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Give Me My Father's Body doc ´ Paperback read ë ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo By Kenn Harper ✓ – In his search for the North Pole at the turn of the twentieth century the renowned Robert E Peary long celebrated as an icon of modern exploratiIn his search for the North Pole at the turn of the twentieth century the renowned Robert E Peary long celebrated as an icon of modern exploration used the Eskimos of northwestern Greenland as the human resources for his expeditions Sailing aboard a ship called Hope in 1897 Peary entered New York harbor with six Eskimos as his cargo Depositing them with the American Museum The writing of this is not great However the story is True tale of the one survivor of a group of Polar Eskimos Inuit we would say today brought back to America as souvenirs by Admiral Peary The Polar tribe literally lived at the top of the world farther north than any other and not far from the Pole itself Minik's father and most of the others who agreed to come could not live in the latitude of New England Apparently their tribe is so adapted to the dry cold of the Arctic Circle that anywhere else is terribly damp and produces almost inescapable pneumonia which eventually killed Minik as well He lived an impossibly difficult life fostered by an American family whose wealth turned to bankruptcy before he was grown forced to survive on city streets as a youth eventually managing with great difficulty to return to his tribe as an adult and being disappointed there as well His stories of American life were so untranslatable that no one believed them and he fell to telling whoppers on top of that Since he was perceived as a troublemaker in the North he returned again in defeat to America and died here Along the way there was the shocking and controversial event alluded to in the title he actually went into a museum as a young man and found his own father's skeleton on display when he had been assured as a child that the members of the party who died had been given funerals and all that was appropriate Can you imagine?

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Of Natural History as live specimens to be poked measured and observed by the paying public Peary abruptly abandoned any responsibility for their care Four of the Eskimos died within a year One managed to gain passage back to Greenland Only the sixth a boy of six or seven with a precociously solemn smile remained orphaned and adrift in a bewildering metropolis His name was An amazing true story about a group of 6 Inuit that were in the name of 'science' brought to New York by polar explorer Robert Peary at the end of the 19th century One year later the sole survivor is Minik a small boy of 7 The book focuses on the complete lack of responsibility shown by the American Museum of Natural History for the care of these people and all of the politics behind it The book goes into some of the history of arctic exploration and is a fascinating read

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Give Me My Father's Body The Life of Minik the New York EskimoMinik Here a century after the fact is his story A searing true tale of extraordinary darkness told with intensity and vigilance Give Me My Father's Body is Kenn Harper's absorbing intricately documented account of ruthless imperialism in the name of science of cruel deceptions and false burials and of the short strange and tragic life of the boy known as the New York Eskim Fascinating account of a time in history of a culture and a person that most people would not be familiar with The book's main focus is Minik who was caught between two cultures when he was brought to New York at a young age by Robert Peary The book also explores the Northern Inuit people their struggles of living in a desolate environment and also provides insight into the late 1800'sturn of the century push to the last points on the globe unvisited by man that being the polar extremesMinik The New York Eskimo is greatly strengthened by it's author who lived in the Arctic for uite a long period of time When it comes to the main story of Minik he does try to show a full account of his life and character There were times where I wished information was forthcoming about element's of Minik's life or even speculation on the author's part but I realize that it's mainly the absence of documentation of periods of Minik's life that hampers the story and the 100 years that have passed since the events have occurred The book does come across a bit too biased against Robert Peary and the American Museum of Natural History even if their actions do merit excoriation in these eventsWhile I received a copy of this book through a GoodReads giveaway I do recommend this book to others especially those interested in history exploration or cultural identities