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Book ↠ The Children of the New Forest 307 pages Download ð Danpashley é [Reading] ➷ The Children of the New Forest By Frederick Marryat – Edward Humphrey Alice and Edith Beverley are left orphaned at their family home in the New Forest after their father's death fightiY the Roundheads they are sheltered by a forester Jacob who passes them off as his grandchildren I started reading this book a year ago but gave it up it's a book you have to be in a certain mood to read well for me anyway but if you do find yourself putting it back on the bookshelf remember to get it down one day when you're in need of something wholesome historical but also exciting to read Because this book is one of those rare things; it gets better with age Sort of like wine or so the saying goes But anyway what I'm trying to say is that it's a heavy read it was published in 1847 Imagine that but it's worth it What's uite refreshing is that Alice the elder sister has something of a personality and so does Patience Heatherstone; so many times in classics like this the girls and women are relegated to background figures because that was just the way it was back then And although Edward Humphrey and Jacob are prominent characters the girls do get a look in you will be pleased to know Maybe I'm dwelling too much on that Yes But anyway I remember one year at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest a great place my auntie told me and my three cousins about the Roundheads and the Cavaliers and we spent a frosty afternoon at the park being Cavaliers in hiding This book brings that fantasy to life because while they are cooking and tending to the chickens these children are hiding and in mortal danger which makes for a good story in anyone's book

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T after their father's death fighting on the Royalist side in the Civil War To avoid detection b To call this a children's book is somewhat misleading Yes it is about 4 children but it is written in a style suited to adult readers It's still a good book I would describe it as a young adult historical fiction novel It's a bit of a history lesson about England in the mid 17th century during the English Civil War King Charles I has been dethroned eventually to be executed and Oliver Cromwell has assumed leadership The heir Charles II has escaped to exile and will eventually become King when the civil war is over and the monarchy is restored The four children of the story are from a wealthy and privileged family their father a loyal colonel in the Kings army When he is killed and their family home burned they become orphaned Believed dead they are rescued by an old forester and taken to his cottage in the New Forest to be raised under new identities The story then proceeds with their life in the forest It's predictable but enjoyable

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The Children of the New ForestEdward Humphrey Alice and Edith Beverley are left orphaned at their family home in the New Fores When I first read this I adored this and thought it was pretty much perfection I read it over and over again until the covers fell off my copy I had that reaction to a lot of children's books and I can't uite find the enchantment again in this one which makes me sad I decided to reread it after I came across a reference to it in one of the books I read for Introduction to Children's LiteratureIt isn't really a very easily accessible text in some respects rather biased sometimes dry rather didactic Historical fiction is a turn off in itself for some people I remember being drawn in by the characters though some of them are a little too good to be true but Edward is at least a bit of an idiot sometimes overly impetuous and jumping to conclusions Alice and Edith are somewhat non characters indeed so is Patience actually so I'm surprised I found so much to relate to as a child I suppose I didn't really care about whether the characters were male or female Now I found the story surprisingly short on everything I was interested in in the later part of the book how exactly Edward gets on in the fighting for example and a satisfying way of bringing all the characters together at the end The ending paragraph or so is uite an irritating dry summaryStill there is still some of the magic in learning how they become so self sufficient in how clever Humphrey and Pablo are and in the forest adventures The stuff outside of the forest doesn't ring as true though