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doc ☆ Another Place at the Table ´ 242 pages ✓ danpashley Ø ❤ Another Place at the Table free download ➞ Author Kathy Harrison – The startling and ultimately uplifting narrative of one woman's thirteen year experience as a foster parentFor than a decade Kathy The story of life at our social services' front lines centered on three children who when they come together in Harrison's home nearly destroy it It is the frank first person story of a woman whose compassionate best intentions for a child are sometimes all that stand between violence and redempti This is a fantastic book if you want to learn about foster parents the social services system the hardship of dealing with children with a wide range of issues Love the honesty that Harrison displayed in this novel sharing both the good and bad parts of being a foster parent Her and her husband were remarkable in taking in kids from newborns to teens by opening their home hearts and family to them They climbed through many obstacles some even dangerous and made many sacrifices I really enjoyed this book if I can say that considering it was extremely difficult and sad to read about children who were either abused abandoned or living in a world where love was not an option

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Arents who aren't euipped for parenthood All this in addition to raising her three biological sons and two adopted daughters What would motivate someone to give herself over to constant largely uncompensated chaos For Harrison the answer is easyAnother Another Place Kindle Place at the Table is If I had read this book without knowing a foster parent in real life I would have been too terrified to ever even dream of considering fostering Fortunately I do know a real life foster parent and her experiences have not been anything like the crazy things Kathy Harrison dealt with I really hope this book does not scare any potential foster parents out of at least seeking out information about what fostering could be likeI was trying to keep track of how many kids Kathy had At one point she had 5 permanent kids 3 bio 2 adopted and 5 foster kids for a total of 10 Part way through her time as a foster parent a law was passed limiting homes to 6 kids under the age of 18 She still managed to get an exception to be able to have 8 if there was an emergency need I am amazed that some people are able to take care of that many children especially when some reuired constant intense supervision She said at one point that her self identity was a mom who could handle the kids other people couldn't handle; she faced a personal crisis when she had to say no to accepting a child with severe medical needs instead of the severe emotional needs she was used to dealing withThis book was fascinating and let me know about some of the challenges foster parents face when dealing with abused children It also reminded me of the importance of knowing your own limits

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Another Place at the TableThe startling and ultimately uplifting at the MOBI #242 narrative of one woman's thirteen year experience as a foster parentFor than a decade Kathy Harrison has sheltered a shifting cast of troubled youngsters the offspring of prostitutes and addicts the sons and daughters of abusers and teenage p Pre Review Note I write this review as a current foster mother myself I'm familiar with the current DSS system and the realities of foster care vs the ideal of foster care And I have some Negative Thoughts about this bookRECIPE1 grown adult woman with some sort of complex that compels her to take on specifically difficult foster child cases in numbers no sane person would take on if they wanted to give each child the attention they needed and the protection from added abuse they deserved2 foster children who repeatedly sexually abuse their fellow foster siblings yet stay regrettably3 foster children who are molested by their foster siblings or in 1 case foster cousin see above1 foster child who is beloved above all others to the point where the foster mom sees her as hers almost immediately1 description of a mother's attorney whose job it is to advocate for reunification as a hotshot feminist I know a casual smear when I read one and this offhand remark says so much about Harrison's true feelings about reunification as a parental right3 times I noticed biological parents being threatened with the cudgel threat of cases being changed from reunification goals to adoptionCountless casual uses of the offensive word retarded and phrases like not too bright or descriptions of children as ugly not pretty obese etc that are simply un fucking necessary and are often written in a way that feels like a barb against a child or parent It felt ugly mean and small80 times I wanted to throw this book across the room because of Kathy's self described need to answer the siren call of fostering difficult children all while sneering at people who seem to want to save the world as though she is perfectly normal and not at all causing her own brand of harm by getting a special provision to allow her to have above the normal number of children in her home beyond the DSS limit having children sleep on the couch instead of a bed for god's sakes and for overstepping her role as a foster mother again and again and againMakes 1 serving of this book gives a terrible representation of what foster parenting should be and 1 serving of thank god regulations have tightened since thisLook I don't believe Kathy Harrison is a bad person I try to give the benefit of the doubt to foster parents myself being one But Kathy Harrison as presented by herself in this memoir has done some real harm which she does not take much responsibility for It was Kathy Harrison who knowingly allowed children who she knew would molest other children to stay in the home at the expense of those other children and the abuse they suffer seems shuffled to the back of Harrison's memoir while the sympathy and regret for the children victims themselves too given their histories but still perpetrators of molestation is piled on But what snapped my heart closed on the molestation was the fact that Harrison never seems to consider not fucking taking children who present a risk to others when she has so many kids she should be caring about I get it I do The number of foster families isn't eual to the number of kids who need them But no foster child should undergo trauma and harm in a placement and than one child left the Harrison home having been molested in it And that falls on the foster parents for their negligence since they knew such things were going on You may have a heart for sexually abused children but holy cow that doesn't mean you're euipped to parent them in a home with other children who are at risk For someone hellbent on sneering at foster parents with a save the world mentality Kathy Harrison sure seemed to think she could save sexually abused children and pays little penance in this memoir for the children harmed because of that belief in herself Also the chronology is confusingFinal thought Considering Harrison's inability to remember a foster child's name at some point maybe a better title would have been Another Place at the Table for Whatshisname Would not recommend