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Review â Smoke in the Sun: Flame in the Mist 2 Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Smoke in the Sun: Flame in the Mist 2 Author Rene Ahdieh – Amazing PDF Epub, Smoke in the Sun: Flame in the Mist 2 by Rene Ahdieh This isS the best favorite book with over readers online here. another great story from this writer luckily for me I don't have to wait too long for the next episode

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Lame in the Mist by Rene Smoke in PDFEPUBAhdieh This i. So so so so good Amazing descriptive language powerful story telling I loved wrath and the dawn these two stories are eually as compelling Finished it within 2 days of it being ordered For lovers of Renee Ahdieh a must read

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Smoke in the Sun Flame in the Mist 2The Sun PDF #10003 Amazing PDF Epub Smoke in the Sun F. I adored Flame in the Mist; it was uite possibly the best book I read that year actually Gripping exciting with a likeable romance and a strong female lead The only thing missing was a bit of that sprinkling of magic we were given But Smoke in the Sun has magic and then someIf I'm entirely honest I should have re read Flame in the Mist before starting this second book I couldn't remember all of the names of characters and which clan each person belonged to But it soon came flooding back I just love these characters Mariko is strong willed fights for females and is just outrageously witty I love her interactions with Okami; they have the kind of banter filled relationship I want to read aboutThis book picks up right where the last one ended plunging us back into Mariko's battle to rescue Okami from the clutches of the Emperor whilst trying to avoid marrying his brother I think Roku makes such a convincing corrupt Emperor with the sinister but perfectly magical and ruthless Kanako working her plans behind the scenes She's one of the best parts of this book cunning deceptive but with a seemingly selfless and good natured cause at her heartThe secondary characters like Mariko's brother Kenshin and the Emperor's brother Raiden are central in this book But there is less of a divide or war at the forefront and this did detract a little from the pace of the plot the political intrigue is most certainly there thoughThis isn't by any means as powerful as Flame in the Mist I didn't race through it desperate to see the outcome it was uite predictable There was something beautiful about the world building of the first book which this second instalment was definitely missing whilst the plot pulled forward and was interesting the world felt much less developedA satisfying conclusion so far; I can't help but love any world Mariko and Okami are inARC provided free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review