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Free eBook » ePub Everyone Burns ç 9780957325609 ↠ danpashley í ➮ [Read] ➪ Everyone Burns By John Dolan ➺ – It is January 2005 and the charred remains of two Europeans have been discovered on the Thai island of SamuiLocal Police Chief Charoenkul sidelinT humour and some pithy comments on everyday life in the Land of Smiles 'Everyone Burns' is much than a crime novel It is also a carefully crafted psychological study of an anti hero for our tim Everyone Burns takes place in Thailand a country I know well and Mr Dolan knows better His attention to setting language and the accurate depiction of the Thai people drew me in from the startA cast of eccentric characters kept me riveted to the story and none was eccentric than protagonist David Braddock He roams the island of Samui as a farang foreigner but is intimately familiar with the culture working as a private investigator and pseudo therapist He's a smartass with a razor sharp intuition and a cocky son of a bitch with a heart a stand up guy despite his shortcomingsHis encounters are discreet honest and oftentimes laugh out loud funny It's during these interactions where Mr Dolan's prose shines uick and witty dialogue helps the reader uncover the layers of a series of murdersThough David Braddock could easily have become a caricature of any number of wisecracking main characters Mr Dolan does a few things to anchor his protagonist1 He sets the story in Thailand the Land of Smiles where even the hardest of men would succumb to some of its charm and magical mysticism2 He creates an endearing relationship with David and a monk who becomes his moral compass his superego or a yin to his yang Whatever he is their relationship is a strong complex union of two men not often found in fiction3 He presents David Braddock as a flawed human being someone we may not like but can certainly relate to Despite his failings as a man he is still someone you'd call if you were in trouble and needed to be bailed outThough I'm not usually a fan of the first person POV in thrillers it makes for an intimate and memorable tale so long as the narrator has a strong voice Mr Dolan has certainly created such a character with David BraddockI'm happy to say Everyone Burns is the first in a series I look forward to many books from Mr Dolan

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It is January 2005 and the charred remains of two Europeans have been discovered on the Thai island of SamuiLocal Police Chief Charoenkul sidelined by his superiors enlists the reluctant David B It was a real treat for me to discover this 2012 entry to a new detective series A detective with heart a fascinating mystery and an exotic location set in an island community in Thailand So what is there about this to distinguish it from the crowd? Our hero a middle aged Brit David Braddock is easy to identify with kind and literate a man who empathizes with the downtrodden He is no boy scout as he is freuently subject to the human weaknesses of lust and the escape from internal stresses through alcohol He is unusual as a hero in this genre by avoiding violence yet he can prove himself brave without being macho I love how he consorts freuently with a Buddhist monk for advice and how his playful mind reaches to examples from fiction to help with his challenges The customers for his private detective business mostly involve investigations of suspected infidelity in love relationships While the truths he uncovers provide a needed dose of reality for his customers he gets satisfaction from a separate business he runs in provide counseling and problem solving advice The steadiness of his life becomes unraveled when the police chief calls him in to help investigate a murder of a foreigner a man found bludgeoned and burned It turns out this is a second murder with the same MO The first was suppressed but it is now difficult to keep the press from raising the alarm of an active serial killer news of which threatens the tourist trade The other challenge for Braddock is that he is having an affair with the police chief’s wife Do the murders represent a psychotic person’s hatred of foreigners jealous rage or financially motivated crimes? Against the backdrop of this key case Dolan shows great finesse in juggling the stories of a set of vibrant minor characters in Braddock’s life A sexy and spiritual housekeeper from Java a pragmatic and pregnant office manager a blind old man embittered by the death of a son and numerous cameo spots that help color in perspectives on Thai culture The Buddhist themes that Braddock ponders are pervasive but not overdone; they represent a special source of pleasure to me The monk exhorts him If you would only stop listening with your ears you might understand better Let me spell it out for you Everything is connected Everyone is connected Everyone and everything is interconnectedYour analysis of your problem will be based on individual things but your solution will lie in the interdependency of everythingBraddock has a self deprecating form of humor that is refreshing in comparison to the irritating wise cracking common to many detective heroes For example “I bet you get lots of women who cry in here”“Some Most women only cry with me in the bedroom Usually out of disappointment”The title of this gem highlights an organizing thread to the diverse elements of the novel Everyone burns as the Buddha says in their own way Some burn with anger some with lust some with the desire for vengeance some with fear But inside us burn many fires not just one We are legion we contain a multitudeDolan may be an unknown uantity for most readers but I think he is worthy of a wider readership If you stick with just best seller authors you will often end up with a lot of formulaic writing and recycled melodramatic plotting

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Everyone BurnsRaddock a burnt out private detective to assist in an 'unofficial' investigationBut Braddock has problems of his own including an affair with the same Police Chief's wife Peppered with irreveren Everyone Burns by John Dolan is set in Thailand and he does a great job of bringing the book’s setting and environment to life Against that backdrop he proceeds to tell a tale of a double murder through a cast of great characters led by his eccentric irreverent protagonist David Braddock Braddock is an extremely flawed individual and Dolan lets this element play out against a Buddhist monk in a wonderful counterpoint Their interactions were both touching and very funny and for me some one of the book’s high pointsMr Dolan has a sharp voice and style Fans of John Burdett’s Sonchai Jitpleecheep series like me will enjoy Everyone Burns Where Burdett will often turn philosophical and melancholy Dolan is prone to head towards the irreverent and funny This approach serves him well and is definitely in his strike zone But like Burdett Dolan knows how to tell a great story and I really enjoyed how the story unfolded and tension mountedI highly recommend this book without reservation Well done Mr Dolan I’m very much looking forward to the next installment