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S a must Godfather Notebook PDFEPUBlisten for fans of the film The most important unpublished work on one of the greatest films of all time written before filming by the man who wrote and directed it Francis Ford Coppola then only years old The Godfather Notebook reveals the intense creative process that went into making this seminal film With his meticulous notes and impressions of Mario Puzo's novel the notebook was referred to by Coppola daily on se. This book is in short AWESOME I received it as a Christmas present and I am having fun going through it and looking at all of Coppola's original notes I love seeing how the story was crafted from the book and the characters shaped by Coppola's imagination If you're a Godfather fan this is a book you have to have

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Godfather Notebook TheT while he directed the movie The Godfather Notebook pulls back the curtain on the legendary filmmaker and the film that launched his illustrious career Complete with an introduction by Coppola this is a uniue beautiful and faithful reproduction of his original notebook This publication will change the way the world views the iconic film and the process of filmmaking at large A must have book of the season Nothing like it has ever been published before. This was a Xmas present for a massive fan of The Godfather filmsIt was very detailed with lots of script alterations additions etc My friend really like it

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Godfather Notebook, The Summary ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï ➽ [Reading] ➿ Godfather Notebook, The By danpashley.co.uk ➲ – Danpashley.co.uk The publishing sensation of the year for every film fan The never before published edition of Francis Ford Coppola's notes and annotations on The Godfather novThe publishing sensation of the year for every film fan The never before published edition of Francis Ford Coppola's notes and annotations on The Godfather novel by Mario Puzo reveals the story behind one of the world's most iconic films In this one of a kind audio production Coppola provides listeners with unfiltered access to his creative process in his own voice Featuring notes from eight scenes handpicked by Coppola himself The Godfather Notebook i. I'm assuming that those reading this review have seen the movie and read the novel For those who haven't some spoilers followFrom reading the reviews it appears to me that some people have the wrong idea about what this book is This is not the Godfather novel although it contains many pages from that book Nor is it the movie's script if you want that I recommend Jenny Jones's The Annotated Godfather which is the script plus an enormous wealth of behind the scenes materialRather this is Francis Ford Coppola's extensive notes he made when preparing to film the movie Prior to the start of filming he prepared this massive notebook his bible in which he analyzed every scene along several key points the core of what the scene should communicate pitfalls to avoid how to use the 1940s period setting etc Along the way he also took each page of the novel apart from the sections he had decided to not use in the movie eg the subplot with Lucy Mancini and Jules Segal and pasted it in the center of a larger piece of paper This allowed him to make his own notes and observations in the margins for each page According to Jenny Jones in The Annotated Godfather Coppola kept this with him while directing the movie and relied upon it than the actual scriptThis is that notebook faithfully reproduced All 700 plus pages of it There's some fascinating information in it To pick a few random examples in the scene at Carlo's bookmaking operation where he's beaten up by the furious Sonny Coppola originally intended to show the business in action demonstrating in some detail how a book is actually run an idea he apparently abandoned For the scene when Kay and Michael first find out that Vito has been shot Coppola was worried about how Kay could see the newspaper in a way that wouldn't seem contrived When Michael arrived at the hospital found his father unguarded and was initially refused when he asked the nurse to move him to another room Coppola was worried the nurse's refusal to do something necessary to safeguard Vito's life because it violated hospital rules might come off as similar to the Coke machine scene in Dr Strangelove In the novel when Michael decides he must be the one to kill Sollozzo and McCluskey he gives a long explanation that it's not personal it's business is flat wrong that the Don takes everything that happens to him or his friends personally a small speech that Puzo loved and campaigned to get into the script but which Coppola felt was far too wordyNow don't think you're going to get an in depth look at every aspect of Francis Ford Coppola's thinking These are notes he prepared for his own benefit not for ours and so to us they can sometimes be cryptic For example at one place he wrote HITCHCOCK in reference to a paragraph from Puzo's book but didn't elaborate Well he didn't need to he knew what he meant by that But things like that leave us scratching our heads So does Coppola's penmanship at times but I've found very few things that I couldn't decipher with a little effortI only have one complaint about The Godfather Notebook and this is my sole reason for giving it four stars instead of five Many of the typewritten pages are faded to the point where they're uite difficult to read According to this page this book was originally published in 2016 and I suppose a fair amount of ink had worn off those forty five year old pages in the original notebook and the images of those pages reflect that But in this modern era with 21st century image processing I would think that steps could have been taken to compensate for that fading I have the Kindle edition and I cannot say whether this same problem is present in the printed editionsPS I initially wrote this review before I had finished the book I have finished it now and am adding this because the problem with faded pages was worse than I thought Some of the typewritten pages are so faded as to be completely illegible What makes this particularly irritating is how easily this could be fixed I used the Kindle for PC program to read this and when I came to one of these pages in frustration I took a screencap imported the image of the Kindle page into Photoshop then tried auto smart fix I didn't expect that to do much I thought I would have to go further and manually manipulate the image myself but that did the trick The result wasn't great but it was readable enough so that I didn't need to go further There were several illegible pages and each time I tried this and got the same resultI considered lowering my rating to three stars but because of the value of the content in The Godfather Notebook I am somewhat reluctantly leaving the rating at four stars But since the faded typewritten pages are that easily improved and because some pages in the Kindle edition's present form are actually illegible rather than merely difficult to read it's uite inexcusable that has not done something to address this problem