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Mariana AUTHOR Susanna Kearsley kindle ☆ eBook 9780553573763 Free Þ Susanna Kearsley ´ ➧ [Ebook] ➢ Mariana By Susanna Kearsley ➲ – From the winner of the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize this mesmerizing suspenseful and richly atmospheric Nd treachery and battling a forbidden loveEach time Julia travels back she becomes enthralled with the pastuntil she realizes Mariana’s life is threatening to eclipse her own and she must find a way to lay the past to rest or lose the chance for happiness in her own time This was so beautifully written I think I may have found another favourite author I read this book on the recommendation of a friend I'm so glad I did Thank you Frances This book has bits of everything I enjoyan old English country house with a history all of it's own a story in the past and present time travel and some romanceA definite 5 star plus

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From the winner of the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize this mesmerizing suspenseful and richly atmospheric tale of time travel draws us into the heart of a heroine we won't soon forgetThe first time Julia Beckett saw Greywethers she was only five but she knew that it was h If I could write I would have written this bookThere are some books that come through your reading world that touch you in ways you can't really explain They're not always classics or particularly well known but for some reason you're so caught up in them that after you're through reading the final page you close the book and think to yourself now that's a keeperSuch was the case of Mariana a book about the redemptive power of reincarnation lost love found love going backward to go forward and the cherry on my sundae a old beloved houseBook illustrator Julia Beckett first sees the 16th century house Greywethers on a family jaunt when she's only 5 and promptly pronounces it her house She finds it again at age 22 and again at age 30 and this time due to an inheritance she buys it without even touring the inside Upon moving in she meets her neighbors Iain Sumner a not so dour Scots Cambridge read executive turned sheep farmer and Geoffrey de Mornay the handsome wealthy owner of the local manor In addition Julia begins a strange foray into the 17th century where she lives the life of Mariana Farr for hours at a time before returning to the present Little by little Mariana's life begins to effect Julia's own present day life and the lives of Mariana and her lover Richard de Mornay must come full circle before Julia can move forward with her own conflicting feelings for GeoffreyKearsley did a fantastic job blending the time travel so seemlessly throughout the book I never felt jolted as I have with other time travel books trying to figure out what's what and whenwhere the characters are In addition the ending was so bittersweet yet satisfying that I admit to being a bit weepy by the last pagesAnyone who enjoyed Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor should enjoy Mariana even so This is a sweet time travel romance with a satisfying ending And once again my love for beautiful old houses ghosts hidden objects and the serene English countryside is satisfied as well

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Mariana AUTHOR Susanna KearslEr house And now that she’s at last become its owner she suspects that she was drawn there for a reasonAs if Greywethers were a portal between worlds she finds herself transported into seventeenth century England becoming Mariana a young woman struggling against danger a The inspiration behind Greyweathers in Avebury WiltshireOhhh you guys I really don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of Susanna Kearsley's books to read After finishing The Rose Garden a few days ago I told myself to wait at least a few weeks to read this one you know to stretch it out so I wouldn't go through withdrawal or anything I picked up The Forgotten Garden as I'd heard Kate Morton's stuff was similar but even after 100 pages it failed to grab me because all I wanted was Kearsley So I gave in and started Mariana The Red Lion pub in Avebury WiltshireKearsley's stories are pure comfort perfect for a stormy day a warm blanket and a cup of tea Her characters are brave kind real and always strive to do the right thing Her leading men are solid dependable types romantic and passionate yes but always good and respectful You'd want a man like that in real life not someone who's pushy arrogant and makes your decisions for you The west wing of Avebury Manor the real Crofton HallIf I had one complaint about Mariana it was that it wasn't longer I wanted time to get to know these characters and I felt that certain relationships could have been a bit developed As it was I loved the book and finished it with an enormous grin on my face This one's a keeper