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Timekeeper Summary · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF É ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Timekeeper By Tara Sim ✰ – Danpashley.co.uk I was in an accident I got out Im safe now An alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers where a damaged clock can fracture timeand a destroyed one can stop it completely A prodigy mechanic I was inIve at all A romance that will shake the very foundations of time The first book in a dazzling new steampunk fantasy trilogy Timekeeper introduces a magical world of mythology and innovation that readers will never want to leave. I was a little dubious about getting this book as it had some negative reviews and was than 99p my 'try it and see' level However I was pleasantly surprised when I got into the book and ended up loving it and looking forward to the seuelsI thought the author had some great ideas unlike so many books today I had been worried that I would be annoyed by a US author writing about England as so often they get phrases or places wrong but I have to say I was not at all irritated and if I had not known better would have thought the author was EnglishThe only annoying thing really is that if your kindle is set to load to the beginning you miss out the map and so I didn't know there was one until the credits at the end

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Kwork but time itself determined to rescue his father from a Stopped town A series of mysterious bombings that could jeopardize all of England A boy who would give anything to relive his past and one who would give anything to l. This book has a great concept Time is embodied in an ethereal shaped person and is central to how each town lives If time breaks so too does the town I found the book to be slow for the most part although it was an easy read which made it enjoyable That said it was pretty predictable nothing really surprised me and I kind of hoped it would I loved the fact that the protagonist was LGBT it's lovely to read something diverse I wasn't overly taken with any of the characters I just didn't connect with them and failed to be invested in their journey It was a buddy read though and many of the group I read with enjoyed it far than me So I think it's personal taste

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TimekeeperI was in an accident I got out Im safe now An alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers where a damaged clock can fracture timeand a destroyed one can stop it completely A prodigy mechanic who can repair not only cloc. This is a really hard novel to review as this book is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine I truly loved reading it yet I have to admit that it was far from perfectTo start with the positive I simply adored the concept I love the idea of a world where clock towers control time rather than measure it It's a tremendous idea and I really wish that I'd thought of it The concept also fits the Victorian setting very well and did a great job of blending steampunk science fiction and fantasy giving the novel the overall feeling of a faerie taleI also loved the protagonists Danny is a sympathetic character and felt very genuine I loved him for his imperfections his awkward relationship with his mother his sense of guilt and inadeuacy his short temper Colton made the perfect romantic counterpart for him bringing light and innocence to counteract Danny's grief The romance was very well handled and the scenes where Danny and Colton drew closer to each other were by far the best in the novelYet the plot of the story felt awkward It was incredibly slow moving and felt really narrow in scope Beyond the focus on Danny's love life the novel never felt as though it reached its full potential The anti clock protests never felt threatening enough and the eventual twist felt tacked on The villain as far as they could be called such had a very weak plan and the way that they went about it felt very impractical and unrealistic The novel also wrapped up too neatly ending with a sting to tie in a seuel but otherwise tying up all loose ends far too uicklyI also wish time had been spent fleshing out the secondary cast as they didn't get a lot of time to shine Both Daphne and Cassie have their roles to play in the climax but never weighed to heavily on the plot The character who received the most focus was probably Brandon yet again ultimately he didn't play much of a role in the climaxAll in all I actually really enjoyed this novel and will definitely read the seuel However I don't think this is one for everyone as beyond the excellent concept and protagonist it doesn't have a lot of substance