Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be Told Reader ↠ 40 pages ¸ Walter dean myers

Book È Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be Told Ì Walter Dean Myers

Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be ToldBooks for childrenAn activist educator writer journalist suffragette and pioneering voice against the horror of lynching she used fierce determination and the power of the pen to educate the world about the uneual treatment of blacks in the United StatesIn this picture book biography award winning New York Times bestselling author Walter Dean Myers tells the story of thi Myers W 2008 Ida B Wells let the truth be told Harper Collins Publishers Reviewed by Kris GrimmReference Type Biographical ReferenceCall Number 92ISBN 978 0 06 027705ContentScope This biography is written for elementary readers grades 2nd 5th The book describes the life of Wells from slave to activist during the civil rights movement The text is limited with actual uotes from Wells printed throughout in red inkAccuracyAuthorityBias The subject of lynching is an adult one however Myers does address it in an appropriate voice for young readers The timeline in the back of the book reflects accurate historical information Myers is an award winning author known for tackling difficult subject matter regarding the civil rights movement This book is highly recommended on Children’s Core Collection literature review siteArrangementPresentation This picture book utilizes minimal text combined with watercolor illustrations It is 37 pages long including a timeline at the end of the bookRelation to similar works This book is similar to picture book biographies the media center has previously purchased and is geared to a fairly wide age group Adding this title broadens the students’ familiarity of African American women who were activistsAccessibilityDiversity This book would be accessible to a wide range of readers due to its limited text The illustrations would be engaging to non readers or ELL students and in some ways tell a story on their own This book would appeal to a diverse group of abilities genders and ethnic groupsCost 1699Professional Review Lempke S 2009 Horn Book Magazine Retreived November 20th 2015 from

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This picture book biography introduces the extraordinary Ida B Wells Long before boycotts sit ins and freedom rides Ida B Wells was hard at work to better the lives of African Americans This nonfiction picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling in particular for children ages 4 to 6 It’s a fun way to learn to read and as a supplement for activity The biography of the journalist and activist Ida B Wells who was born into slavery is concise enough and written at an appropriate level for elementary readers but is also informative enough for older students Her story is inherently interesting and Myers paces it well The book is peppered with uotes from Wells and there is a timeline of her life at the end The illustrations help bring this story that begins nearly 150 years ago to life

Book Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be Told

Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be Told Reader ↠ 40 pages ¸ Walter dean myers ¸ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be Told Author Walter Dean Myers – This picture book biography introduces the extraordinary Ida B Wells Long before boycotts sit ins and frS legendary figure which blends harmoniously with the historically detailed watercolor paintings of illustrator Bonnie ChristensenMyers’s unflinching tale highlights Wells’s courage and persistence by using her own words and writings throughout and sharing the many moments of her life when she refused to accept discrimination and raised her voice for justice Brightlyc Ida B Wells Let the Truth Be Told by Walter Dean Myers is a great bibliography to introduce to young children about the life of Ida B Wells It tells the story about Ida I hard working woman who is trying to support her family after the death of her parents The story speeds up and explains to the reader her Memphis train story and how she refused to get off the train It shows how this event lead Ida to become a full time reader and right for segregation