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FREE READ ´ Satanism and Witchcraft: The Classic Study of Medieval Superstition: A Study in Mediaeval Superstition ☆ [Download] ➵ Satanism and Witchcraft: The Classic Study of Medieval Superstition: A Study in Mediaeval Superstition By Jules Michelet – DThe great manors the fiefs and serfs and the witches hobgoblins and wizards of whom the masses lived in mortal fear Michelet draws flaming word pictures of the witch hunts the Black Masses the Satanism and PDFEPUBreign of Satan and the weird rites of the damned Here is the age of unbridled pleasure and sensuality of luxury beyond imagination and sualor beyond endurance Here is the time when a girl mi. When I first picked this book up to read I actually wondered if this were a scholarly treatise It is but the author does not have many real references or bibliographical citations You will however shed tears as he describes from his very hear of hearts the abominable story behind the burning of tens of thousands of innocent women and men I nearly put this book down but pursued it to the end and actually found it to be my favorite book of all the ones I ordered to study witchcraft Why Because most scholarly writers cringe at the notion of writing with few back up sources The book was published about a hundred years ago and I truly found the author s passion the REAL of all the texts I read He claims to have written this book from his lecture notes which impies he was an professor or teacher of some sort I did not research his background You really do FEEL what the horror of simple peasants must have been like when the witch hunts began and continued for ten hundred years I LIKED his compassion If you want to get a real feel of the time read this book There are things that you can cite if you re looking to write a scholarly essay but don t let this text be your ONLY one Read it and immerse yourself in the time the author brings you right in to the moment even if his citations are lacking A powerful and emotionally riveting read


Ght be accused of witchcraft merely if she were and Witchcraft The Classic Study MOBI #221 young and pretty and did not survive the test of immersion in water or boiling oil Here is the day of beatings floggings tortures and summary decapitations Encyclopedia Britannica called the book The most important work on medieval superstition yet written It is indeed one of the great works on the Age of Darkne. One of the slowest reads you will ever come across but it is because of the information not the content This goes deep real deep into witchcraft and satanism Takes you back to the days when people were being burned alive for practicing these ideas Great read but extremely slow

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Satanism and Witchcraft The Classic Study of Medieval Superstition A Study in Mediaeval SuperstitionLong out of Witchcraft The Epub #219 print Jules Michelet s classic study of medieval superstition has been reprinted in this edition to bring the general public s attention to one of the truly great sociological works of modern times Michelet brilliantly recreates the Europe of the Middle Ages the centuries of fierce religious intolerance the Inuisition and the auto da fe He depicts the feudal barons. Jules Michelet paints In his characteristic semi romantic style an astonishingly lucid portrait of the witch against the brutal background of the Middle Ages and feudalism It is really a picture in the manner of Jheronimus Bosch with black masses huge crazy Sabbaths monasteries full of hysterical nuns monstrous trials abominable tortures in pace and mass executions up to 400 people on the same pyreFeudalism and the ChurchFor the vast majority of the population the serfs the feudal system was truly a hell where nobody was safe Nearly all human beings were blocked in their domain without any possibility of emigration Around them they saw nearly only wars diseases and dead bodiesThe clergy with its Devils and Hell was omnipresent In addition the First Estate was plagued by infighting between the clergy monks depending directly from Rome and the JesuitsIn this terrible universe of blood and tears women cursed since Eve were only impure fleshThe Church and ReasonThe Church has always opposed the spiritual independence of man as well as any invention or innovation She cursed the prodigious edifice of science For her all sciences were incarnations of Satan a guilty logician who had no respect for the clerical lawEspecially medicine was true Satanism a revolt against diseases the deserved scourges of God It was a sin to stop the soul on its way to heaven and keep it on earthThe WitchFor Jules Michelet the witch is nothing less than the humble beginning of Reason of science because of her knowledge of the remedial influence of specific plants but also of the human body abortions Today doctors have to be considered as the legitimate sons of witches and general popular empiricism called witchcraftFor the Church of course the witch was the personal incarnation of SatanThe terrible and outrageous greed of the ChurchThe Church gave the judges and the prosecutors the right to confiscate all the property of the witches and the sorcerers Witchcraft trials enriched fabulously its representatives the little prince bishops burned furiously To secure a permanent stream of confiscations the same people informed accused and condemned by inventing a myriad of storiesYou need a strong stomach to digest this formidable indictment this horrible evocation of hell on earth inflicted on innocent people in the name of God by a fundamentally corrupt casteThis stunning book is a must read for all those interested in the Middle Ages the history of the Catholic Church and the plight of women through the ages