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The Invincible Ninth Roman Legion Marches from York to Fight The Shadowy PDF or The Northern Tribes and then Vanishes from the Pages of HistoryArchaeologist Verity Grey has been drawn to the dark legends of the Scottish Borderlands in search of the truth bu Sarah's Reading Guide for The Shadowy Horses 1 Open google2 Load a picture of dry toast Example3 Stare at toast for 3 minutes4 Leave the room Trim your toenails5 Return to the computer Stare at toast for another 3 minutes6 Close pictureCongrats You've successfully duplicated the Shadowy Horses experience Be proud you've saved yourself untold pain by not bothering with the tepid characters bland plot excruciating infodumps cutesy humor nauseating romance of this book Thank you goodnight

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The Shadowy HorsesSoldier walking in the fields a ghostly sentinel who guards the bodies of his long dead comradesHere on the windswept shores Verity may find the answer to one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time Or she may uncover secrets someone buried for a reaso My rating 35 of 5 starsI won this book in a contest hosted by Reading Between the Wines and SourcebooksShadowy Horses is centered around Eyemouth which is an actual fishing port located in south east Scotland The story references actual places and events including The Ship Hotel the fish auctions and the Herring ueen Festival While it hasn't actually been verified that Eyemouth is the last resting place of the Ninth Roman Legion this is what the fictional character Verity Gray is drawn to Actual evidence had yet to be discovered only the protestations of an eight year old boy that claims he's seen and spoke with someone who walks the fields a Roman soldier that died over two thousand years agoThe Shadowy Horses is my third read by Susanna Kearsley and while it's not my favorite it still managed to guarantee that this is one author I will be reading everything she writes This gothic tale felt subdued than I had anticipated based off the enticing summary but was still wonderfully intriguing The main character Verity was a strong and intelligent character that was a joy to read about While I didn't see the necessity to include a budding romance into this potentially enigmatic story line it ended up being a lovely addition making this an extremely well rounded story The ending was strangely dramatic and felt out of place from the way I thought the story was going but still left me altogether satisfied I will most definitely be seeking out from Susanna Kearsley

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kindle ì The Shadowy Horses ´ Paperback ¼ susanna kearsley ¼ ☃ The Shadowy Horses PDF / Epub ✑ Author Susanna Kearsley – The Invincible Ninth Roman Legion Marches from York to Fight The Northern Tribes and then Vanishes from the Pages of HistoryArchaeologist Verity Ried in a rocky field by the seaHer eccentric boss has spent his whole life searching for the resting place of the lost Ninth Roman Legion and is convinced he's finally found it not because of any scientific evidence but because a local boy has seen a Roman Read This Review More Like It On Ageless Pages ReviewsA thoroughly satisfying mix of history the paranormal with a dash of romance to flavor The Shadowy Horses does not disappoint A bit romance orientated than my previous read by this author Mariana I can still easily endorse Susanna Kearsley as fast becoming one of my favorite authors; one that is adept at creating a wide array of individual characters as well as intricately setting up an atmospheric read She delivers every time and this is no exception If I was impressed after reading Mariana I am entering full on fan mode after finishing this offering from Kearsley in less than a day Taking on the well known mystery and search for the Roman Ninth Legion in Scotland I was hooked early on I simply could not put The Shadowy Horses down but was conversely reluctant to finish once I was firmly engrossed in the novelKearlsey's descriptive and it is very descriptive from the countryside to the not posh sitting room Kearlsey crafts an easily imagined setting and detailed style is present and used with a dab hand from the first chapter to the benefit of both the locale and for the wide array of characters on the page Both suspenseful and engrossing each aspect of the novel from the mystery to the romance to the supernatural were all summarily well handled and solid with none detracting from the streamlined plot These were characters who came alive for me as a reader all with varying degress of characterization as well as ones who made me care about each of them This is a dynamic cast with each character fully distinct and by and large even with psychometricpsychic Robbie one that doesn't strain credulity or irritate the reader I do wish there had just slightly of an antagonistic presence for most of the novel but the minor conflicts and issues that were there were enough to create increasing tension throughout the storyThe first person POV of protagonist Verity Grey makes it easy to root for her through her struggles to accept what is going on in Eyemouth; her inner monologue reinforces the first impression of an impulsive smart and very independent woman who can than handle herself The strength of the novel much like with Mariana lies with main character Verity The other elements of the novel are well done and uniue but it is Verity who takes the cake with some help from an accent Scotsman with a love of history and who will stick out in my memory I appreciated the restraint with which the author took to the romance it's a large part of the novel but it doesn't drown the plot in melodrama or too much of a love triangleThe final conflict and revelation of the antagonist was a bit dry ha but a nicely rounded denouement makes up for that slight misstep Though Mariana will remain my favorite Kearsley for now I loved The Shadowy Horses and think that this is an author that continues to impress and grow as a writer This is an author who is very talented with crafting believable characters with creating an atmospheric setting and with making the past come to life Well done and I can't wait for my next Kearsley read