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FREE READER Ó DOC Dragon Eaters Heroika #1 ↠ ↠ JANET E. MORRIS ↠ ❁ [EPUB] ✹ Dragon Eaters Heroika #1 By Janet E. Morris ➚ – The art of dragon killing Dragons have been eating humans for centuries Now heroes throughout history stalk their legendaryS features original stories by Janet E Morris Chris Morris SE Lindberg Walter Rhein Cas Peace Jack William Finley AL Butcher Travis Ludvigson Tom Barczak JP Wilder Joe Bonadonna Milton J Davis M Harold Page William Hiles Beth W Patterson Bruce Durham Mark Fin Dragons aplenty in this superb collection which I was lucky enough to be given as an ARC Dragons are slain and slay in eual measure Myths are re told and every story has something to offer If you like the grand epic dragon killing stories in fantasy this is for you If you like good stories well told this will definitely satisfy your need

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The art of dragon killing Dragons have been eating humans for centuries Now heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe Learn how to hunt kill and eat the wild dragon Never before has revenge tasted so good A literary feast for the bloody minded In Ja As JRR Tolkien himself once said “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons”And that principle rings through loud and clear in Heroika – Dragon Eaters a strikingly entertaining collection of short stories from seventeen writers possessing vivid imaginationsBut how to summarize their offering without giving the game awayLet’s just say there’s something here for everyone From fiction that delves into heartbreak and tragedy where the ultimate sacrifice is willingly paid be it out of the strongest sense of duty – or simply for love to legends of discovery containing the wonder of transformation and growth There are sagas that chill the soul as they warm the heart regarding normal everyday people who reach beyond what they thought was possible to achieve their goals and tales from the past present and dystopian future that teach us the conseuences of meddling in affairs that simply don’t concern us We even have heroes of old contending against the same foes as a little girl from the bayou who possesses an outstanding sense of right and wrongAnd don’t forget the dragonsFlying dragons crawling dragons swimming dragons soaring dragons Wyrms from the dawn of time and serpents that have remained hidden down through the ages unleashing mishap and mayhem on all who stand in their wayWithout a doubt this is an absorbing and thoroughly entertaining collection that I’ll gladly read again and again In fact there are so many weird and wonderful adaptations exposing the dangers of this ancient menace that it’s a wonder Beowulf himself hasn’t been roused to actionWell done to all concerned A most praiseworthy effort

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Dragon Eaters Heroika #1Net Morris' anthology on the art of dragon killing seventeen writers Dragon Eaters MOBI #221 bring you so close to dragons you can smell their fetid breath Tales for the bold among you HEROIKA DRAGON EATERS an anthology of heroic fiction edited by Janet Morri Awesome coverage of an awe inspiring collection of heroism and dragon fighting tales Crests off and swords raised to the editors authors and designers of the first in hopefully a long line of heroic anthologies Definitely a title any serious fan of heroism SS and dragons as the enemy should snap up