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The Red Tree mobi  Paperback read ß danpashley ½ [BOOKS] ✯ The Red Tree By Caitlín R. Kiernan – Sarah Crowe left Atlanta and the remnants of a tumultuous relationship to live in an old house in rural Rhode Island Within its walls she discovers an unfinished manuscript written by the house'sHer to write her own account of its unsavory historyAnd as the oak continues to possess her dreams and nearly almost all her waking thoughts Sarah risks her health and her sanity to unearth a revelation planted centuries ago Please ignore the god awful paranormal romance cover art This book is not even VAGUELY romanticthough it certainly is paranormal Cait Kiernan is one of my favourite authors and this is beyond any shadow of a doubt her best book since Threshold the first of her longer works I'd ever read The Red Tree is a swirling delerious and very troubling descent into the same realm of New England horror first mapped out by Hawthorne and H P Lovecraft but unlike their works this one has no tidy conclusions no resolutionsonly revelations Revelations that barely make any sense whatsoever I'd even venture to say this book has no pronounced plot but is an assemblage of ever stranger and ever creepier scenes held together by the narration of main character Sarah Crowe But this is most emphatically NOT a Bad Thing The Red Tree is a fast read because it's just so gripping Kiernan has an amazing faculty at presenting tantalizing bits of detail but leaving ultimate interpretations to the reader which gives the novel a sort of puzzle like atmosphere However it's not a puzzle that can be easily solved if at all It's a Rubik's cube of a book only the colored tiles have been so scrambled that reassembling them may be damnear impossiblebut this is good because the challenge of understanding is always so much fulfilling than the solution The best books are those that haunt you long after you've finished reading them and believe me The Red Tree will haunt you with all the Fortean indeterminacy of a shower of frogs You will obsess over it You will fight to understand it Goddamn it you will hate it and love it and pick it apart with your friendsand maybe possibly you'll figure it out But your conclusions will be your own and may be completely different than anyone else'sI'm going right back and reading it againOh and there are ghouls in it Richard Upton Pickman would be proud

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St obsessed with the ancient oak growing on a desolate corner of the propertyTied to local legends of supernatural magic as well as documented accidents and murders the gnarled tree takes root in Sarah's imagination prompting Nope didn't work for me sorry I'm not a fan of The Unreliable Narrator in fiction and this one took it aaaaallllllll the way Kiernan's writing is great and I'll probably read of her work but hopefully the next one will have a protagonist or even an antagonist I can feel some sympathy for and care about this one was a mess Not even a hot mess Just a bit of a whinging 40 year old Emo who needed to grow up and take some responsibility for herself and maybe make better choices in the women she dates A Buddy read with some of the crew Latasha and Ginger over at Horror Aficionados Thanks for the BR girls it was fun as always I'll try to choose a better book for the next one

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The Red TreeSarah Crowe left Atlanta and the remnants of a tumultuous relationship to live in an old house in rural Rhode Island Within its walls she discovers an unfinished manuscript written by the house's former tenant an anthropologi The Red Tree just didn’t work for me After slogging through page after page of thoughts by Sarah I just didn’t care what happened to her at the endI didn’t care about the roommate Constance the house or the tree And it's a damn shameThe creep factor could have been so much and I’m disappointed that it didn’t work for me The author tried too hard to throw everything in this book including the kitchen sink by being literary and coolI didn’t need 10 million references to other authors in this bookIn my opinion it took away from the plot storyline and growing sense of dread for me And honestly this book could have had 100 pages cut and it would have worked better It just really draggedI do like moody and atmospheric plots so I don't have issues with a story that leaves something to the imagination Is there a beast outside does the tree have elements of evil surrounding it or is this all in the main character’s head?Sarah is a writer that decides to get away after the death of her partner She rents a house in the middle of Nowhere Rhode Island The house and land has had plenty of uestionable deaths creepy circumstances and strange beasts roaming the grounds And it all comes back to the red tree and sacrifices that have happened thereSarah while bored one day in the house goes downstairs to the basement and finds an old manuscript The professor that use to live in the house was doing research on the red tree along with the land and inhabitantsSarah learns that the professor ends up killing himself and she decides to read his research and find out whyThe Red Tree is part manuscript by the professor and part journal by SarahEnter the madness and rambling of Sarah’s mindI guessTo me this book had lots of promise but it just got in its own way with the flow along with the build up of dread and scare factorI’ll try other books by Caitlín R Kiernan because I do see she’s got great ideas and her writing has lots of promise