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Read ✓ The Church of Fear: Inside the weird world of Scientology ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF æ [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Church of Fear: Inside the weird world of Scientology By John Sweeney – AWARD WINING JOURNALIST JOHN SWEENEY TELLS THE STORY OF HISRs disagree Award winning journalist John Church of Fear MOBI #241 Sweeney investigated the Church for than half a decade During that time he was intimidated spied on and followed and the results were spectacular Sweeney lost his temper with the Church s spokesman on Church of Fear Inside the MOBI #221 camera and his infamous exploding tomato clip was seen by millions around the world In THE CHURCH O. Most readers will remember John Sweeney s meltdown on camera where he spluttered and shouted incoherently at an apparently smooth cool and collected spokesman for the Church of Scientology The author calls it his exploding tomato momentThe book sets the context and contains a lot of material which was omitted from the Panorama programme some omissions as a result of the usual constraints of a one hour TV programme and others for want of confirmatory evidence which emerged subseuentlyuite fairly the author sets out his interviews with some celebrity defenders of the Church including one Kirstie Alley I think who consistently bested him in the argumentBut the book is dogged by the same problem as the documentary Sweeney is determined to use the word cult to describe the Church and the Church is determined that the word should not be used They accuse Sweeny of bigotry in his determination to use that word and he accuses them of being a brainwashing cult in denial In different ways both are rightSweeney s bigotry is apparent for example in the way that he sets out several aspects a definition of a cult including that it has a leader who is treated like a god and then claims that the test is met because the current leader violently assaults Church members and they neither defend themselves nor complain The Church denies that this happens at all but the point which is missed is that if an organisation is headed by a verbal emotional and physical bully and the members do not complain the case is uite simple either it isn t happening or the members are too afraid of the bully to do anything about it Neither way is treating him like a godStuck in this direct playground conflict You re a bigot You re a cult Sweeney never gets to consider the methods taught by the church which even ex members still consider to be life enhancing There are apparently a large number of people who have left the Church of Scientology but are still scientologistsIs it a cult Make your own mind up when you have read the book Whatever it is is certainly weird and the main secret denied by the Church but well supported by evidence gathered by Sweeney is downright bizarre But there again so is the idea that the world was created in seven days or that a whole religion should be based on the teachings of a man who nearly killed his own son until he was told not to by a burning bushMeanwhile Sweeney does build a compelling picture of many reasons why one might be best advised to avoid the Church Not the least is the fact that both of the members who stalked him dogged his every footstep and argued with him at such great length throughout his research have since left the organisation and one of them has admitted to Sweeney that much of what he said that most of his denials was untrueA recommended read There are probably straightforward accounts of harrowing experiences within the church and there are certainly better academic demolition jobs on its tenets but for an entertaining read which does both and includes two huge mea culpa s one from the author and one from one of his protagonists this cannot be beaten

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AWARD WINING of Fear PDF #8608 JOURNALIST JOHN SWEENEY TELLS THE STORY OF HIS EPIC CLASH WITH THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY A bold and swashbuckling reporterlet him shout at least he shouts the truth Mail on Sunday The Church PDFEPUB or Gripping The Economist A brave book Liverpool Daily Post Blackly comic The New HumanistTom Cruise and John Travolta say the Church of Scientology is a force for good Othe. John Sweeney tells of his attempts to get an honest interview with top Scientology officials The author has written the most lighthearted book on Scientology I have read so far while ensuring that the suffering of those in this expensive religion is not neglected Although very funny at times the book makes a good reference source for the reader to return to The incident where the author allegedly loses it strikes me as someone trying a little bit of the bullbaiting loved by Scientology teachers I applaud John Sweeney and think it is unfair to condemn his outburst At least he has some feelings Be proud of displaying them John

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The Church of Fear Inside the weird world of ScientologyF FEAR Sweeney tells the full story of his experiences for the first time and paints a devastating picture of this strange organisation from former Scientologists who tell heartbreaking stories of families torn apart and lives ruined to its current followers who say it is the solution to many of mankind s problems This is the real story of the Church by the reporter who was brave enough to take it on. Ich hatte meine Bedenken als ich das Buch angefangen hat Das Buch hat mich aber letzendlich berzeugt John Sweeney erz hlt von den Dreharbeiten von dem BBC Doku ber Scientology Er erz hlt davon was im Doku selber in Youtube auch zu finden nicht zu sehen ist was die Sache sehr spannend macht Er gibt sich auch sein Bestes keine direkte Aussage ber Scientology zu machen obwohl wenn man sich das anliest man braucht ja kaum was dazu sagen Das Beste an dem Buch fand ich sogar das letzte Viertel Dieses Buch erschien 2013 und das Doku war von 2007 wenn ich mich nicht t usche 6 Jahren sind dazwischen und da hat sich einiges ge ndert Leute die er am Anfang als Scientologe behandeln musste sind mittlerweile ausgetreten Und auch das ist drin Sehr lesenswert