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Book ê Jenny Pox The Paranormals #1 Í 310 pages ´ Danpashley ☆ ❮Download❯ ➵ Jenny Pox The Paranormals #1 Author J.L. Bryan – Eighteen year old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague the Jenny pox She lives by a sEr to confront his ruthless and manipulative girlfriend Ashleigh who secretly wields the most dangerous power of all Not recommended for readers under eighteenBONUS Includes an excerpt of Glimpse by Stacey Wallace Benefi Where do I start? I guess with WOWI'm wasn't too sure what to expect from this book It was highly recommended by the Bookish Brunette Blog and I was intrigued by the premise There is a glut of books out there with teenagers with special powers so I was a little leery But this novel is something altogether different and refreshing I would not define it as a young adult novel or paranormal romance in any way I wouldn't call it Urban Fantasy either Honestly it reminded me of Stephen King in his heyday I'm sure people would compare it to the novel CARRIE but I like this book so much It resonated with me in a very deep way whereas CARRIE never really did The lead character's power is terrible and devastating not only to her own life but the lives of others Seeing her suffering and struggling to survive the pitfalls of her life AND high school was uite painful at times Anyone who has dealt with bullies will sympathize with her immediately She not only suffers from her gift but also the isolation caused by it Her father though a loving man is also an alcoholic so Jenny's life is not ideal in anyway Her character development was very well done and I enjoyed how she evolved from a girl who tried to disappear from view to someone who stands up for herself and the people she loves Though the villain of the piece is the popular girl in school she is not a cookie cutter creation Ashleigh has a power of her own and wields it with cruel intentions while hiding behind the guise of a beautiful perfect angelic Christian girl I knew a few girls just like her growing up so I found Ashleigh particularly frightening She so effortlessly plays those around her while using them it is uite disturbing I liked her as a villain and I never felt her character was a cliche Seth the boy both girls fall for was a little difficult for me to connect with at first But as the book progressed I came to understand why as he broke away from Ashleigh's influence and began to show his true character Seth suffers from being manipulated by Ashleigh and it alters his personality significantly at times There is one particular scene where she uses her power to ensnare him that was chilling and disturbing But Seth does show his true colors and by the end of the book I really did like his character The supporting cast of characters in the book are also well defined The description of the town the school and the people that surround Jenny was very well done I was completely engrossed in the narrative and reluctantly put the book aside a few times when I needed to eat sleep or take care of my own writing I finally gave up reading the book in increments and devoured it in one big reading marathon It was worth itThough the book does feature teenagers I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 17 There is drug usage sexual content and graphic language along with some very intense violent and horrific scenes that stole my breath away This book is a powder keg of vivid imagery wonderfully drawn out characters and superb plottingI highly recommend it

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Eighteen year old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague the Jenny pox She lives by a single rule Never touch anyone A lifetime of avoiding any physical contact with others has When I first came upon this book months ago I thought it was a paranormal romance based on the few reviews I had read It's only recently that I was told it's actually horror comparable to Carrie and aimed at 18 This brought it right up my reading list because I love horror novels Carrie was one of my favorite movies and this premise screams at me really As promised Jenny Pox is horrifically awesome with a deadly touch a sweet romance and a brilliantly wicked villainJenny has never been able to touch anyone without causing them to break out in oozing boils or at worse die Conseuently she has grown up without any friends getting mocked for her covering up fashion and loner status From the get go I wanted to take Jenny and hug her She has such a sweet personality that because of her touch people never got to know She also deals extremely well under her circumstances It makes it easy to sympathize with her besides rooting for her to kill everyone What? For realA masterfully written villain Ashleigh is uite the character I loathed her; she is manipulative she is malevolent and she literally wants to rule the world It's not hard to guess that she is the one making Jenny's life a living hell As far as villains go this one really gets under your skin I thought her role was ingeniously crafted; you can easily imagine how if something is not done soon she can and will become unstoppable We do have uite the sweet romance woven into this horror novel as well At first I wasn't too keen on Seth I didn't understand why he was so open to cheating or why he was with Ashleigh in the first place however that was before I realized how much power she had over him Afterwards I warmed up to him and was positively rooting for him and Jenny to be together They make an awesome team along with having great chemistryComparing it to Stephen King's Carrie is not misleading The plot is clearly different but it has the same feel with plenty of deaths and gory descriptions The ending if you guess it I will give you a million dollars No kidding In a way it's really different than what I was expecting completely changing the bigger plot of the story however it's so well thought of