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Read The Hunger Games eBook ¿ Hardcover Ü danpashley Ü ❮EPUB❯ ✻ The Hunger Games Author Suzanne Collins – WINNING MEANS FAME AND FORTUNELOSING MEANS CERTAIN DEATHTHE HUNGER GAMES HAVE BEGUN In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem a shiniWINNING MEANS FAME AND FORTUNELOSING MEANS CERTAIN DEATHTHE HUNGER GAMES HAVE BEGUN In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts I was forced into watching Mockingjay Part II this weekend To clarify I watched the second part of the last Hunger Games movie without having read any of the books without having watched any of the moviesNeedless to say I was confused as fuckSo many uestions and thoughts ran through my mind as I watched the movie Why is Peeta so thin? Did that huge ass bruise really disappear from her neck the next day? Is Katniss supposed to look like she's about to burst into tears at any given moment or is that just Jennifer Lawrence? Woody Harrelson is in this movie? Hey it's Margaery from Game of Thrones Who's President Snow? What's a Mockingjay? Lesser Hemsworth is pretty hotWell you get the point I know how the book ended and I still have no idea who anyone is and neither do I know their names with the exception of Peeta Gale President Snow that Coin woman and Katniss Of course knowing how the book ended means I probably should read the first book so here I am the last person on earth to read The Hunger GamesAnd it was good It was really good My sister was right she usually isWhat else can I say that hasn't already been said? I loved it The world building was interesting although it helps that I've seen what it looks like on the big screen and Katniss is awesome One of the things my sister didn't like about the first movie is that the on screen Katniss was different from her portrayal in the first book I haven't watched that movie but I kind of see how the screen portrayal of Katniss might have bothered her Book Katniss is strong kick ass without being a Mary Sue She has a fierce love for her sister and she is manipulative and cunning She uses the prospect of romance to protect herself she has no ualms about using people and I love that about herTime to watch Movie #1

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In line by forcing them all to send one boy and once girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games a fight to the death on live TVSixteen year old Katniss Everdeen regards it as a death sentence when she steps forward to take her s My Epic Book Recipe Checklist for The Hunger Games 1 A sharp and intelligent heroine with just the right amount of emotion who gives in to absolutely nothing and no one? 2 A sweet and sensitive hero who loves and supports the heroine unconditionally? 3 An original setting with a uniue and thrilling plot? 4 A couple of earth shattering shocks every now and then to keep the readers' mind reeling? 5 Extraordinary side characters from interesting backgrounds who possess the much needed Voice of Reason andor Humor in every crisis? 6 Desperate circumstances that force me to bite my nails in anxiety? 7 An ending that provides the perfect premise for the seuel but also concludes the present book? Like I said EPIC For reviews visit my blog

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The Hunger GamesIster's place in the Games But Katniss has been close to dead before and survival for her is second nature Without really meaning to she becomes a contender But if she is to win she will have to start making choices that weight survival against humanity and life against lo A lot of things are troubling me about The Hunger Games A lot of things which I and perceive and which are not solely connected with this book but with the metaphor behind the words People attach themselves to fictional freedom without seeing what really something is and which unfortunately is here to stay because you can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep You can’t make a shift on a deeper level if the only thing that attracts you to this book is – a vision of fight retaliation and the outcome of freedom Freedom of flesh In comparison to the freedom of and from your mind which is nowhere to be found And this is why I detest this book although detest is such a strong from the ego word Because the whole purpose of this story is to show how people shouldn’t sacrifice their children for the better of their communities and with the positive outcomes realise that we are so much stronger and yada yada THE WHOLE PURPOSE of this book should be that there shouldn’t even be in the first place a need to sacrifice members of our society for some other people to be amused And where after the battle of ''united'' people we heal and repair the damages for the better tomorrow The society cancer of western civilisation thinking Heal the damage never heal the cause of it But then we wouldn’t be talking here about the same book We would be discussing how humanity can help each other with being better with taking responsibility and with being open to each other And yet imagine this paradox we live in better as if the majority of population can even understand that we are in constant blood thirst to achieve peace With war comes peace While along the way we are trying to be better and safer Yet most people deliberately choose to live on the utmost lowest level of their existence In fear frightened of itselfAnd people read books which are so extreme in their bullshit And people connect with Katniss because she is the heroine She has managed to outsmart the system Instead of thinking that she was not even supposed be there in the first place Because we live in society that does this to their children ''No we don’t''''We do''''But children can learn how to fight''''You teach them to fight for individual puppeteers And instead of working on yourself how to achieve your inner peace you associate yourself again with the group because it feels better to be in the tortured crowd instead of being alone and awakened''''What are you talking about? It is just emo gibberish Leave Katniss alone And in the end it is just a book Why don’t you want people to read and educate themselves does everything have to be deep and meaningful can’t you just relax?''Yes everything has to be deep and meaningful since we are drowning in shit of meaningless and shallow The system as it is the plot of this book is just another evidence to show us how we are controlled That we are left barren from our true selves which we only find in empathy love towards each other and genuinely understanding that we are one and everything is one But on this provincialmarginalprimitiveemotional level so many took this book for granted And the only reason I am writing this review here the only reason I am giving it so much attention is to tell what is on my mind since it is so widely popular and since I have read it And one of the main reasons why I can’t really keep things light and popsy is because so many things are already deep down in gutter light and popsy and mainstream As if having money is any critieria for life as if not having your own free will and education and information means nothing And the other side of the rich coin is poverty with people who believe in symbols who are sidetracked with religions censured TV economy and utter lack of information circulation And a lot of people here are trying to disregard this review and want to reassure me that I am so terribly