personal experience and private feelings comes off as dull narcissistic and unnecessary but on occasion memoir transcends itself and is able to speak to something much larger than one person's life with an authority that nothing else canIt doesn't need to be said but I'll point out anyway that a lot of this book's success has to do with timing White Americans have been able to ignore a lot of this for a long time but recently that's become almost impossible to do In the past two weeks we've heard Sandra Bland's traffic stop and watched Samuel DuBose be murdered before our eyes and the trauma of witnessing these things and the rest from the past year has left pretty much everyone looking for answersThis book did partially answer a huge uestion I've had for years that I'm sure a lot of other uninformed white people have but that's too offensive and embarrassing to ask black parents directly which is What do you tell your kids? When do you tell them? And how do you reassure them that it's going to be alright when as a parent you're supposed to help them feel things will be okay but you're also supposed to be honest and keep them safe? This book is constructed as a letter to Coates's fifteen year old son and the reason it's so satisfying is that it does not err on the side of false comfort and remains honestly bleak It also gave me the uncomfortably excited feeling of access to a perspective I've always wanted to know about but was yeah I'll admit it afraid to askI think pretty often about what makes me an adult and maybe this sounds weird but one of the main things is understanding now what a big deal it is when people die I feel like when I was a kid I didn't uite get that that actually happened and then when I was a teenager I didn't think it was very serious but when I grew up I finally saw that this was it this was huge this was almost the only thing that there was that mattered Between the World and Me's main orientation is corporal it's concerned with what happens to a person's body as ultimately the sole important thing For me this is a helpful way to think about racism I remember one day when I was not so old but not really that young either reading that African American men have much shorter life expectancies than white American men due to health disparities and it was like a light went off and I finally saw what racism was in a different and much truer way than I had before So much discourse about race takes place in these abstract terms that speak about social construction and are preoccupied with the nuance of language and ideas but there is something about a return to the body that blows that away At the end of the day redlining matters because it's created conditions in which black kids are likely than white kids to get hit with a stray bullet while walking to school It sounds foolishly obvious but police brutality and mass incarceration affect people in the most stark and concrete way by ending lives by physically hurting or locking up their bodies Of course there are other reasons why racism is is a problem but Coates's emphasis on the body and his insistence that nothing else matters so much beyond that resonated with meThis is a book that takes our country's sweet language about having a dream and turns it into a bitter mouthful of ashes I'm actually surprised it's so popular because I feel we as Americans crave optimism and promises of solutions and Coates offers neither There's a lot of beauty in the world he says and there are great things about being young gifted and black or whatever but he doesn't believe in any moral arc of the universe tilting toward justice or in any of this getting especially better which according to him spoiler alert will be a moot point anyway soon because we'll all be underwaterA short well written timely book that I along with everyone else recommend

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“This is your country this is your world this is your body and you must find some way to live within the all of it” In a profound work that pivots from the biggest uestions about American history and ideals to the most intimate concerns of a father for his son Ta Nehisi Coates offers a powerful new framework for understanding our nation’s history and current crisis Americans have built an empire on the idea of “race” a falsehood that damages us all but falls most heavily on the bodies of b I'm not sure what compelled me to pick up this book but that's true of many books I read I simply felt like it was something I needed to read at that moment and I'm very glad I didBetween the World and Me is written as a letteressay from Coates to his fifteen year old son trying to come to terms with what it means to grow up as an African American male in 2015 I almost said make sense of what it means but Coates' story is not so much about making sense as it is about finding one's place in a nonsensical context He does not believe there is an answer to race relations He believes as I interpret it that racial conflict is in itself an artificial construct and part of the Dream that keeps one group in power over anotherThis is not a book written to explain the African American experience to white people or as Coates likes to say people who believe they are white As a middle aged white guy I am in no way the intended audience for this book Perhaps that's what made it such an enlightening read for me There was no sugar coating no careful racial diplomacy no worry about mediating opinions to cater to what white people might be able to hear It was just a heartfelt raw painful and honest letter from a father to a son laying plain Coates' worry anger frustration and fear for his son's future in light of Coates' own past and the world his son will grow up in There again I almost said 'the world he will inherit' but Coates would be uick to point out that this is white thinking We grow up believing we can inherit the future of our country whereas African Americans grow up hearing a very different messageCoates' most powerful assertion doing violence to the African American body is an American legacy and tradition It is not a failure of the system It is part of the system As much as may have changed in the past decades the past centuries the basic fear of African American parents remains that their children can be snatched away brutalized killed for the smallest of reasons or no reason at all and too often this violence is never addressed as anything than an unavoidable force of nature like a hurricaneWe all tend to gravitate toward books that reflect our own experience toward characters who look and act the way we do I believe many white readers if they are honest with themselves will think If I'm a white person why should I read a book about African Americans? That doesn't have anything to do with me Whites have the privilege of not thinking about race until some violence flares up on the news and then we think of the issue as a fire to put out not a sign of some endemic problem This was true when I was growing up in Texas in the 70s and 80s It was true when I taught in San Francisco in the 90s It's still true here in Boston in the 2010s African Americans don't have the luxury of thinking about race only when it suits them It is an omnipresent fact of life and death It makes their experience of American society fundamentally different and exponentially complicated That's exactly why I'd recommend this book to white readers Our bubble can be pretty thick It is important for us to step outside ourselvesCoates offers no answers easy or otherwise He believes in no grand vision But he offers his son an honest assessment of his own experience and his own evolving thoughts on America That's what rang true to me a father talking candidly and caringly with his son That's common ground I share with the author as different as our experiences may be This is a short book easily finished in a couple of sittings but it packs a punch These issues aren't going away They are only going to become pressing Read the book

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Between the World and MeLack women and men bodies exploited through slavery and segregation and today threatened locked up and murdered out of all proportion What is it like to inhabit a black body and find a way to live within it? And how can we all honestly reckon with this fraught history and free ourselves from its burden?   Between the World and Me is Ta Nehisi Coates’s attempt to answer these uestions in a letter to his adolescent son Coates shares with his son and readers the story of his awakening to the truth ab Simply stunning complicated moving and challenging Absolutely recommend it