taking me so much by surprise that I think I loved it I'm absolutely looking forward to reading the rest of this series and I definitely recommend it to fans of horror novels although take note that in no way do I consider this a YA novel Even though the characters are in their teens there is sex drugs gore violence death really a whole lot of awesome For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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Jenny Pox The Paranormals #1Made her isolated and painfully lonely in her small rural townThen she meets the one boy she can touch Jenny feels herself falling for Sethbut if she's going to be with him Jenny must learn to use the deadly pox inside h Jenny Pox by JL Bryan is a self published young adult that has a great deal of buzz behind it so much so that Amanda Hocking has praised the book I also have seen many positive reviews of this book on the blogs I visit With that in mind I purchased a copy of Jenny Pox expecting to read greatness Unfortunately disappointing isn’t a good enough word to describe Jenny Pox Jenny Pox suffers from an incredible concept that cannot deliver as well as a major lack of depth one dimensional characters and motivations that don’t make sense and had me going “huh?” most of the time Plus by having some disturbing and shocking scenes where sex and a large amount of drug use is shown for no reason to further along the story I can’t help but wonder if the author is trying too hard to keep readers interested At one point I had to stop reading and almost gagged over a very sexually wretched scene that turned me off where I came close to DNFing But I carried on hoping the story would be redeemed It didn’t happen and I ended up DNFing Jenny Pox regardlessThe title is very appropriate and the only positive thing about this tale The heroine Jenny is an outcast not only because she’s poor and has an alcoholic father but she can’t touch anyone She has the plague and ended up killing her mother and the doctors and nurses that touched her when she was born We see early on what Jenny is capable of by handling a snake that dies a violent death Years later Jenny has come to terms with her ability She wears gloves and long sleeves even in the brutal heat to protect anyone who may come in contact with her Jenny is an overall sweet girl although at times rages at the injustice of her life She has a bully or of an enemy with the very popular seemingly wholesome and self righteous Ashleigh Everyone adores Ashleigh who teaches abstinence and the Lord’s good word to her fellow students Ashleigh’s boyfriend Seth another popular boy who comes from a very rich family that rules of the town isn’t cruel but since he’s aligned with Ashleigh he’s admired Jenny dislikes Ashleigh as much as she hates Jenny and makes Jenny’s life miserable at school by calling her the nickname Jenny MittensJenny doesn’t really like Seth until her beloved dog is run over Seth comes to her aid and heals her dog by placing his hands on it Seth has the power of healing and can counteract Jenny’s power of sickness and death Seth is the only one she can touch without gloves and because of that they fall in loveAshleigh finds out that Seth and Jenny have grown close and since she can’t stand to lose in any situation she will steal Seth back Ashleigh also has a power at her fingertips the power of love But she wields this power in evil ways With one touch she can drug people with love and in turn they end up loving Ashleigh Since Seth and Jenny know what Ashleigh is capable of they team up together and try to show their friends and others that Ashleigh is evil But since Ashleigh is great at being manipulative she figures out a way to turn everyone against Seth and Jenny Jenny has had enough and the girl who has been put down and ridiculed most of her life is sick and tired and decides to show the world what she’s made ofJenny Pox has a strong element of Stephen King’s Carrie as well as the movie X Men You have characters who have amazing powers that if known about would most likely be experimented on and used as a weapon That’s the only highlight of Jenny Pox Other than that this is a story that’s so very lacking from beginning to end The biggest problem is the characters They come across as flat with no real motivation Jenny has some spirit and initiative but her attraction to Seth is laughable There isn’t enough between them to build upon it Seth comes in and out of each scene like a soft breeze and one that is very forgettable As for Ashleigh can we say cartoonish? Her actions had me rolling my eyes than a few times We see her as spoiled a maniacal bad seed She has a major lack of well rounded character traits At one point I wished Jenny would just give her a hug with no clothes on and take her out so the story would be over sooner than laterJenny Pox also suffers from what I call “everything but the kitchen sink” syndrome This is when an author will write in as many shocking acts as they can think of from to keep the reader interested Not only do we have massive amounts of drug use oh look The teens do coke and smoke pot while drinking wine Tsk tsk but the sexual situations are so out there The one scene I mentioned earlier is so sudden and out of left field that it had WTFckery written all over it It simply made no sense being there other than to jolt the reader’s sensibilities And because I couldn’t sympathize or connect with any of the characters including Jenny I felt uninvolved and distant by everything that was occurringSome may call this supernatural horror that walks a fine line since it’s a young adult but even with the small town mentality and religious matter than is close to fanatical; I was dumbed down if anything I couldn’t say if the ending was where Jenny gave all those people who were cruel to her their just desserts but I have the feeling if I made it that far I’d just end up rolling my eyes again like I did the entire time I read Jenny