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MOBI Ã DOC The King's Favorite A Novel of Nell Gwyn and King Charles II 9780451224064 Û SUSAN HOLLOWAY SCOTT Û ❰KINDLE❯ ❂ The King's Favorite A Novel of Nell Gwyn and King Charles II Author Susan Holloway Scott – Nell In her teens she catches the eye of King Charles II and trades the stage for Whitehall Palace and the role of royal mistress Even though she delights the king she must learn to negotiate the cutt A pretty good read although the ending felt somewhat inconclusive I guess that can be the case with historical novels about real people; lives do not always follow a tidy story arc I liked Nell's character but she did seem a little under developed to me actually most of the characters did Nell is supposedly an observer of court life but there are many aspects of that life that are merely hinted at because she doesn't actually have the opportunity to see them first hand Also the way the story skipped over large chunks of time could be jarringStill I enjoyed it for what it was a densely imagined pseudo memoir of an intriguing historical figure Susan Holloway Scott's writing is lyrical and descriptive and paints a vibrant picture of life during the Restoration in England

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Hroat royal court where ambition and lust for power rule the hearts of all around her For beneath her charm and light heartedness Nell has her own ambition to become no less than the king's favori I did enjoy this book than three stars but not uite four It was cool to read this after The Royal Harlot to see some of the same stories from a different perspective Nell was also a likable person in the book and most likely in real life I did feel too much of the first half of the book was spent in the playhouse It seemed to drag a bit there Also somewhere along the way Nell started using the phrase Od's blood way too often for my taste I mean she said it a lot Other than that I was an enjoyable book and I plan on reading the third in the series

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The King's Favorite A Novel of Nell Gwyn and King Charles IINell Gwyn has never been a lady nor does she pretend to be Blessed with impudent wit and saucy beauty she swiftly rises from the poverty of Covent Garden to become a sensation in the theater Still As a fan of Susan Holloway Scott’s Dutchess and “Royal Harlot”; it was nice to give my favorite mistress Nell a chance in Scott’s “The King’s Favorite” Nell is spunky yet smart humorous and yet with a touch of sadness Does Scott bring this to life?Susan Holloway Scott’s “The King’s Favorite” lacks a proper introduction to Nell Although this successfully “gets the story moving”; it prevents a character arc or the building of a relationship with the reader Further Scott’s portrayal of Nell is too extreme on the goodie goodie side Historical fiction authors always create Nell as either a slut or an angel versus a complacent middle ground This causes an unbelievable factor in her character Further Nell lacks the wit she is known for in the “The King’s Favorite” “The King’s Favorite” has a slow start which never seems to pick up and fails to bring both Nell or the time period alive The rich illustrated scenery and depth which could be accessed is instead one dimensional and hardly explored One could even forget that “The King’s Favorite” is a HF novel Plus Scott takes too many historical liberties with Nell and the events of her life Versus being a biographical based novel “The King’s Favorite” is almost like a novel with Nell simply in it One of the odd and annoying traits of “The King’s Favorite” was each chapter skipping ahead many months or even a year at a time in seuencing; breaking up the story and inhibiting Nell’s development This along with a slow storyline causes an absence of depth and something to cling to Missing is the growth and build up of tension which a reader seeks Holloway attempts to stylize the novel by occasionally using Nell to narrate and look back at her story like a memoir or autobiography; however this isn’t implored with much strength and simply “doesn’t work” The foreshadowing of Nell’s future with the King is blunt and leaves nothing to the imagination Not to mention Scott seemed to do the opposite of what would strengthen the story eventful possibilities Lord Buckhurst and Nell’s summer with him were glossed over while minor events were dragged out adding to the boredom of the novelNell’s childish antics also brought great annoyances If Scott declared that Nell would do a jig one time I was going to scream Or if Nell tells the King she will do “whatever he wishes” vomit Lacking in intrigue I found myself only reading to the novel to end versus to find out what happens because arguable Scott’s version doesn’t have anything happening Most historical fiction novels pertaining to Nell include interactions between Nell and Rose her sister other mistresses and other fellow female actresses which adds depth and demonstrates Nell’s personality “The King’s Favorite” missed that boat as well Although these minor characters would be mentioned they were never involved in any dialogue Further some of the well known confrontations between Nell and other mistresses were disjointed and “thrown in” without flowing smoothly This was also the case with the mention of politics with didn’t flow with the plotThe ending is uite abrupt and concluded on a political note which doesn’t make sense with much of the focus of the novel The “Author’s Note” was much compelling than the entire novel and thus is recommended for reading Although I overall didn’t enjoy “The King’s Favorite” I will still read “The French Mistress” because I like Scott’s previous works and therefore I want to see if this novel is an isolated fluke It is possible that Scott attempted to make Nell’s character too approachable since she wasn’t high born and instead created a characterization that was a simpleton