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The Dragon uintetBrand new contributions to the hoard of dragon lore by five top fantasy authorsOrson Scott Card's In the Dragon's House is a gothic yarn about the mysterious dragon that lives in the wiring of an old house noticed by a young boy who shares its body in dreams and feels its true size and powerMercedes Lackey's Joust tells t I started each story wary of its manner of responding to the story about dragons prompt But each story flouted my low expectations and left me pleasantly surprised I found Orson Scott Card's modern day story to be atmospheric and full of endearing characters The pace of In the Dragon's House was slow and at first I was irritated by the seeming absence of any dragon But the story rounded out nicely and left me kind of loving the people and the house and even the dragon that had initially irked meComing after Orson Scott Card's story Elizabeth Moon's Judgement felt almost too action packed But the medieval esue fantasy world pretty much set the tone for the rest of the stories And it didn't conform to the happily ever after conclusion I thought I saw comingLove in a Time of Dragons was the most polarizing of the stories for me with all its twists and surprises It kept writhing out of the judgments and definitions I tried to place on it At first it seemed grossly un feminist then like a pandering bit of shock for shock's sake convention defiance but then it got kind of lovely and ultimately became something which though I'm reluctant to say I liked impressed me As in it left me withimpressionsMercedes Lackey's Joust just kept reminding me of Jane Yolen's pit dragon trilogy I really have nothing else to say about it except that I read Yolen's trilogy first and therefore like it betterAaaand the last story The King Dragon novella It wasodd Not a conventional oldie timey mythical land setting Not a contemporary tale either really But it still drew on modern day machinery steampunk not uite as well as mythicalfey conventions the power of names truth telling hags scrying and magic and a fey world where magic is normal and normal mortals are aberrations The atmosphere of the story reminded me of The Stones Are Hatching and I felt a similar sort of ambivalence about King Dragon upon first reading it Maybe I'll end up re reading these stories I definitely don't feel like I've ruminated on them enough to pass my final judgment And I feel like lingering on each story would solidify my opinions on them all one way or another But at the moment I just as they say in England can't be assed

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The Dragon uintet Epub ↠ 304 pages Ö ❴EPUB❵ ✼ The Dragon uintet Author Marvin Kaye – Brand new contributions to the hoard of dragon lore by five top fantasy authorsOrson Scott Card's In the Dragon's House is a gothic yarn about the mysterious dragon that lives in the wiring of an old Brand new contrHe story of a slave boy who is chosen to care for a warrior's dragon a dragon whose secrets may be the key to his freedomTanith Lee's Love in a Time of Dragons is a The Dragon eBook #244 fable is imbued with her signature atmosphere Old World moody erotic as a kitchen maid goes a uesting with a handsome champion to slay t Five novellas by five respected authors each very different from the others My favorites were Tanith Lee's Love in a Time of Drafons which surprised me because I did not care for the novels of hers that I've read Elizabeth Moon's Judgment and Mercedes Lackey's Joust which she later developed into a full length novel of the same name

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He local drakkorElizabeth Moon's Judgment tells the tale of a young man forced by lies to flee his village into an adventure of dwarfs and dragonspawnMichael Swanwick's King Dragon invokes a truly sinister and repellent creature a being with the soul of a beast and the body of a machine part metal part devil all merciless I only read the first novella in this collection “In the Dragon’s House” by Orson Scott Card The story was set in an old gothic style house with gargoyles and many rooms and a basement theatre and a mysterious “warm spot” on the attic stairs where a boy dreams the dreams of a dragon if he sits there which all were winning thematic elements for me but the mystery at the end of the story was disappointing rather I had hoped for with all the spying through keyholes and clambering through attic passages to get to secret rooms