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PDF ☆ BOOK Surrender the Wind FREE ¶ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Surrender the Wind By Elizabeth St. Michel – Danpashley.co.uk When fate throws a Confederate soldier and a Yankee heiress together they’ll uncover a fierce love worth fighting foreven if it means crossing enemy lines From the award winning bestselling author o When fate throws a Gin to envelop them in a larger conspiracy their own war begins Torn between family loyalties and manipulated by a powerful leader from the Irish underworld Catherine and Rourke will have to fight on both sides of the secession line to win the most significant battle of all the fight for their love Filled with detailed battle scenes and breathtaking twists Surrender the Wind has won “the Marlene” and “the Catherine” Romance Writer’s Awar Review coming soon

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His way there Union soldiers mistake him for dead and toss him from the train into the New York countryside where he lands at the feet of Catherine Fitzgerald a schoolmistress Rourke wakes to find the mysterious and strong spirited beauty nursing him back to health He’s intrigued but unaware of her true identity as the heiress to the Union’s ammunitions manufacturer and their fiery battle of wits and wills commences Yet when outside forces be This is my first book by Elizabeth St Michel and it certainly won't be my last From the moment I started this book I was captivated by the characters and this adventurous romantic tale Catherine Fitzgerald is a beautiful feisty independent free thinking and charitable young woman in a time when the socialites didn't worry about getting their hands dirty with the poorer classes she certainly stands out from the crowd Whilst in hiding from outside threats she meets the very handsome heroic strong courageous honourable General John Daniel Rourke From the moment this book starts it is witty amusing poignant and emotionally moving Elizabeth captures the horror and misery of the American Civil War and I found that in one chapter I would be overwhelmed with sadness and in the next I'd be laughing out loud because she is a wonderful wordsmith and this book is very cleverly written John and Catherine's tale is so entertaining and passionate the sexual tensions oozes off the pages But it is also the sub plots of the Rourke brothers his Adjutant and other characters that enhance this tale The Rourke brothers rapport and closeness is wonderful I loved this book and thoroughly recommend it

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Surrender the WindWhen fate throws a Confederate soldier and a Yankee heiress together they’ll uncover a fierce love worth fighting foreven if it means crossing enemy lines From the award winning bestselling author of The Winds of Fate comes a novel about a love that crosses the boundaries of civil war When Confederate General John Daniel Rourke is severely wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness he’s captured and sent to a Surrender the Kindle prison camp On Emotionally powerfulWhat a beautiful story Surrender the Wind written by Elizabeth St Michel is a little gem to discover and I'm still overwhelmed with emotions after reading her touching novel This historical romance is evocative and emotionally rich with her characters set during the Civil War You will fall in love with Catherine Fitzgerald and John Daniel Rourke They were perfect for each other Set in 1864 Daniel is wounded during the Battle of the Wilderness and left for dead until he is rescued by a country schoolmistress Together they will embark on a journey of passion and loyalty to their country What happens when destiny throws a Confederate soldier into the arms of a beautiful enemy John and Catherine's new friendship is complex because of their political views; can they pretend to be friends while they are enemies of war However with time their love for each other will survive all the political turmoil and their lives will forever change I am sure that some people really lived a similar story during the war that why it makes it so realistic This author is a very talented storyteller and I hope she writes another novel as fascinating as this one I really appreciated the research done to explain the devastating effects of war during that period If you love a novel filled with strong emotions then Surrender the Wind is perfect for you I highly recommend it I find it captivating to read stories for this period time which really reflected the hard times that the American people had to live If you loved this novel you might want in the future the story of John's younger brother Lucas I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review