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Forever AmberAbandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London 16 year old Amber St Clare manages by using her wits beauty and courage to climb to the highest position a woman could achieve in Restoration England that of favorite mistress of the Merry Monarch Charles II From whores and highwaymen to cou I know some of you just love this bookand I'm happy for youyou are the good kind people who are able to go out into the world and make friends easily because you see the good in everyone regardless of how horrible and shallow and rotten they are I am not like youI'm fussy I'm particular I'm very judgmentaland I could only stand to read 323 pages of this awful bookI too am one of those people who thinks you should finish the book if you start it I have never left a review about a book that I didn't complete I'm making an exception here because 323 pages IS a book for most authors and certainly plenty long enough for me to know I wasn't going to like it any better by reading 650 If you are particular like I am and you like what I like take a look at my other reviews to get an idea you will probably think this book is horrid drivel too But if you liked Slammerkin you might just love thisI did not like any of the characters they were rotten especially Amber I have to like someone in the story in order to read 975 pages about them I'm funny like that The character development was seriously lacking the dialogue was horrid the story line was barely if at all believableAnd I will admit I am happy to suffer all of those things if I love the protagonist Here I couldn't even like herSave your money and borrow this from the library if you have to read itThe two nice things I can say are the cover is pretty and it's heavy enough to use as a doorstop

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read Forever Amber reader ´ Paperback · kathleen winsor ´ ➮ [Read] ➪ Forever Amber By Kathleen Winsor ➺ – Abandoned pregnant and penniless on the teeming streets of London 16 year old Amber St Clare manages by using her wits beauty and courage to climb to the highest posRtiers and noblemen from events such as the Great Plague and the Fire of London to the intimate passions of ordinary and extraordinary men and women Amber experiences it all But throughout her trials and escapades she remains in her heart true to the one man she really loves the one man she can never have Meet Amber the Scarlett O'Hara of the English Civil War and Restoration era Nothing could stop this teenage country girl from a small English village as she rises to the top in the court of King Charles II becoming one of his MANY mistresses Amber's tale borders on the trashy but my goodness she was so much fun Like Scarlett Amber wants the man she can not have whilst moving heaven and earth to obtain his love Poor Scarlett was so besotted with Ashley that she barely noticed the south being invaded and the town of Atlanta set on fire while the feckless Amber in much the same manner successfully conuers the bubonic plague with both considering their travails a minor inconvenience As long as Amber shares the sick bed with her lover Bruce she barely has time to notice her no doubt painful experience BRUCE MUST LIVE or Amber will die This is one of those rare romantic stories that's impossible to forget The author's description of the Plague is absolutely brilliant with no gory detail omitted as she conveys the hellish experience of life during the plagueDoes Amber's machinations finally win the love of Bruce? You'll have a lot of fun reading this book if you want to find the answer to this uestionIf Amber lived in our modern time she would probably be the successful CEO of a major conglomerate instead of vainly chasing her romantic interest

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Freuently compared to Gone with the Wind Forever Amber is the other great historical romance outselling every other American novel of the 1940s despite being banned in Boston for its sheer sexiness A book to read and reread this edition brings back to print an unforgettable romance and a timeless masterpie I read this book because of my grandfather That sounds funny but my grandpa Duke was in WWII and he was stationed mostly on ships When this book came out he the whole crew were given one copy to share So they tore the book apart and passed the chapters around You might get the third chapter one night and the tenth another He read the whole book but completely out of order After he told me this story I went to the library and checked out the book It was a good book especially if you like historical novels I think one of the reasons I liked it so much was the background my grandpa gave me for it