wrong BUT you have yet not seen what I am talking about and it is perfectly OK So I followed as well screaming Goodreads recommendations and I bought a book that is stupid violent and written so plainly but of course written for vast masses so they can be touched by fake social awareness Because it is fake but most of all it’s tragic And this is not a critiue toward Collins in my nature of a thinker and seeing her a person who shared her thoughts and which millions of people loved and connected with I am still a firm believer that the general public just didn’t understand what she was talking about And this is my silver lining Because it has been like this throughout centuries and with the biggest thinkers of our civilisation What they meant and wanted to show is definitely not what most of the public projected Because the mainstream public is a group of sheep not seeing anything properly but following and like a Tarzan screaming don’t you dare stealing my Jane from me As a metaphor don’t you dare telling me these uplifting emotions are not true when all in me about this book tells me that is correct and how people should live their lives And if the mainstream likes it uh then definitely that is not what it’s true It is just a constant reminder how so many things are left unrecognised while these superficial stories which evoke cheap emotions are always so hugely praised It could have been just a little story but never underestimate the obese octopus that is called In God And Country We Trust code red mentality Mentality of humans which are too ignorant beautifully naive and untouched basically with what is means to be socially aware And although this is a teen book it is deeply hurting and sickening because if you want to influence somebody of course you will influence the children – and yet there is nothing that children can learn from it They can learn some things we all need little courageous Katniss but on a deeper subtler level is it just an intravenous injection of Nothing and Numbing and Disconnected At least they read is one of the arguments And argument as fruitfull as at least they eat GMO food One food for the blind intellect other for the digestion which both results in basic survival without any interference of you in all of it Because it takes courage and guts and a pinch of anarchy to stop turn around and start uestioning what is handed For me the thought about giving this to a child is sickening especially because we live in this world where all the life criterias are upside down Because a child will not learn how things are vile and disturbing because Katniss told them through her delusional and hyperventilating focus but a child will learn about life’s cruelty and it will be touched by it sooner or later by uestioning everything that is served in front of it Because if it is served somebody is earning money and you are just getting fatter and sicker And the children will learn how to uestion if you teach them how to find not if you broadcast them the answers Not if you teach them through aggressive examples and if you keep the nation in cold sweat especially if you are lucky enough to live in the countries where oppression is not the issue but consumerism body image and mediocrity have you on the leash I am astonished with a fact that around 75000 Goodreads members read this book and that around 50000 of them rated it 5 stars What is it that fascinates them so much It’s disturbing because people obviously associate and find themselves in this book And it's about a girl Katniss Everdeen living in the far away future who was chosen to participate in a cruel Big Brother game in which 24 contestants children age 12 18 kill each other because live TV has become demanding and the public loves reality blood and violence That's it A little bit of undeveloped and unbelievable romance between her and two boys a little bit of her abandoned family problems a little bit of The 5th element movie political structure mutants and pop stylists It’s so screwed up In the beginning first 50 pages were well written There was suspense Katniss was sweet and witty but overall this book is a shitty meltdown Adding the ridiculous cliffhanger ending Some people here are using words like dystopian literature and then write essays about how this book is the core of it The core is pointlessly graphic and sadistic without any concrete message except of the negative this book is just proving that the world today is fucked up if this book is so successful I don’t see the point of reading about the fictional kids who are doing this to each other In a metaphorical way it is promoting political establishments of certain countries and that is getting tiring Not all people are eager to swallow the shit of general brainwashing Katniss being the heroine ironical uote marks Being loyal and darling and a role model Just wake up Life is happening and some pretty dark things are happening while you are thinking that Katniss is the representative of the club called liberation For me in a bookish way it stands for one bad one night stand kiss and forget But as always readers tend to bring fiction to their real life and just as many think that kittens and superheroes are comfort zones a lot of readers perceive this plot as their own little shrine But that is me not being in tune with the mainstream population which is too distracted with billboards Because it is easier because why protest why not simply take what you are given eat your GMO Monsanto's company hamburgers eat your cancer giving Nestle products and think that The Hunger Games are the best franchise ever like ever If you don't have any arguments about real life activism and if you think that there is deepness in this plot which I have yet not seen so you need to enlightened me just include North Korea or Hitler or ISISL or those poor people who are closed in Zara hangers who work nonstop ''somewhere'' in the world because obviously you are aware of the crisis although you don’t think you could show on the map but you have heard somewhere on Murdoch media This shit sells It's genuinely bad but excellently targeted You know it evokes pride and loyalty and massacring children freedom and scandal and Hollywood It goes very well with all the Kardashian filth As long as it sells sells sells And marketing agencies know that people are united when they are jealous when they want and they with those hamburgers want freedom Nobody is going to kill their Katniss in a goddam book Really? Take a look around you And then the punch line for this book comes from the so called activism from the shopping mall People who devour literature of this kind and think that everything is all right while in the same time fuck you are getting oozingly fat Bottom lineThis book is very shallow and MTV culture oriented like a classical example of easy consummated pop literature; I'm very surprised that it didn't come with some trash magazine subscription If it doesn't have savage brutality prize money and prefix ''media coverage'' then it won't be appealing and educational because surely this is how children of 21st century survive this techno media world; through examples of true moral issues and realistic outcomes Have another gulp of Coca Cola along the way while you listen to dubstep shit It saddens me when a violent hillbillish book is so popular What is there to truly identify yourself with Except if your chicken soup for soul are basic emotions which come with buy 1 get 1 free