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The Connected Child reader Æ Paperback read Î [Reading] ➼ The Connected Child Author Karyn B. Purvis – The adoption of a child is always a joyous moment in the life of a family Some adoptions though present uniue challenges Welcoming these children into your family and addressing their special needs re TheThe adoption of a child is always a joyous moment in the life of a family Some adoptions though present uniue challenges Welcoming these children into your family and addressing their sp I read this book because I have an adopted daughter that I am struggling to connect with I thought it was exceptional There were several chapters applicable only to adopted and foster children however the rest of it I would recommend to any parent Here's a few of the gems I found personally beneficial1A lot of my daughter's behaviors that drive me insane aren't her personality it's a result of where she began and are copingsurvival mechanisms I actually was surprised at how many behaviors they listed that my daughter does almost word for word It makes it easier to be compassionate another thing they stress 2 I really liked Ch 5 Teaching Life Values It was great because it gave clear usable strategies backed up with researchthat are things I could instantly implement3 Ditto that with Ch 6 You Are the Boss I've already have been trying a lot of their recommended corrective approaches with my daughter What surprised me at first is that even though I stay calmer she gets mad Especially when I make her do re dos It does make sense though Before I would just yell at her and then we'd move on now it's much involved and reuires her to respond to me and practice and takes way of her time and energy However I have high hopes that it will help I know yelling won't help a thing 4 I read Ch 7 Dealing with Defiance out loud to my husband Definitely things we plan on using there 5I also thought it was useful that they directed two chapters in particular to the parents They gave overviews of different parenting stylesie permissive authoritative or authoritarian I'm definitely authoritarian and avoidant Yeah I need to work on that It just gave perspective on how parents have issues to work on too

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Ecial needs reuires care consideration and compassionWritten by two research psychologists specializing in adoption and attachment The Connected Child will help you Build bonds of affect The framework of this book is parenting children who come from any kind of difficult past or transition adoption trauma etc The surprising humbleand highly emotional pie I ate while reading it was this Dr Purvis is kind to suggest the kind of parenting it takes to successfully parent children from hard places is just that mere kindness The fact is her parenting strategies would make every child a happier connected well adjusted childAnd if every parent practiced the kind of parenting she suggests well the world would be a better place We'd all be much effective loving parents I highly recommend this book for ANYONE dealing with emotions or behavior in kids that your current strategies just aren't fixing The best example of how I was challenged was her suggestion that sometimes to be an effective parent you have to be willing to leave that full cart of groceries Following through works but whining pleading begging and bribing don't teach anything Love this and will refer to it again and again

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The Connected ChildIon and trust with your adopted The Connected PDF child Effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders Discipline your child with love without making him or her feel threaten I had trouble rating this book It is certainly insightful both for adoptive children and children with special needs but lacks any biblical worldview Ie they comment several times how “nature” has created us certain ways I would recommend reading this alongside books that give insight on Christian principles in parenting Even so some of the psychological explanations and practical advice for children who have endured trauma or live with special needs was certainly eye opening and helpful