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Free download F\*ck Being Humble è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú ❰Ebook❯ ➤ F\*ck Being Humble Author Stefanie Sword Williams – Whether it is through our parents our education our bosses our colleagues or the media we consume we are constantly told that being humble is ePath is becoming rarer and rarer this advice seems everobsolete In the age of flexible working and portfolio careers its timeto Fck Being Humble With simple exercises steps and real life examplesthis is a resource for your bedside table that you can come back to again and again at any point in your career Learn how to Know what you stand forSto. I devoured this book in three weeks eagerly underlining take aways and action points to go back to This is a book that you’ll keep on your shelf for years and continuously go back to when in need of inspiration or reminding of the badass that you are 💪No matter what gender race age you are and no matter what industry you are in this book is for youEach page is like having a chat with your mentor best friend and biggest hype man all at onceWhether it’s knowing and owning your self worth networking getting the ££££ that you deserve identifying what it is that you stand for making sure that you’re visible to the world or managing your emotions Stef‘s got it covered and shares all of her experiences with us on how to get what we want and laugh at our mishaps along the wayIt was actually reading this book on holiday last month that gave us the driving power to finally launch my own side hustle So go read this be inspired start that side hustle and live your purpose

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P hiding even when you dont realise you areFully realise the power of networkingKnow your self worthPlay the money game and winManage your emotions at workTake action and establish the right time to make the leapKeep the momentum youve generated goingand maintain that elusive work life balance Get ready to start taking charge of your own success. I bought this book after attending one of Stef's webinars which was very inspiring I love how she's straight to the point and uplifts you to help become the best version of yourself with no sugar coatingCurrently working within and actively looking for my for my next role within the creative advertising industry this book has been great to help me become confident in pinpointing and asserting what exactly I'm looking for in my next role in asking for the salary I deserve and in empowering me to put myself out thereThis book will boost your motivation and not only help change your mindset to have the courage to go for what you want but also gives practical exercises to implement what you are learning along the way Stef also shares her funny personal experiences and made me understand the importance of owning my imperfections and showing up as ME rather than trying to bedo who I think the other person may want me to bedo Must read if you're ready to unlock your full potential

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F\*ck Being HumbleWhether it is through our parents our education our bosses our colleagues or the media we consume we are constantly told that being humble is essential to our professional success Its often seen as distasteful or arrogant to shout about our achievements But in a modern workplace where the conventional steady linear F\*ck Being eBook #9734 career. I was excited to read this book and I think the general message it's trying to get out there is a good one but the actual content is lacking It doesn't tell you anything new unless your confidence is really very low in which case it might be useful to you As someone who was looking for insightful and less obvious advice it wasn't the book for me