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review Eye of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [BOOKS] ✭ Eye of the Heart: A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm Author Cynthia Bourgeault – This groundbreaking book shares the evolution of Cynthia BourPs have helped to bring these teachings into sharper focus and the role this realm plays in Christian and other mystical traditions She delves into the connections between our inner consciousness and what happens in the world exploring the transformative energy and governing conventions that make the manifestation of this realm possible Eye of the Heart presents Bourgeaults spiritual journey with the imaginal realm and encourages readers to attune their hearts for the well being of the world. This rating is is an indication of my understanding of the content which I found to be uite a challenge Almost a step too far Had I not read several of her other books that I enjoyed I would not have persisted with this one and I would probably have dismissed it once she had started to talk about Gurdjieff and his theories It would be appropriate to mention that I am aware of some of Cynthia's teachings through the CAC and Richard Rohr I suppose that what kept me reading was that from time to time she mentioned other areas of interest such as Helminski Sufism Centering prayer Babette's Feast the Gospel of Thomas and Mary Magdelene to name a fewI would not recommend anyone to read this book as their first Bourgeault book and even if it wasn't their first book I would suggest that they read it with guidance from a spiritual guide to keep them on the straight and narrow and out of danger Lest it do harm than goodMaybe I am not yet ready for a book of such depth Maybe I will need to read it again Maybe not

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This groundbreaking book the Heart PDF #186 shares the evolution of Cynthia Bourgeaults spiritual journey and offers a new map to understanding energy and our collective realityIn Eye of the Heart Cynthia Bourgeault investigates the imaginal realm an Eye of PDF energetic realm well known to the mystical traditions but often forgotten in our own times It is invisible to the physical eye but clearly perceptible through the eye of the heart The imaginal realm has of the Heart PDF #201 long been. The revelation of the larger pattern restores an overall sense of spaciousness and calm This was exactly my experience of reading this wonderful book It is full of fascinating concepts theories and ideas a lot of which were completely new to me and will take some going back over to get fully to grips with But whether I fully understood it or not does not seem to matter What matters is that I have arrived in a new land as a result of reading it In the previous land I have not been able to fully process and integrate a lot of very significant experiences in my life Coincidences synchronicities complex patterns extraordinarily perfect and pointed timings very clear communications from Life where my mind tries to work it out but can't Through reading this book it seems that my mind has gained a deep understanding that these experiences are not in its job description to process and so has let go of the need to try and do so What a relief Bless your heart Cynthia for this extraordinary book and for once again combining sharing so deeply of yourself personally with your spiritual wisdom It is this synthesis that makes it so powerful and transformative

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Eye of the Heart A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal RealmAssociated with the personal world of dreams prophecy and oracles and it also points toward a higher vision of our human purpose that is both evolutionary and collective Bourgeault explores both aspects of of the Heart A Spiritual MOBI #221 imaginal reality and shows readers how we can cooperatefully with its guidance in our livesExpertly blending her own lived experiences with research on the imaginal realm Bourgeault of the Heart A Spiritual MOBI #221 explores how her personal relationshi. Parts of this book infuriated me others left me confused; reading it felt at times like a roller coaster ride through a mystical cosmos but with the dread that I would hit a stone wall before the involuntary movement would shudder to a halt But that’s Ms Bourgeault for you I have read a number of her books and loved them all but this one is the most challenging of all Not alone does she postulate a new cosmology but she infuses and underpins it with her sheering personal story a storm tossed “fling” with Johnny the Greek and a cosmic intimacy with Rafe the monk She brings to all her writing a serious level of scholarship and the confidence to explore new territories of the spirit The principal word I use to describe this exciting work is courageous It takes spunk to propose a cosmology which leaves the normative and traditional configuration of earthheavenand wherever else firmly in the shade When you go on to introduce one whose contours are determined by seuential numbers hints of numerology and whose essences are Chiasms you are placing your reputation on the line The jury is out for me on this She has based much of this configuration on the original works of Guardjiff a thinker maker and shaker about whom I just can't decide; mystic or charlatan To balance this she throws new light on the writings and insights of the brilliant Teilhard de Chardin in addition to the mystical traditions of a long line of holy men and women from every faith and none Towards the end of the book in a brilliant piece of creative writing she links her experience to the interplay between Shakespeare’s Prospero and Ariel In humility she confesses that in the end of all she just does not know about these maps This surely is a sign of her courage and her “creative and agile mind” If you read this book be prepared It could shake you to the core