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Sixteen year old Juliet Moreau has built a life for herself in London working as a maid attending church on Sundays and trying not to think about the scandal that ruined her life After all no one ever proved the rumors about her father’s gruesome experiments But when she learns he is alive and continuing his work on a remote tropical island she is determined to find out if the accusations are trueAccompanied by her fathe I really feel like I gave this book a fair chance I read it all the way to the end because I kept wanting to love it and get caught up in the atmosphere of this Victorian horror story but it was not to be Not everything I have to say about The Madman's Daughter is bad so thankfully this will not be a wholly negative review but there were a number of things I didn't like and those elements combined with long periods of slow plotless boredom made me feel this was no than a two star read But let me offer you something good first because my initial impressions of this novel were entirely positive Firstly though this won't matter to many readers I adore this cover It's creepy atmospheric and it caught my eye instantly I actually prefer covers that are a bit different and edgy to the usual close up of a girl pouting in a ballgown Anyway aesthetics aside this book immediately introduces the reader to a strong sassy protagonist who isn't afraid to kick ass or get her hands dirty I felt sure that myself and Juliet Moreau were going to get along great and we probably would have if I'd cared for the story I also thought the first couple of chapters set the scene well with a touch of the macabre to draw the reader in So I will happily admit that the first chapter or two elevated my hopes for this book a great dealThen I don't even know what happened it was like for seventy pages things just came screeching to a tremendous halt Basically Juliet and Montgomery possible beau number one got on this boat and there were all these ships and sailing and sailors andThen of course there was a romance and even worse a love triangle I don't even hate love triangles that much I just can't stand it when that becomes the main focus of the story This book is described as a gothic thriller but the truth is that everything either gothic or thrilling came second to the romance which was filled with the same old cliches and annoying gushy phrases like I couldn't deny the way I floated inside when he touched me The two candidates for Juliet's heart Montgomery and Edward were presented as complete opposites the gentlemen vs the wild man ooh haven't heard that one beforeWhat astounded me most of all about this relationship was the way Juliet's mind jumped so uickly from one to the other and back again One minute she was thinking about Montgomery's pretty eyes and the next she had moved onto Edward's sexy charms This is one example from the book that had me snorting aloud in disbeliefDidn't Montgomery remember last night during the storm running his fingers down the bare skin of my back? I did I could barely think about anything elsedirectly as in the actual next sentence followed byEdward sat across from me deep in his own thoughts His hands still bore the scratches from our escape I wondered if his ribs still hurt him I absently touched my own remembering the feel of his hands holding me there behind the waterfallThen we come to some slow sections like the walking through the jungle scenes and the needlepoint explanations I wanted monsters not sewingOne thought that I had through most of this was that so many parts of the book seemed like pointless filler to stretch out a weak plot My theory is that Shepherd may have stretched the story too thin in order to make it into a series instead of a standalone or perhaps she's just a fan of slower moving plots either way large chunks were too uneventful for me and I had a hard time making myself finish it Though the stories are not alike the way I feel about The Madman's Daughter is similar to how I felt about Grave Mercy they both started great but uickly became bogged down by slowness and romance To give one final bit of credit where it's due I will say that there was a pretty nifty twist near the end that I didn't see coming unfortunately it was all just too little too late

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The Madman’s DaughterE must end her father's dangerous experiments and escape her jungle prison before it's too late Yet as the island falls into chaos she discovers the extent of her father’s genius and madness in her own bloodInspired by H G Wells’s classic The Island of Dr Moreau The Madman’s Daughter is a dark and breathless Gothic thriller about the secrets we’ll do anything to know and the truths we’ll go to any lengths to protec Juliet Moreau is living a somewhat normal teenage life in London The rumors of her father's past never left her but they made her a stronger and smarter woman With a genuine interest in science she can indeed call herself her father's daughter Everything was going normal until she once again meets Montgomery her father's young assistant Their crossing of paths changed her life for goodI am uite impressed with this book especially because this is a YA book I haven't read an amazing YA book in years and I'm glad to say The Madman's Daughter might make me rethink my opinion of the YA genre With the right amount of issues tackled and proficient writing a YA book can be enjoyableThe characters were really likable Juliet Montgomery Edward etc were fun to read It was interesting to know what was going to happen to them and also their past This being a historical fiction novel the past is always a very important element The author managed to tell a very interesting historyThe main thing that made this novel amazing would be the mystery of her father I just wanted to read on and on just to find out why what and how the father performed such experiments With a huge interest in Science this book was not a chore to read It talked a lot about anatomy and physiology topics which I studied last semester The morphology of such creatures were somewhat on the fable side but honestly curiosity made me interested still I believe that in the field of science almost anything is possible To keep things short though the topics tackled were than adeuate to keep my interest intact 455 stars One of those near perfect novels One of the highest ratings I've given for a YA book I'm really glad I finally decided to read this While it was not genuine horror it was still genuine great Highly recommended from a reader who doesn't even like YA that much It was that good Can't wait to read the seuel

