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Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Montague Summers And Animal” “Witchcraft at Cambridge and Oxford” “The Origins of Witchcraft” “The Library of the Witches” “The Magus of Francis Barrett” and “Sympathetic Magic” Montague Summers – was an English clergyman and author best known for his scholarly work and studies on supernatural enti. Echoing my previous review of The Werewolf in Lore & Legend I can only reiterate my fondness for Summers' works This is a book of serious dedicated scholarship and is intended for a readership with at least a cursory grasp of Latin Greek and other romance languages However with so many online translators as cheap dictionaries widely available these days the use of primary sources should be no barrier to the earnest readerAnyone who professes to practice magic witchcraft or dabble in the occult and therefore has a sympathetic disposition towards it will certainly not enjoy this book Summers as a Catholic priest is scathing of the men & woman he writes about as having encouraged the rank weeds of heresy and satanism which is exactly what he saw witchcraft and sorcery as Oddly all of Summers works sit much happily on the shelves of traditionally minded Catholics or High Church Anglicans than self professed witches and magicians His arguments that all sorcery is a vile sin and a moral evil enliven the wonderfully archaic style of writing Summers' employs As to what Summers himself thinks should be done with those who claim to be witches or practice sorcery he leaves us with the deliciously chilling Biblical uotation from Exodus 2218 thou shalt not suffer a witch to liveThe level of research and scholarship is commendable Summers employs works and manuscripts rarely if ever in public print and mostly now to be found in obscure university library storage roomsIn short not a book for those who wish to learn about practising witchcraft performing occult rituals or casting spells Summers almost never in any of his occult works gives the rubrics of the rites he discusses As a history of witchcraft from standpoint of the EnglishEuropean Christian tradition is it first rate and there is really no other book uite like it For anyone interested in the history of witchcraft from the conservative Christian end of the spectrum I would also heartily recommend Summer's History of Witchcraft and Demonology

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Read & download Ç Witchcraft and Black Magic 102 µ ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Witchcraft and Black Magic Author Montague Summers – “Witchcraft and Black Magic” is a 1946 work by Montague Summers A detailed handbook on all things related to witchcraft from the master of the occult not to be missed by th Ties including werewolves vampires and witches Notably he produced the first English translation of the infamous th century witch hunter's manual the “Malleus Maleficarum” This classic work is being republished now in a new edition complete with an introduction on the folklore and history of witchcraf. A waste of human life Poor haunted scholar uoting insane scholars from the historical lunatic asylum It takes one to see one Witch hunters whose broken unity is reflected in broken ideas A waste of paper Humanity has moved on uantum spirituality admits that the split entity of body mind and soul is a vicious construct Body mind and soul are inseperable The mind can be tricked and tortured into believing otherwise These dinosaurs of crippled expertise and masochistic reasoningmay their healing begin

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Witchcraft and Black Magic“Witchcraft and Black Magic” is awork by Montague Summers A detailed handbook on all things related to witchcraft from the master of the occult not to be missed by those with an interest in the supernatural Contents include “What is Witchcraft” Witchcraft and PDFEPUB“The Familiar in Human Shape. Written a century ago the work has aged in a mixed manner The academic study of witchcraft and black magic is fairly well researched and historic accounts are well referenced Summers own bias as indicative of the period in which he wrote colours his work heavily and such blemishes the work somewhat If you can mentally edit the racism and notions of 'Satanists are out to rule the world' panic that would be suited to the 17th century then Summers work has some very useful elements of research