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The Troop kindle × Paperback × nick cutter × [EPUB] ✰ The Troop By Nick Cutter – “ The Troop scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t put it down This is old school horror at its best” —Stephen King This “grim microcosm of terror and desperation haunting” Christopher G “ The Troop scY year Scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads a troop of boys into the Canadian wilderness for a weekend camping trip a tradition as comforting and reliable as a good ghost story around a roaring bonfire But when an unexpected intruder stumbles upon their campsite shockingly thin disturbingly pale and voraciously hungry Tim and the boys are exposed to something far frightening than any tale of My first Nick Cutter and oh baby was I impressedCutter can write some splendid horror and this book easily placed him towards the top of my auto buy author list Well played Mr Cutter Well playedI'm unsure I can adeuately express how much I enjoyed my time reading thisEvery page was a splendid discovery evoking feelings of nostalgia of reading my first Horror novels The Troop follows a group of boys who are taken by their Scoutmaster Tim Riggs to an island off the coast of Eastern Canada for a weekend camping trip When a very ill stranger happens to stumble into their cabin a horror is unleashed that is beyond anything the troop could have prepared for Just a wee bit of advice I wouldn't recommend eating anything just before reading thisThe characters were so well done Their relationships and inner thoughts so well expressed that in spite of being a horror novel this can be appreciated as a true character piece In a way it reminded me a lot of Lord of the Flies With this comparison I am thinking of how each character is sort of placed into a stereotypical societal role and then we see how those roles play off one another once the adult supervision is removed Among the group of boys we have the tough guy alpha male; the nerdy know it all; the golden boy who excels at sports and gets along with everyone; a wiry cagey little guy with the absentee father and bad temper; and finally the sociopath whose inner thoughts are a horror story unto themselves I was so impressed with Cutter's writing style and his ability to simultaneously gross me out and chill me to the coreOne of my favorite aspects of this book was the incorporation of mixed media sources; I believe I read in the Author's Note that he was inspired by Stephen King's Carrie which is very cool I am so happy to have found another horror writer who I can enjoy for years to come I'm very much looking forward to reading of Cutter's work

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“ The Troop scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t put it down This is old school horror at its best” Stephen King This “grim microcosm of terror and desperation haunting” Christopher Golden New York Times bestselling author follows a scout troop on a terrifying fight for survival when they come across a mysterious and deadly stranger in the Canadian wildernessOnce ever best premise for a book everi know people have been a little coy with details in their reviews for this but i'm not going to be because i think that its strongest selling point is what people have been all shy about mentioningso imma just say it tapeworms genetically modified kick your ass motherfucking tapewormsthe setting is falstaff island which is a tiny uninhabited island off the coast of ANOTHER tiny but inhabited island prince edward island in beautiful eastern canada a scoutmaster has taken five boys out on a wilderness survival weekend blissfully free of pesky technology like cell phones and everyone is going to be roasting marshmallows and earning merit badges and responsibly putting out their campfires and everything is going to be just peachyuntil a man crashes a boat on the shore and staggers onto their island looking unwell turns out science has been hard at work meddling with tapeworms for two very different clients things have gotten out of hand and their new island visitor is infested with something determined to find new hostsnow it is going to be a true test of survival as the boys and the scoutmaster have to contend with something unprecedented and way virulent is there a badge for this situation??maybe like that only evilthe best thing about these oh no science has run amok narratives is how freuently these scientists fail to consider the imperatives of nature nature is a methodical and tenacious bitch and if you're gonna go monkeying around with genetics and getting all dr frankensteiny in your free time you should know that nature's just gonna one up you this is a very graphic book resplendent gore all the way it will make you suirm there are unpleasant things that happen to animals this is science after all and also to people if you are sueamish trust me it's not for you i am not the sueamish type but there was a scene with a turtle which i will never ever forgetand honestly the whole time i was reading this i was so profoundly hungry i was devouring everything in sight i was reading this on my bed hoovering pb and honey sandwiches dripping honey all over my bedspread thinking dude i had better have a tapeworm or this book is going to make me gain twenty poundsit's so much fun and so so horrifyingwhethis is where i zip my review lips and let you make your own decisions i freaking loved it and i think by now you know if you and this book are meant to beenjoypre read reviewi think it is so cute that this is a pseudonym for an acclaimed author of novels and short stories and then he went and put his real name next to the copyright informationokay that's just good natured ribbing i read a book by this mystery man before and loved it so this is just all loving snarkbut seriouslycome to my blog

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The TroopTerror The human carrier of a bioengineered nightmare A horror that spreads faster than fear A harrowing struggle for survival with no escape from the elements the infectedor one another Part Lord of the Flies part 28 Days Later and all consuming this tightly written edge of your seat thriller takes you deep into the heart of darkness where fear feeds on sanityand terror hungers fo This was so fucking disturbing Body horror really scares me and this book literally made me cringe in disgust so many times It’s probably the best horror book I’ve read so far in this genre I loved it so much This is EXACTLY the kind of shit that scares meTrigger warning graphic animal abuseHere’s the reading vlog where I read this book