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The Fashion Book takes a fresh look at the fashion world and the people who created and inspired itSpanning almost years the entire industry is represented from clothing and footwear designers to photographers stylists icons and retailers including the new category of educational institutions that have been fundamental in the careers of many of the creative individualsMarking the significant changes on the fashion landscape since the first edition this revision includes updates on existing entries as well as important new names who have fundamentally shaped the way The Fashion ePUB #10003 we see fashion from designers such as Nicholas Ghesuière Gareth Pugh and Phoebe Philo influential image makers Mert and Marcus and Mario Sorrenti and contemporary icons Lad. After purchasing many other highly rated fashion books that disappointed me immensely I was thrilled to find exactly what I had been looking for in this book I wanted a comprehensive list of major players and history makers in fashion that was still beautifully presented This was EXACTLY thatMany books have all this useless information with few photos or just photos this is perfectly in between and a stunning table book Highly recommend

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The Fashion BookTions that make fascinating and unlikely partnerships the powerful Anna Wintour sits opposite the pioneer of modern fashion Charles Worth while Terry Richardson rubs shoulders with Herb Ritts and digital print wunderkind Mary Katranzou meets Rei KawakuboEach entry is illustrated with a photograph or drawing from the most important creative talents in the industry showing a uintessential aspect of their work An accompanying text describes where they fit into the fashion story and includes essential biographical information about the subject In addition The Fashion Book uses a comprehensive cross referencing system and glossary which explain the many collaborations and techniues used in fashion that singular business which lives somewhere between art and commer. It was okay the cover is better than the book ↠ 1 DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD Ì The Fashion Book » ❮PDF❯ ✫ The Fashion Book ✓ Author – The Fashion Book takes a fresh look at the fashion world and the people who created and inspired itSpanning almost 200 years the entire industry is represented; from clothing and footwear designers to The Fashion Book tY Gaga and Tilda Swinton representing just a few of the many exciting new figures New faces rub shoulders with the fashion pioneers of the original edition such as Coco Chanel Issey Miyake Yves Saint Laurent Kate Moss and Helmut Newton In keeping in the reference style of the first edition this new edition reflects a comprehensive view of the fashion industry todayEasy to use and filled with inspirational images The Fashion Book is organized as an A Z guide of names listing entries across the categories of clothing and accessory designers photographers institutions models and those iconic individuals who instigated or symbolize a whole fashion movement Cutting through the usual classifications and organized alphabetically the book creates unexpected juxtaposi. Love this bookthe color is like a metallic purple It’s so big and informative Great value for the price