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kindle ê Previously titled as the Hunted Series Ö Victoria's Downfall Õ [EPUB] ✾ Previously titled as the Hunted Series: Victoria's Downfall, Gabriel's Collar, Orion's Fate ❃ A. Zavarelli – Victoria's DownfallWhile I was busy running from my ghosts I was too distrMething there is nothing he won’t do to get it Please note This book contains explicit sexual content including elements of BDSM and dark erotica Also a very alpha male who likes to drop the f bomb freuently You have been warnedGabriel's CollarVictoria’s asleep In my arms And I’m holding her stroking her silently hating myself for what she’s turning me intoShe says she has to leave but I need her to stay Things are getting too complicated between us Too many secrets too many lies I know she’s hiding something from me but the I push the farther she pulls away I don’t know how much longer this tether between us can hold So I’ve done something that I never do I’ve opened myself up and bared my soul I told her my secrets in a moment of wea I received this book in exchange for honest review The title of the series is fitting for what it holds We have Gabriel and we have Victoria They come from different words but from the first moment they can't get each other out of their head The reader can smell the romance here but it is not a typical romance It is intense with some crime kinky sex sexy scenes and light BDSM In their first encounter he comes out like a snob but still they draw a spark He is an alpha male who knows what he wants but through the stories we see some of this insecurities I liked the change in his personality that comes from his attachment to her Their relationship is intense and scenes are hot but there were moments when he was cold and arrogant on purpose And then we have Victoria who is running from her psychotic step mother And her number one rule is don't get attached and never stay than 3 months at the same place Small parts from her running may come unrealistic but they add to suspense I could split the series into three important breakthroughs The truth the breakdown and the love The writing was good the suspense well put into the storyline and it keeps the reader hooked to the end The characters had real personality the chemistry between them is well written and the storyline is simply hot I recommend to read the whole series at once otherwise you’ll get yourself crazy wanting to know what happens next ;

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Victoria's DownfallWhile I was busy running from my ghosts I was too distracted to notice the danger lurking right in front of me I felt him though just as soon as I crashed into his rock hard body Gabriel Maddox The heir to the Maddox Empire and target of countless gossip columns He was the man that all of the single women of New York had their eye on The playboy with a reputation that preceded him and a trail of broken hearts left in his wake The only problem? He seemed to have his eye on me Victoria Colletti The woman with a closet full of skeletons and a past that I couldn’t escape from My too fragile heart couldn’t handle someone like him I knew it the moment he first made his proposition But the thing about Gabriel Maddox is when he wants so Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling Reviews Sizzling Pages FacebookSizling Pages on TSU TwitterSizzlingpagesEmail sizzlingpagesgmailcom

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Previously titled as the Hunted Series Victoria's Downfall Gabriel's Collar Orion's FateKness and now I have to pay the price Because if I’m wrong about her she could destroy meOrion's FateWhen I moved to New York I didn’t expect to fall in love But the city that never sleeps has captured my heart right along with Gabriel Maddox Unfortunately love can’t change my circumstances and some things will always be out of my grasp As the clock ticks down on my time with Gabriel I will have to make a decision A decision to stay and put his life in danger or to leave the man that I love behind But just when I think the choice is actually mine to make fate steps in and shows me it has other plans You can’t outrun the past forever and mine has just caught up with me in the worst way Not only could I lose Gabriel but I could lose him for good Sorry it took a while for me to finish this series but here's my review for this series uite complicated love and life story i really like the characters personality specially Victoria even she had a dark past and lived in fear she always stay humble positive and full of forgiveness even to the person who abused or betrayed herAnd for Gabriel Maddox such a powerful name i like how his personality changing from the beginning of the story to the end of it how he protected her how desperated when he almost lost her and finally win her backMy favorite part was when Gabriel was tied up and could not do anything to help Victoria I can imagined how helpless he is at that time and the other part is the change of Gabriel from a gentlemen becomes a beast when he's having sex with victoria in front of the mirror while standingThat's my reviewxoxo