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UntouchableTem an Untouchable This novel describes a day in the life of Bakha sweeper and toilet cleaner as he se This is only a short book and the first two thirds are uite interesting a day in the life of a downtrodden Untouchable latrine cleaner and his rat eating family The preaching of the last third rather spoiled it though It is true that flush lavatories would solve the problem for the toilet cleaning caste but it is hardly a solution for the Untouchables no matter what name Gandhi gave themPart of the problem of the Untouchable caste is that it isn't actually a problem at all for anyone who isn't Untouchable in fact it's desirable to have them Since they the pariahs of society do all the work that no one else wants to do and at minimum wage and all this exploitation can be justified as being in the name of religion in the name of not interfering with the Infinite plan there is no impetus from society to improve these people's lives It's not so far from the way the US treats illegal Mexican immigrants It allows them to stay to do the work that no one else wants to do for those wages in those conditions They live in fear of everything and everyone If they are beaten robbed or raped they have no redress They daren't complain So just as with the Untouchables not being a problem if you aren't one neither are the illegal immigrantsview spoilerIn the UK it is different An illegal immigrant can either 'disappear' as in the US or claim asylum and is immediately housed and given an allowance for years while his case is 'considered' If he loses but by then has a child here or would face discrimination in his own country he can claim that deportation would breach his human rights The gvt will then pay for a lawyer to fight for him If he wins he can then bring in his family hide spoiler

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Untouchable doc Ú reader 9780140183955 Free Ë Mulk Raj Anand ↠ [Reading] ➿ Untouchable Author Mulk Raj Anand – Danpashley.co.uk Bakha is a young man proud and even attractive yet none the less he is an outcast in India's caste system an Untouchable This novel describes a day in the life of BakArches for a meaning to the tragic existence he has been born into and comes to an unexpected conclusi A day in the life of Bakha the Jemadar sweeper and an untouchable The heart of the book is about the social stigma of untouchability affecting India during the 1930s the period when this book was written and also the time setting for the story as well I only remember hearing and reading about the phenomenon of untouchability in Hindu society when growing up in India during the 70s and early 80s It still exists to a certain extent in parts of India or at least spoken about as I have heard mention of it conversation with others in my family Gandhiji is attributed to saying in this book ‘the fault does not lie in the Hindu religion but in those who profess it’ I couldn’t agree any A short story and a brief glimpse in the life of an untouchable A difficult issue simply sometimes touchingly described in this story by Mulk Raj Anand one of the first English writing Indian authors

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Bakha is a young man proud and even attractive yet none the less he is an outcast in India's caste sys It amuses me to no end how there has been no perceivable ebb in the flow of Holocaust World War II novels and yet every time a Toni Morrison and an Alice Walker and a Richard Wright and a Ralph Ellison have tried to address the elephant in the room or America's endemic race problem which like a many headed monster continues to rampage on unvanuished they have been accused of betraying an overt political mindedness and a violation of that much harped upon maxim of 'art for art's sake' Oh Toni Morrison won the Nobel because she wrote about slavery you knowBefore you scoff at the above declamation let me mention that I have uoted that statement verbatim 6 million Jews 7 years Unaccounted for anonymous millions 4 centuries But alas like every other literary theme on the planet brutalization of human beings too has its color coded hierarchical positions within the canon The sweeper is worse off than a slave for the slave may change his master and his duties and may even become free but the sweeper is bound forever born into a state from which he cannot escape and where he is excluded from social intercourse and the consolations of his religion So slavery A word which no longer evokes the kind of knee jerk instinctual horror or pathos that it should and has descended into the realms of banality through repeated use over the years And yet the word refuses to become just another obsolete dictionary entry with its persistent reappearances before us in myriad new grotesue avatars Forced prostitution human trafficking slavery of illegal immigrant workers bonded labor and so on and so forth Our own home made brand of slavery segregation went by the label of 'untouchability' another convenient religion sanctioned writ flagrantly upheld by authorities uote obscure mumbo jumbo from scriptures invent excuses to justify your irrational bias and manipulate the system into giving 'religion' free reign and tada your status uo has been manufactured He realised he couldn't rush even though the Mahatma had abolished all caste distinctions for the day He might touch someone and then there would be a scene The Mahatma would be too far away to come and help him One can call this work a thinly disguised attempt at political pamphleteering because there is very little literary merit to be found here No linguistic shenanigans to express apoplectic joy over No dazzling imagery to wax elouent about A book named 'Untouchable' on an untouchable latrine cleaner can boast of no thematic subtlety either To add to these causes of botheration Anand devotes a portion to the exaltation of Gandhi who had initially felt the necessity of vindicating the caste system probably to forestall criticism of Hinduism despite championing the cause of the harijan 'untouchable' If you have read enough Arundhati Roy or are aware of her political views you probably know what I am talking about So yes this novel is a product of a time and the awakening collective consciousness of an emerging nation state It is unable to reconcile an essentially hostile social milieu to the aspirations of an enlightened new generation and merely musters up a robust optimism for the foreseeable future But it added to a much needed discourse at a time when it was in short supply So there Of course caste based violence is still a regularly resurfacing news item and stigmatization of crematoriumgraveyard workers garbage collectors and assorted dregs of society has not been completely obliterated But the normalization of the relentless verbal and physical abuse that Bakha our 'untouchable' protagonist is subjected to in the book has long been discontinued Unable to love it whole heartedly as I was I am still painfully aware of this book's relevance May we be forgiven for passive participation in the ritual dehumanization of a section of society but may we never forget