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review ✓ Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believers Guide to the Uses of Religion Audio Download: Alain de Botton, Kris Dyer, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks ß PDFCking religions agnostics and atheists should instead steal from thembecause they're packed with good ideas on how we live and arrange our societiesBlending deep respect with total impiety de Botton a nonbeliever proposes Religion for eBook #226 that we should look to religions for insights into how to build a sense of community m. The basic tenet is that the expressions of religious beliefs have a lot ideas the secular world can usefully take up in terms of their structures and rituals art and architecture and sense of 'community'br br There are many assumptions about human responses for example I am not sure that knowing the incredible distance of the nearest galaxy will make the depressed amongst us standing on a railway bridge feel less suicidal Thinking of the effect on the train driver might just do that And for some people watching a 'flickering screen' eg a scarey but not too scarey film can help them to sleep not keep them awake as de Botton contends Reading Montesuieu savouring every sentence does not always work eg The Cannibals chapter There is mention by de Botton of tragedies in "every " life but some people suffer a great deal more than others and cannot as he ruminates think back to being comforted by a parent if they never werebr br Ideas are scattered along the way of this book and to be useful all need to be developed much further such as that "hope" causes grief this is a very interesting idea though it is the death of hope which does that And that beauty can help us to feel better this is a good notion however there is a massive assumption that it makes us better people you may be more likely to get an act of kindnessneighbourliness in the ugly back streets of a poor city than in a picturesue commuter village but making one corner of your room cheery can be life enhancing Love seems to conflated with instinct eg the love of your own infant is very different from the decision to continue to love a person in your life who is being very difficult or to befriend an isolated strangerbr br There is maybe a touch of romance about religion especially references to the Catholic church the structures can help but like all institutions there are those who 'belong' more than others eg arguably democratisation favours the bold the fight for gender euality will seldom change social class structures which are becoming more rigid The comments about the need for people to have more realistic views of marriage child raising not happiness is another idea cast on the waters But whilst happiness may not be a valid objective a happier parent may be better able to manage the child raisingbr br In summary I found this to be book of personal roughedout ideas and themes on creating happiness and community with less about the how and who decides what is "good" The large number of photo reproductions are not so good The effects of religion on creating community a touch historical and maybe overestimated 'outsiders' remain outsiders for most churches and the notion of having "psychoanalytically trained travel agents" to suss out our needs may be an intrusion too far with potentially startling conseuences and lots of divorcesBut this would be a brilliant starter for a discussion on the many topics covered a good work for a secular non fiction book philosophy group or church meeting and an engaging read for the rest of us

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The boring debate between fundamentalist believers Atheists A Kindle #216 and nonbelievers is finally moved on by Alain de Botton's inspiring new book which boldly argues that the supernatural claims of religion are of course entirely falseand yet that religions still have important things to teach the secular world Rather than mo. This is possibly one of the most important books I have read Before I was an evangelical atheist of the Dawkins Hitchens school I would go to church a couple of times a year perhaps for some of the reasons that De Botton outlines My wife was on the PCC though of the practical rather than spiritual side And then she died and the community was a source of strength That's when I read it and realised that church has a lot to offer even when you don't believe I gave my copy to a Christian friend who had been upset after reading God Is Not Great the aggressive tone I now go most weeks I don't take communion I don't believe in God but I do believe in the benefits of a Religion of doubt

Summary Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believers Guide to the Uses of Religion Audio Download: Alain de Botton, Kris Dyer, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

Religion for Atheists A Non Believers Guide to the Uses of Religion Audio Download Amazon co uk Alain de Botton Kris Dyer Audible Studios Audible AudiobooksAke our relationships last get out of art overcome feelings of envy and inadeuacy and much For too long nonbelievers have faced a stark choice between either swallowing peculiar doctrines or doing away with consoling and beautiful rituals and ideas At last Alain de Botton has fashioned a far interesting and truly helpful alternati. This guy is a genius Yes I bet some philosophers would argue he is trivializing concepts but isn't that the point make deep knowledge accessible to all instead of getting depressed into useless lingoladen wormholes The chapter on education is by far my favourite I have read it many times This is one of the most enlightening books I have read in the last few years in terms of helping me understand how religion works and why the traditional secular education system is not Go also and check 'The school of life