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Download Book ë The Kingmaker Ë 496 pages Ì ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Kingmaker Author Brian Haig – In the worst case of treason in US history General William Morrison has been charged with an array of crimes Sean Drummond bulls ahead and comes to suspect that this simple case of treason is aImes Sean Drummond bulls ahead and comes to suspect that this simple case of treason is actually a chess I really love this series by Mr Haig The characters are interesting and I have to admit I really enjoy the sarcastic first person narration by Sean Drummond Another reader has compared him to Nelson Demille's John Corey and that's very true Not surprisingly I also enjoy those books Mr Haig's plots are also very interesting with twists that I don't see coming

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Game being played at the highest levels by the best and brightest one in which Morrison is merely a paw Sean Drummond has been asked to defend the husband of a woman he was involved with over 10 years ago Both the husband and the wife worked in the government he with state and she with the CIA He has been accused of treason and all information leads to the fact that he is guilty even though he insist he is being framed Drummond reuires a partner who can speak Russian and find a female civilian ready to get involved Neither one expects to be the targets of whomever is trying to frame their clientMuch actionand intrigue

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The KingmakerIn the worst case of treason in US history General William Morrison has been charged with an array of cr Sean Drummond and Imelda Pepperfield are at it again Sean’s old flame from years ago has called for help Her husband General Morrison is arrested and has asked Sean to work the worst case of treason in history This time Sean is left to unconventional methods of hired help Katrina a non military lawyer who is the only one available that speaks Russian and much like Sandra Bullock in Erin Brockovich but don’t be fooled by appearances Sean’s rival and JAG prosecutor Eddie does not let up when it comes to evidence He is sneaky vindictive and arrogant to the point of sending baseball bats to the defense team after he wins Tons of twists and turns as Sean and Katrina delve into the evidence trying to make sense of their client’s charges as they watch them pile up Treason conduct unbecoming adultery murder espionage and the list goes on and on Once again a frame up theory is possible only this time from the highest source Everyone is involved The CIA FBI and yes even the White House staff as well as Moscow the SVR and KGB When Sean and Katrina interview dozens of people it is evident that their client is guilty but there is ONE mistake even the CIA didn't catch and then all hell breaks loose Sean and Katrina are running for their lives as they desperately try to find anyone they can trust They must out think their players and it all becomes a chess game who will be the last King standing Foreign policy between countries is scary stuff I think I learned a few things about that in this book and I can say one thing for sure Ignorance is not only blissful but much much safer This book would jar or disuiet even the most perceptive individual who tends to think a lot Good god I love this series I felt so angry by the end I wanted to throw something Not because this story was awful but because of the way ends justify the means in governments The way whistleblowers are treated the cover ups to keep the peace between nations Kill 10 innocents to save a million others and my own list goes on and on Like I said in the first review of this series These stories test the very foundation of your own morals and ethics so much that you are staggering for reason cohesion and most of all righteousness It asks you What would you do What decisions would you make We need a woman president damnit chuckling