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Mobi ✓ Secret Sanction ´ Brian Haig Over their medals Drummond is provided with two associates to help with the investigation an attractive young woman captain who's a Harvard Law School graduate and an eually illustrious Judge Army General's Corps lawyer whose reputation precedes himOnce Drummond and his team get to Bosnia it's clear that the accused Green Berets have their own cover up going and they're not going to make it easy for the lawyers to figure out what happened Drummond has a few tricks up his own sleeve and when he finds out that his CO has put a spy on his te I'm not much for military thrillers but I do try to read things outside my tastes and interests once in awhile This ended up being a surprisingly good legal mystery and thriller set in the years when the US was bombing Serbian forces in the recently divided Yugoslavia The book was originally published in 2002 when the conflict in Kosovo was a fresh memory for AmericansThe book introduces Major Sean Drummond a member of the Judge Advocate General JAG Corps He is assigned to investigate an apparent massacre by a platoon of Green Berets They had been training a group of Kosovo Liberation Army KLA troops The rules of engagement were that the US troops were only to shoot back if attacked but not to initiate actions Their fresh trainees went to attack a small town only to be completely wiped out in an ambush The Serbians now say that the US troops ambushed a Serbian force killing all Serbian troops With the help of two other JAG lawyers Drummond must determine if the massacre happened whether the Green Berets were responsible and whether charges should be filedThe investigation isn't an easy one The Green Berets tell different stories bodies of the dead Serbians indicate close up assassination style head wounds and the CIA seems to have a particular interest in the case as does everyone up to the president Then a journalist reporting on the story is found murdered in a base latrine and it's clear that someone is out to frame Drummond to make the decision they wantIt's a great legal thriller full of intrigue that feels as much like a spy novel as a mystery Sean Drummond is an excellent character The book makes it clear that he came to the law late in life after several years in some mysterious force that he must still keep secret He's an excellent investigator but than that he's someone with a keen sense of justice It's nice to hit the first book in a series with this much uality in action and character development even if it is 15 years late It's definitely a series worth following

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Download Book Ü Secret Sanction 480 pages è ❰Read❯ ➪ Secret Sanction Author Brian Haig – Sean Drummond is a cocky Army lawyer with a long history in the secret world of special operations When the legal maverick is assigned by the top brass to investigate a Bosnian massacre in which a Gre Sean Am he's even determined to get to the bottom of what really went on even if he has to bully his way out of a murder frame up to do it The moral dilemma Drummond faces when he learns the real story and understands why the Army is so desperate to keep the cover up going reveals the man behind the maverick and lifts Brian Haig's novel a cut above the genre Haig might have spent time making his secondary characters as interesting as his protagonist and tightened up his narrative Still fans of military thrillers will find this a good enough rea This was the first book in this series that I read and I went into it not knowing anything about it I really like the main character he is such a smart ass but he is usually one step ahead of everyone else He's not a big tough macho military guy and that's another thing I like about him Also enjoyed how this book leaves his past somewhat obfuscated so you focus on the story at hand and not the backstory of the main character Good military judicial book not stuffed full of courtroom antics Well researched and easily pulled from the headlines of today Very plausible

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Secret SanctionSean Drummond is a cocky Army lawyer with a long history in the secret world of special operations When the legal maverick is assigned by the top brass to investigate a Bosnian massacre in which a Green Beret A team and the Kosovo Liberation Army detachment they were advising got trapped behind Serbian lines he gets the subtext that's part of his orders What the Army doesn't need are headlines about the cold blooded execution of Serbian soldiers and they're counting on Drummond to clean things up fast before a public scandal blows dirt all To be honest I've had this for a while A debut thriller from the son of General Alexander Haig ex Secretary of State in the US who is also an ex army officer It felt a bit like it would be your standard attempt at a thriller based on who you are rather than what you have written But I was wrong and this is rather goodA massacre during the Bosnian crisis looks like it was the responsibility of a US special forces team and a JAG type lawyer is sent in to uncover the truth Or rather uncover a convenient truth while avoiding army politics and CIA mis information Major Drummond is a great character sarcastic wise cracking and with a past that opens great opportunities for further booksThe premise here is an interesting one and the author does not go with an easy resolution or one you might expect So if you like military drama this is well worth picking up I’ll certainly be looking for by the author