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review Making Movie Magic: A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman & More 103 ✓ ❰PDF❯ ✈ Making Movie Magic: A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman & More Author JOHN RICHARDSON – DaNow lifts the lid on his exciting and fascinating career of creating movie magic AUTHOR John Richardson has enjoyed a year career in the film business as an acclaimed special effects technician and supervisor He has been Oscar nominated five times and won for Aliens in Of Movie Magic A Lifetime Creating MOBI #221 the sixty plus films he has worked on nine were James Bond adventures he designed the effects on all seven Harry Potter films and then there was Superman A Bridge Too Far Willow The Omen and Straw Dogs to name but a few colour and bw images. I was expecting of a coffee table book While all the detail is fascinating and it is well written the pictures are uite disappointing I have uite a few books in the genre and I was really looking forward to this after hearing John on the Graham Norton radio show The book is smaller than I thought should have checked the dimensions so some of the pictures are small and difficult to see and all of them are black and white I'm guessing they were taken in that format All in all very interesting but not as easy on the eye as I had hoped

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John Magic A Lifetime Creating ePUB #10003 Richardson is an Oscar winning special effects Magic A eBook #8608 supervisor and designer who has been involved in over movies including nine James Bond adventures all seven Harry Potter films Aliens Superman A Bridge Too Far Straw Dogs The Omen Cliffhanger Far and Away Willow and many many others In creating the magic that flows through these films be it by means of creating huge explosions beheading a man producing futuristic Making Movie eBook #9734 gadgets making a man fly or breathing life into creatu. Richardson certainly has a fabulous history as far as British special effects in movies goes It was great to read about his dad 'teaching him everything he knew' What boy would not want to follow in his father's footsteps with all those film toys to play with For me though Richardson's miniature work in films never matched the British king of miniatures Derek Meddings Meddings eye for detail and his cleverness with age old techniues usually went over the head of many in the industry Meddings in camera miniatures on James Bond's Moonraker are extraordinary the film is not he managed to pull off several incredibly different in camera miniature shots that no one has ever managed to repeat I digress Richardson's book has plenty of photographic content sadly for the uneducated most of the supplied images are not captioned so they become a tad meaningless unless you actually know what was going on within the photographs supplied Having said that this is still a book worthy of sitting on my visual and special effects bookshelf after all I whole heartedly agree with Richardson when he states 'being on a real set doing real effects is much fun than today's CGI creations' Who wants to sit in front of a computer screen when you have the opportunity to Raise the Titanic or blow the heck out of an old RAF base or run around the backlot of Pinewood studios with your coat on fire read the book Dennis N


Making Movie Magic A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond Harry Potter Superman & MoreRes that both amaze and haunt us Movie Magic A Lifetime Creating MOBI #221 Richardson holds a uniue place in cinema history The son of pioneering FX technician Cliff Richardson he learned his trade at the feet of a master of the craft and by building on his father's early work and pushing boundaries further Richardson not only delivered the end result but also ensured that none of his Movie Magic A Kindle #212 stars were ever injured With over five decades of adventures under his belt and a vast photographic collection of unseen pictures Richardson. Richardson is an Oscar and Bafta winning special effects supervisor and designer who’s been involved in than 100 films including nine James Bonds Aliens Superman The Omen and the Harry Potter series From creating explosions to beheading David Warner from creating futuristic gadgets and helping make a man fly Richardson holds a uniue place in cinema history learning his trade from his dad pioneering FX technician Cliff RichardsonAs a life long fan of special effects and behind the scenes books I was looking forward to reading this especially since Richardson was involved in some films that form part of my formative viewing years especially Warlords Of Atlantis It reads as if you were sitting down and chatting with him so it wasn’t a surprise to see Gareth Owen manager for the late great Sir Roger Moore and on stage interviewer for his brilliant theatre shows thanked in the acknowledgements Running through his career in general with very few biographical details it takes in the big films the surprising entries in his filmography Straw Dogs for me and all points between a combination of techniues ideas and the fun to be had working as part of a big film crew there are plenty of practical jokes Thoroughly entertaining the final section is a filmography and a display of posters for his films my only real issue would be the lack of photo captions probably 95% of the pictures are unidentified and even if you can work out for yourself who and what you’re looking at it’s not always clear That aside this is great fun and well worth the read Recommended