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FREE DOC Ô READER The Madman’s Daughter ☆ 9780062128027 è [Download] ➻ The Madman’s Daughter ➼ Megan Shepherd – Sixteen year old Juliet Moreau has built a life for herself in London — working as a maid attending church on Sundays and trying not to think about the scanR’s handsome young assistant Montgomery and an enigmatic castaway Edward both of whom she is deeply drawn to Juliet travels to the island only to discover the depths of her father’s madness He has experimented on animals so that they resemble speak and behave as humans And worse one of the creatures has turned violent and is killing the island’s inhabitants Torn between horror and scientific curiosity Juliet knows sh Mostly creepy very goryand sometimes sexy and hot which makes me feel very uncomfortable with myself It is not the most exciting read; if you want fast paced action look elsewhere This book is atmospheric and psychological above all else Lest I inadvertently made it sound boring it is not There is plenty of adventurethe heroine finds herself travelling halfway around the world to a wild mostly uncharted island after all but I feel that the ambience and overall tension in the book exceeds the actionJuliet is a strong heroine Just 16 she has been living on her own working as a cleaner in the King's College of Medical Research after her father's flight and her mother's subseuent death It was not always like this; she was raised to a life of gentility Her father before his disgrace the terms of which are slowly revealed throughout the first half of the book was a highly respected surgeon in society and her mother a society ladyWhen he is embroiled in a massive scandal her father fled and is presumed dead leaving Juliet's mother and herself to creditors They barely make ends meet living in a shameful manner before her mother dies leaving Juliet on her own without any prospects besides the street and life in servitude Juliet has always held onto the hope that her father is alive and her belief is confirmed when she runs into her father's assistant Montgomery When she is kicked from her position due to self defense against a rape attempt remember 19th century England servants don't have a whole lot of options other than to grin and bear it she follows him to her father's island and is joined by a mysterious shipwreck survivor named Edward and discovers the horrifying truth behind the rumorsDespite the setting Juliet is no simpering swooning Victorian miss She may have been raised as a gentlewoman but her father's profession and her subseuent fall from society means she has the backbone the willpower and a stomach steeled for survival She is fiercely intelligent and knowledgeable of science particularly the biological sciences and human anatomy She has read Darwin and other burgeoning scientific works of the day and is a young woman who is well ahead of her time Dead flesh and sharpened scalpels didn’t bother me I was my father’s daughter after all My nightmares were made of darker thingsRegardless of her circumstances and how far she has fallen Juliet never feels sorry for herself she is a survivor I absolutely loved her as a complex tenacious but not invulnerable character This is what all YA authors should aspire to when writing a strong yet not intolerably stubborn female protagonist who never subjects herself to martyrdom; she knows she is a victim of circumstances but does not blame herself unnecessarily for anything for which she is not directly responsible She is so utterly sympatheticAs familiar as she is with vivisections and procedures involving cadavers Juliet is strongly against torture and does not hesitate to end suffering when she sees it A note to the sueamish and to animal loversyou will be very uncomfortable with some scenes in this book When Juliet's acuaintances are vivisecting a living rabbit despite her lowly status and being a woman who god forbid has no place in medical research she does not hesitate to end its suffering I took a deep breath focusing on the rabbit’s neck In a movement I knew had to be fast and hard I brought down the ax I assure you after reading this book henceforth you will cringe upon hearing the word vivisectionDespite her strength Juliet has a low self esteem She sees herself as abnormal given her knowledge and intellect; she knows that intelligence is considered a discredit when a man chooses a woman for marriage She believes herself unlovable because of her fallen background because of her bloodline and her natureI was cold strange and monstrous to those boys just like my father No one could love a monsterJuliet knows the rumors that abound after her father absconded Regardless she loves him and tries to believe the rumors were just that In her bleak fight for survival every day all she has to cling onto are her memories the good ones of her father the feel of his tweed jacket the smell of tobacco in his hair when he kissed me good night I couldn’t bring myself to believe my father was the madman they said he was although subconsciously she knows what lurks behind the rumors As I matured memories surfaced Deeper ones of a cold sterile room and sounds in the night—recollections that never entirely disappeared no matter how far I pushed them into the recesses of my mindJuliet isn't gullible she knows what her father did and she's scared of him At the same time her