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The OtherN year old twins led to widespread critical acclaim for the novel which was successfully filmed from Thomas Tryon's own screenplayThis edition features original artwork by surrealist artist Harry O Morri A stranger on the Internet instructed me to review this book so I guess I’ll do as I’m toldThis book is okay Actually the second half of this book is great but still not great enough to resurrect the full work to anywhere beyond its three star label of mediocrityOften with mystery novels there is a slow but steady build of intensity a momentum that gathers in a such a way that the reader remains riveted to the end That occurs here as well so I don’t ascribe my disappointment with the first half of the book to any lack of momentum on its part Instead I think I was turned off by the writing In fact I’d say that the plot drive in the second half was so well executed that it overcame what I would otherwise have to describe as naïve whimsical writing But in the author’s defense he was at the time of this book’s initial publication anyway a naïve writer The Other was Thomas Tryon’s first novel written after having spent much of his early adulthood as a Hollywood film actor The Other is a frame story but the identity of the narrator is unknown until the book’s denouement The story involves two twin boys one of whom is a vicious evildoer while the other acts as his doe eyed apostle Of course every evil deed performed is accompanied by telling amounts of circumstantial ambiguity so one could probably see “The Big Reveal” coming a mile away especially if he’s seen enough M Night Shyamalan films Still the reveal and the events which occur after it are well executed as I stated earlier which makes this book—all being said—ok

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In 1971 The Other is one of the most influential horror novels ever written Its impeccable recreation of small town life and its skillful handling of the theme of personality transference between thirtee An incredible psychlogical thriller with brilliant twists and turns Superb character development and some scary supernatural ualities make THE OTHER a true classic Haunting and highly recommended

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mobi Õ The Other ô read æ danpashley · [Read] ➵ The Other By Thomas Tryon – Entranced and terrified the reader of The Other is swept up in the life of a Connecticut country town in the thirties—and in the fearful mysteries that slowly darken and overwhelm itOriginally publi Entranced and terEntranced and terrified the reader of The Other is swept up in the life of a Connecticut country town in the thirties and in the fearful mysteries that slowly darken and overwhelm itOriginally published I'm very impressed by this classic horror I know I've been told it is one of those novels that spawned a bunch of lookalikes during the seventies but rather than being a simple bestseller that everyone and their little fat dog emulated I personally think that it has a ton of depth and staying powerI think it's a toss up whether the best feature is the narrator's voice or whether it's in the plot twists Both are superb and fascinating and lulling and it's extremely easy to fall into the idea that the author wanted us to believeTruly despite a few disturbing images at the beginning of the telling I was truly entertained by a relatively pastoral childhood that gradually became darker with all of those accidental mishaps You can guess that things go downhill of course and with every new revelation it becomes increasingly interesting until it pretty much blew me away I'm not saying that it wasn't predictable at a certain point of course but what really surprised me was how subtle and well that realization was handled The resolution was completely top notchYou know the story about the evil twin? Yeah This is the biggest granddaddy of them all and easily the best one of its kind Totally recommended for all you fans of horror