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Book  Beautiful Lies Beautiful Lies #1 Å 240 pages ✓ Danpashley Ä [KINDLE] ❁ Beautiful Lies Beautiful Lies #1 ❅ Sharlay – PAIGE'S STORYAfter a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life falling in love with a man named TaylorBut thePAIGE'S STORYAfter a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life fall I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a wonderful book to readI loved everything about it the plot the characters And the ending was perfectit was emotional and made me cryThe synopsis for this book is really uite vague it doesn't give you much insight into what the book is about It left me intrigued about the story as I didn't know what to expect from it After reading it I'm glad of this vagueness The least you know about what is going to happen before reading the better I thinkBefore reading I had a theory about the storyline based on what you are told form the synopsis It actually turned out to be correct and even though my assumption was confirmed in the first chapter the story wasn't ruined for me Later on in the book I again guessed what was going to occur None of this effected my enjoyment of the book as although the storyline was guessable to me there were numerous little twists to the plot that I didn't expect To me it was just as predictable as it was un predictable There is also plenty of mystery that to the story to one character in particular that leaves you eager to continue readingIf you are looking for a romance with some mystery and twists that is emotional and will keep you on your toesthen I would definitely recommend this

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Ing in love with a man named TaylorBut there are two huge problemsOneShe is already in a r Recieved ARC from author in the exchange for an honest review and I would like to say ThankyouFirstly this was different from the books im used to reading Yes it has Romance and it had a twist to it When I read the synopsis I was really intrigued and wanted to read it to find out what it was about and i don't regret it one bit This is not your average love story It starts off with an accident and goes from there there are twist and turns along the way that will keep you wanting This is the first book from this author i have read and i know i will be reading The connection between Taylor and Paige is beautiful I really did feel sorry for Rick he seemed like such a good guy and he was put in the middle of something that was inevitable If you want a book that is not just your average love story that has a twist in it well this is the story for you

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Beautiful Lies Beautiful Lies #1Elationship with her boyfriend RickTwoTaylor doesn't exist outside of the dreams in her he Generously given this wonderful ARC copy of Beautiful Lies by Sharlay for an honest reviewWow That was a very heart touching book the story between Paige great name by the way Taylor and Rick is just amazing I loved the detail in which this whole story is made of It is almost like the author has experienced this before The emotions behind this book for me were breathtaking I loved the funny and heartbreaking story this book tells and I can't wait to see what else Sharlay brings out in the world of books Thank you for the chance to let me read this I am truly honoured