emotions are so torn in different directions because he is still her father Dr Henri Moreau may be a rud madman to society but he is also a genius and despite everything Juliet still loves him As she struggles to explain to Edward I wasn’t defending my father I was defending the part of me that knew what my father did was evil but was terribly proud that he’d accomplished it My father's blood flowed in my veins too Didn’t he understand that?I was angry at times towards Juliet for her passive acceptance of what her father did Even when faced with danger on the island she can't run away but whatever disbelief I felt at her actions were greatly explained by the time She is a helpless woman in 19th century England There aren't a whole lot of choices; it was either to remain with an insane father and his menagerie or become a prostitute I was also so furious at her for not being angry with her father he left her and her mother what did he think would happen? The fact that Dr Moreau was so blasé about his daughter's existence and sudden reappearance into his life was as monstrous to me as his insane experimentsYou’re young You haven't experienced how unjust the world can be He sighed You're upset I didn't bring you with me You've every right I thought it was no life for a child running hiding out on an island a hundred miles from anything Asshole I wanted to strangle him at that point Dragging a child onto a strange island is better than slaving her days away scrubbing and dodging the lecherous advances of her employers? Better than leaving her and his late wife penniless when his wife had to become someone's mistress to keep a roof over their heads? She was a child Dr Moreau is an atrocious man in so many ways Even so I can't completely hate himThe villains in this book are so ridiculously well written so complex that the reader as well as Juliet are conflicted to where their loyalties lie and we are forced to ask ourselves where to draw the line between good and bad reason and madness? If man is capable of creating something better should he or shouldn't he? I had my mind made up or so I thought but the arguments are presented uite masterfully by Dr Moreau that I found myself agreeing with him His powers of persuasions are no joke and he is a very well written character I couldn't find myself completely hating him; I couldn't decide whether he was mad intentionally cruel or just the pure definition of a scientist who will do anything for his artDon’t act so horrified Juliet It is merely surgery You are no doubt familiar with some of the common practices Setting broken bones amputations stitching ruptured skin back together?No one uestions the hand of a doctor performing such procedures No one calls it butchery—it is science and no different from what transpires behind the door of my own laboratory For it is surgery I performI am in pursuit of the ideal living form Just like all of us wouldn’t you say? The same reason we choose mates and procreate We want to create something better than ourselves PerfectionThe island setting is mysterious beautiful and fraught with danger and mystery It is a strange and wondrous place to Juliet not only because of the environment that is so completely different from anything she has experienced in foggy rainy cold England A blue sky stretched as far as the ocean which we glimpsed between breaks in the trees I’d traded a bitter English winter for the lush tropical sun and beautiful calls of faraway birds Every setting in this book is vividly described from the eerie dank setting of midwinter England and the clammy filthy settings of the university hospital to the spectacularly verdant setting of the island and its odd inhabitantsLest I go on and on about the perfection of this book I did find one fault I didn't like the romance; I found it rather forced given the premise of the book but I suppose it worked in the long run The love triangle didn't work well for me because I didn't like either of the characters Edward and Montgomery were well written enough complex enough but the way they were depicted didn't make either appeal to me romanticallyI didn't like Montgomery's role as lackey He was an utter doormat throughout much of the story a mindless drone doing Dr Moreau's bidding Montgomery I felt lacked a backbone He jumps when Dr Moreau says so Even Juliet who has admired him all her life observes this She likes him but she is not immune to his faults Montgomery was slave to my father’s will Helping him with his terrible work defending himMontgomery wasn’t cruel I knew that to my core Father might have dragged him here as a child raised him to do terrible things but Montgomery wasn’t a monster He shouldn’t act as Father’s puppet Over and over again we see Montgomery do terrible things at Dr Moreau's bidding and than once I similarly wanted to strangle him for being such a lily livered sycophantAs for EdwardI just didn't trust him His appearance was mysterious and he just didn't feel right as a character His self explained past was too vague for me to trust him and I had so many uestions I wanted to ask him as I read that I'm amazed Juliet gave him so much leewayThere are moments of steaminess in the story although there isn't much of it It makes sense given the context and setting of the story and of Juliet's age Although she is only 16 she is not sheltered but in the era in which she lives women aren't supposed to be sexual by any means The romance when it comes is as shocking to her and as uncomfortable for her as it is described to us She is a growing young woman with no mother to guide her and in an era which shames sexuality so it is understandable that the steamy moments and her dreams are so strange and awkwardalthough rather steamy There is a dream scenery involving blood an operating table and sawing that shouldn't be sexy but waskind of Ahem I think I said too muchThe ending wow I didn't see that coming but then again I didn't read the original I can't possibly see how the seuel could top this but I will be eagerly anticipating it