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Doc ¶ The Brightness of Stars 172 pages ✓ Lisa cherry ✓ ➮ The Brightness of Stars Read ➶ Author Lisa Cherry – Imagine not knowing what happens to your child after the age of 18 or 21 years old The data currently collected is only part of the story; there is no data collecteExplain that relationship that enables us to tell our stories and I tell mine through the language of emotion and through the feelings that remain with meThrough these stories we can share lost and unheard voices We can have a discussion and provide some thought provoking information and recommendations for foster carers teachers and staff in social care working directly with young people The strangeness of there being little information in the public domain about the adults who have been children in a system that had been their corporate parent is highlighted and in doing so gives rise to the opportunity for chan This book gives a very good insight into the lives of people that have been 'looked after' It provides information from both sides As the child in care and from the people looking after the child The book makes you think It can be sad and disturbing in parts but it does make you uestion things yourselfI found the overall theme in the book appears to be strengthI was please to receive my copy of this stunning readable book as a first reads prize

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S book will be used by foster carers adopters social workers teachers youth workers and anyone working with young people to gain a deeper insight“Honest intelligent and highly readable – this book is worth a hundred academic tomes to anyone who truly wants to understand what it means to have been a looked after child A must read for policy makers” Shahid Navi BASW British Association of Social WorkersThis is a story about love and pain hurt and isolation a depth of a life the big things and the little things how we live our lives through our relationships with others and where we feel we fit in It is how we Sponsored review I received a free ebook copy of this book in return for writing a reviewThrough Goodreads I received a reuest to read review this book which of course I gladly acceptedAs I read the Acknowledgements at the beginning of the book I started to get a sense of how emotional this book was going to beThe Brightness of Stars is a first hand account of what it is like to have been a childyoung person in the British 'Care' system It is brilliantly written and comes across as both inspiring and thought provokingTogether with the author's own story there are stories from other 'care leavers' Although their situations and stories differ there are several reoccurring themes including abuse neglect but most importantly what I would call resilience These individuals have chosen to make the most of their lives and not let their experiences drag them down They have managed to create a positive life from a negative environment This may have taken time intervention assistance love including self love but it shows that the spiral can be brokenWithin the book Lisa statesThis 'new' climate of knowledge around abuse and vulnerable children means that there is a very real window of opportunity for changeI completely agree and I hope that the British Government its agencies realise this before that window closes and we miss the opportunity to make a differenceIn my opinion this book should be mandatory reading for social workers education medical professionals and anyone else who is involved with the British Care system

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The Brightness of StarsImagine not knowing what happens to your child after the age of or years old The data currently collected is only part of the story there is no data collected at the point of entry into the system and none collected from adults who have experienced being in care and have had the opportunity to reflect upon what happened and therefore contribute to policy makingThis book is a collection of stories that focus on the adult voices including my own of personal insights and reflections of having been The Brightness eBook #213 a Looked After child the stories span five decadesUniue in its delivery it is expected that thi This book should be reuired reading for all who work with or who intend to work with vulnerable children in children's homes in social care or the mental health industryIn the first part of the book Lisa explores and talks about her own moving and frightening experience of being removed from her mother and put into care She describes the confusion the assumptions made by foster carers and the powerlessness of an adolescent in the face of social care I keep wanting to write social didn't care or didn't care well enoughLisa talks about what happens when a child in care reaches 16 and is removed from care and how many she did become homeless She reflects on how she found herself in very dark and scary places and believes that the only reason she didn't end up being abuse or predated upon is that she was a noisy and angry teenager not ideal for your run of the mill paedophile pimp drug pusher In Part 2 the book is opened up to other adults who came through the British care system Some of the reading is painful and their stories are heartrending yet we see how despite what happened to them they have become whole and successful adults and get a real flavour of their strength and resilience in the face of destructive and abusive obstacles We read here about a woman who was sexually abused in her place of safety by the very person who was meant to be providing care and succor This books highlights how ignorant we can be about the needs of others and how we make decisions for others based on only our own experience with little knowledge that others may have different norms She and the other participants in this book describe how it feels to arrive at a new foster home where there are implicit rules which are not explained There are currently many news stories of how vulnerable children have been abused and I hope that we are at the beginning of an era where providers of care start to protect the children they have a duty to and that Police and Social Worker listen and act upon the stories the children are telling them I had hoped to leave a review of this book on in fact I wrote 2 reviews thinking the first had gone wrong somehow When I uestioned about my reviews they told me they believed I had personal and financial interest in the book Their massively wrong assumptions have angered me and I have blogged about it the here hope that after the weekend there might be someone sensible to deal with my reuest as at the moment they appear to be unwilling to investigate their mistaken assumptions