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PDF ✓ BOOK The Deepening Night ✓ ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ The Deepening Night (The Kingdom of the East Angles #3) By Jayne Castel ✼ – Danpashley.co.uk She thinks her life is over when she is forced to marry the enemy but sometimes love comes when we least expect it Saewara sister to the King of Mercia has just lost her husband FG defeat to Mercia six months earlier Annan must 'bend the knee' to his new lord However what begins as a forced marriage develops into a slow burning passion between Annan and Saewara Two proud individuals they must come to terms with than an unwanted marriage Leaving her past behind Saewara attempts to forge a new life for herself as ueen of the East Angles but her fragile happiness with Annan risks destruc Great easy readThoroughly enjoy the ending to this great trilogy Don't think I would like to have lived in this time 😁

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She thinks her life is over when she is forced to marry the enemy but sometimes love comes when we least expect it Saewara sister to the King of Mercia has just lost her husband Finally free of a cruel bully she wishes to take the veil and retire to a life of peace and solitude But the king destroys her plans when he orders her to remarry to Annan the King of the East Angles Following his kingdom's humiliatin This is the sixth Dark Ages romance book by Jayne Castel that I've read All have been four or five star reads for me but this is the first one that I would say falls into a familiar romance trope forced marriage where the subject couple pretty much hate each other at the beginning Annan a true life character is the new king of East Anglia Though the actual details of his circa 630 marriage to Saewara are obscured through time Castel has created a love story for them that begins with obligation and coercion Saewara is the widowed sister of the Mercian King Penda He is looking to solidify his influence in the recently conuered East Anglia by marrying his sister to a very reluctant and resentful Annan There is a lot of distance and coldness from Annan and the romantic part of me wanted a few moments to build the respect and romance between the two For her part Saewara is looking to just exist without strife in a new home where her lineage is resented and the Other Woman makes her daily life difficult Eventually Annan provokes Penda to the point of conflict and then it becomes all about trust and heroism for Annan and Saewara Page turner as always this book is rich in historical detail and interesting characters I liked the side love story for Saba and Hilda and enjoyed the friendly banter between Annan and his war chief Saba Book source Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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The Deepening Night The Kingdom of the East Angles #3 Tion by the ambitions of her ruthless brother The emotional third book of THE KINGDOMOF THE EAST ANGLES series for fans of Historical Fiction Historical Romance and Adventure Readers who love Diana Gabaldon Bernard Cornwell and Elizabeth Chadwick should enjoy this epic romance adventure set in Dark Ages Britain Although each novel follows on historically this series can be read as separate standalone romances Wow such an amazing book surely the best book i read this year and one of the best ive ever readi wasn't sure if im gonna like it cause 7th century didn't appeal to me but i was so wrong This period was amazing All the kings and ueensgreeeatim definitely going to reread this book some time in the futuregreat characters Book easy to follow everything written perfectly as it should bebeautiful story and i could sense the sadness and the happiness of the characters'i cried while reading which always makes book better for me Loved it 3