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The Birth House kindle Ñ Paperback Õ ➞ [Epub] ❥ The Birth House By Ami McKay ➨ – An arresting portrait of the struggles that women faced for control of their own bodies The Birth House is the story of Dora Rare—the first daughter in five generations of RaresAs apprentice to the An arresting portraitBabineau Dora learns to assist the women of an isolated Nova Scotian village through infertility difficult labors breech births unwanted pregnancies and unfulfilling sex lives During the turbulent World War I era uncertainty and upheaval accompany th This book is a bit of a departure from my usual reading but after reading a blurb on Goodreads about it I was intrigued Luckily my local small town library had this book available so I checked it out I'm glad I did It is an enjoyable story Dora Rare is special She's the first girl born in the Rare family in five generations and she has the gift of healing A local midwife Miss Babineau begins to teach the young girl what she knows so that Dora can continue the tradition of folk medicine and midwifery in Scots Bay Nova Scotia When a medical doctor comes to the area with plans to open a birthing center he clashes with Miss Babineau and Dora He wants to begin using anesthesia and modern birthing methods ending at home births for the rural women of the area While families were able to pay Miss Babineau with food and other goods the new birthing center will reuire families in the area to pay a fee and travel to the center for births Soon the doctor is accusing the women of botched deliveries and even dispensing dangerous herbal concoctions that allegedly resulted in the death of one local womanI loved the character of Miss Babineau The wise and caring folk healer was portrayed perfectly For decades Miss Babineau helped the women of Scots Bay with births illness deaths and all sorts of medical complaints The people of Scots Bay saw her as a healer and at times a witchloving and somehow fearing her at the same time Such a colorful vibrant character Her distrust and fear of modern medical medications procedures and reuirements is understandable The old ways will pass away to make way for the new But modern doesn't always mean betterjust different Dora had such love and respect for Miss Babineau as did the other residents of the areaI disliked the doctor While modern and safer methods of delivery were being developed to help women Gilbert Thomas seems intent on making money rooting out folk medicine and herbal healing and offering treatments that seem barbaric and predatory than medicinal At one point he offers vibrator treatments for his patients to supposedly prepare their bodies for pregnancy Sicko Ugh Horrible man But then again his actions aren't surprising as women were often treated for hysteria'' in ways that seem cavemanish to modern sensibilities All in all a nice bit of women's fiction For information on the author and her other books check out her website

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An arresting portrait of the struggles that women faced for control of their own bodies The Birth House is the story of Dora Rare the first The Birth eBook #10003 daughter in five generations of RaresAs apprentice to the outspoken Acadian midwife Miss What can I do with all this neat feminist lore that women have just GOT to hear like mercenary doctors wresting childbirth away from women and vibrators being the first electric appliance and Boston suffragettes who were also get this lesbians and herbal remedies that people are embracing again I know I'll write a novel and set it in the uaint town I just moved to and that I love love love Awwww it was mean of me to pretend Ami McKay actually said that out loud ever because as far as I know she didn't And I'm just being mean because if I ever do stop being a useless widget and write a novel it will have these same flaws this is psychology people I'm doing psychology here That is it will be awkwardly draped around historical facts that I think are so super cool that everyone should know them even though much of the book's audience probably already does because we readers tend to be annoyingly self selecting and inbred prone to overplotting and the romanticization of the rural and burdened with a main character that is my fantasy olde tyme version of myself You just can't wait to buy it I'm telling youUm a shorter version of this review is that this book is so full of stuff white people like see the blog before you comment furiously please that it is itself a stuff white people like Cloth diapers anyone Ironic knitting circle hmmmm

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The Birth HouseE arrival of a brash new medical doctor and his promises of progress and fast painless childbirth In a clash between tradition and science Dora finds herself fighting to protect the rights of women as well as the wisdom that has been put into her care I thought this was an interesting light read and I had fun with itNow to make myself hated just a little I have to disagree with the reviewers who complained about the confusing combination of narration letters and diary entries I thought that the arrangement was easy enough for a junior high graduate to follow The letters and diary entries were dated after all and with the exception of the first My apologies to those who disagree but maybe you should try a book with smaller words in a larger font There was nothing confusing about this novel